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Federal Aviation Agency, in the US. Agency responsible since 1967 for civilian Air Traffic Control, civilian airman and aircraft certification, safety enforcement, and airway development.

Fahrney, Delmer S.

Former Rear Admiral of the US Navy, responsible of the research & development of their guided missiles. Having knowledge of his subordinates UFO sightings, he joined NICAP and publicly expressed his belief in the reality of the UFOs as intelligence driven unearthly machines.

Falcon Lake

At 12:15 p.m. on May 19, 1967, Stephen Michalak, who was engaged in some amateur prospecting near Falcon Lake, on the Manitoba/Ontario border, was startled to see two cigar-shaped objects with "bumps" on them, glowing red and descending. One object stopped in mid-air, hovered, and then silently rose and disappeared into the clouds. The other object, about thirty-five feet in diameter and twelve feet high, landed about 160 feet away from Michalak. A door opened in the side of the craft and Michalak heard voices coming from the inside. He called out in English and Russian, but got no response. He was able to walk up to the craft and actually touch it, but it took off as he stood near it, burning his chest and setting his shirt on fire. He went to a doctor, who found a pattern of burn marks in a grid on his chest. He suffered from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and a drop in lymphocyte count. Investigators found unusual levels of Radium 226 at the landing site.

Feindt, Carl:

From his bio: "I have been fascinated by aviation since the late days of WW2. Starting with carved balsa replicas and later by flying models of aircraft, I followed my passion into service as a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. After high school I studied aircraft engineering at the Academy of Aeronautics (off LaGuardia Airport’s runway) in New York City. Following two years with the Air Force, a family hardship forced me to return to civilian life, where I joined a major airline for which I worked in customer service for 34 years."

"Upon retirement I was interested in becoming active in Ufology, about which I had been reading since the early 60’s. The opportunity came when Jan Aldrich, a UFO researcher, asked for volunteers to do local newspaper searches. Over the course of eight years, I studied microfilm rolls at the University of Delaware, exhaustively covering the years between 1923 and 1967, and found approximately 750 UFO-related articles – this from the second smallest state in the union."

"Intrigued by the fact that aircraft cannot emerge or submerge into water, I started assembling water-related UFO cases, which has grown into a data base of this aspect of the UFO mystery."

Carl Feindt's website is at waterufo.net


Federal Emergency Management Agency. It is sometimes claimed but without evidence that FEMA is the "real secret Government" of the USA. It was founded in the Richard Nixon Administration, refined by Jimmy Carter and in both the Ronald Reagan and George Bush administrations. When created, it had one fundamental concept: In case of a nuclear attack on the US, it should assure the survivability of US government. In later years, its purpose is to maintain order and supervise work done during a major domestic disaster.

Ferguson, William

Before World war II, William Ferguson was the promoter of a "relaxation technique" which he claimed allowed the mind to expand and travel outside the body. He made a business of his technique and attracted naive people by claims of being able to cure any illness. In 1947, he was charged with medical quackery and the perpetration of medical fraud, was convicted and imprisoned in 1947. He later claimed that while he was meditating on January 12, 1947, his spirit went out of his body and traveled "at the speed of consciousness" until he found himself on planet Mars, which he claimed was a ten second trip. On Mars, he met a red-haired Martian named Khauga who urged him to pass on a message to humanity. He said Martians are 20.000 years more advanced than humanity and they are worried about our wars and decided to "release particles of positive energy" in out atmosphere to "counteract the particles of negative energy" allegedly emitted by men. Khauga asked Ferguson to tell the people that thanks to the Martian intervention, things would soon be much better for humanity. He reported his alleged contacts with Martians just after Adamski started similar lies, and founded a "Cosmic Circle of Fellowship" in 1953 to promote his claims and ideas. Such characters thrived and cause ufology to be seen with disgust by many. The "Space Brothers" and "planet saviors" stories became rare in the 80's and 90's, however, there are now still people claiming privileged contacts with alien and crusading to "save the planet", and a few UFO books authors that defend the opinion that UFOs and paranormal phenomena are created by some super-intelligence of Gaia type and shown to "chosen" people so that they become ecologists in order to save the planet.

Fermi, Enrico

Enrico Fermi (1901 – 1954) was an Italian physicist noted for his work in the production of radioactive substances by nuclear fission in 1935, his successful development of the first nuclear reactor in Chicago, USA, in 1942, and his contributions to the development of quantum theory, nuclear and particle physics, and statistical mechanics. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1938 for a technique to probe the atomic nucleus and a technique to move neutrons slowly, Fermions particles were named after him, and he predicted the existence of the neutrino, indeed detected in 1956. He became a US citizen in 1944.

His name is known from ufologists and people the search for extraterrestrial signals (SETI) by what was later called "the Fermi paradox", his exclamation "Where is everybody?" about the extraterrestrials.

Filer, George A.

