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UFOs A to Z: V.

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Valdes, Armando

On April 25, 1977, Corporal Armando Valdes was on night duty on the plateau above the town of Putre in Chile. Just before four in the morning sentry Pedro Rosales alerted him about two purple lights descending towards them. The lights became clearer as they approached, moving below the pair down the slope of the plateau. There was a central, large light with smaller lights either side. Valdes ordered his men to take cover and moved towards the object which soon disappeared. Fifteen minutes later, Valdes reappeared, walking as if in trance and muttering, "You do not know who we are or