When he was a pilot, he chased a UFO over the U-K skies. Major George A. Filer, USAF ret. is now Director of Mutual UFO Network Eastern. He publishes the weekly UFO reports information "Filer's Files" which you can read on www.filersfiles-ufo.com

Fire in the sky

Big screen movie based on the Travis Walton abduction case. It is NOT a true documentary, various facts have been missed out or changed to make the film more interesting.

Fly by

See Vallee Classification System.

Flying saucer

When Kenneth Arnold reported his 1947 daylight sighting of nine boomerang-shaped UFOs over the north west of the USA, a newspaper covered the story and called the crafts "flying saucers" because Arnold said that their movements were similar to that of a saucer skipping across the surface of a lake despite the fact that the UFOs were not saucer-shaped. The name stuck.

Flying Saucers Review

The longest running UFO journal in existence, running since the 1950's. Unfortunately not the authoritative journal it used to be in its heyday due to changes of editors. The current editor, Gordon Creighton believes that we are all being controlled by alien forces of some sort and that we can do nothing to stop them. He is also convinced that a significant percentage of the Earth's population is half-alien-half-human, and some people are completely alien.

Flynn, James W.

On March 14, 1965, James W. Flynn, a rancher living at Fort Myers in the Everglades, Florida, USA, saw a low-flying brightly lit object in descent. He was knocked out by a beam of light emitted by this UFO when it landed. Charred patches in the trees around the area where Flynn had observed it were found later. Ufologist said they found out that the Pentagon planned to denounce the story as a hoax and abandoned this plan when traces, medical evidence and other evidence were collected. The Air Force Base nearby denied any knowledge of the incident.


Freedom of Information Act. This is an American law that allows members of the public to obtain copies of classified documents by having all or parts of the documents declassified by order of a federal judge. The judge may refuse the declassification of a document if it is necessary for the document to remain classified because it affects national security. At least, that is in theory. In practice it has been very unreliable, if one group requests for a set of documents and gets them, it does not necessarily mean that a second group will be able to get them. If the government denies they've got the documents that you are looking for, they may not be telling the truth. It has been known for a government to deny that it has ANY documents on an incident yet they release some a few months later.

Foo fighters

Shiny metallic-looking or luminous spheres or other shapes seen floating in the skies in World War II from 1943 onwards. After the war, neither side claimed to have sent them up there. The Americans called them "foo fighters", a term derived from a comic-strip phrase "Where there's foo, there's fire."

See my ACUFO catalogue for years 1942 to 1943 for the case files.

Forrestal, James V.

Served as Secretary of the Navy but later on, in July 1947, he was promoted to Secretary of Defence. In March 1949 he resigned from this post due to a mental breakdown. In May the same year he died at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The cause of death was officially ruled to be suicide but there are conspiracy buffs who believe he was murdered. Rumors persist that he was a member of the argued Majestic 12 Group.


Adjective derived from the name of Charles Fort, an American writer who had specialized in filing weird events starting from newspaper clipping. There exists in the United States a "Fortean Society", continuing this activity and promoting Charles Fort's books. Charles Fort had collected a certain number of accounts of observations of flying saucers before the term had become known. Fortean researchers consider ufology as a sub-branch of Forteanism.

Frodsham, CEIII

On January 1st, 1978, on the banks of the river Weaver near Frodsham in Cheshire, U-K, four teenagers witnessed the landing of a silver round object in a nearby meadow. Entities apparently emerged and paralyzed a cow in the meadow, placing it in a strange frame-like apparatus. All the cows were completely motionless and silent, as though they had been immobilized. The witnesses panicked and ran off probably fearing the possibility to be also paralyzed and put in a such a cage. One of the witnesses developed some peculiar sunburn marks on his leg.

Daniel Fry

Fry was an employee at the White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico, who referred to himself as an "internationally known" scientist, researcher and electronics engineer, "recognized by many as the best informed scientist on space and space travel." The self-portrait is unfortunately not quite accurate.

He claimed a first contact with extraterrestrial beings at White Sands on July 4th 1949, while walking into the desert to enjoy the cool night air. He claimed that a UFO, spheroid in shape, landed on the desert floor about seventy feet away from him, and that a voice speaking in American slang warned him to keep away from the hot hull. The belonged to an extraterrestrial called "A-lan" who was communicating with him telepathically and remotely controlled the UFO from a mother ship orbiting the Earth. Fry claimed he was invited aboard and traveled to New York City and back in half and hour and was subsequently released back into the desert with the promise that there would be further contacts.

Fry started preaching the aliens' philosophy of understanding to human society. He said the beings were descendants of a previous Earth civilization; which had emigrated into space in the distant past. He published several books and clear daylight photos of the spacecraft and founded a quasi-religious order called, "Understanding," just after Adamski published his own.

He did not get the attention Adamski secured, because when he agreed to take a lie detector test on live television, he failed it.

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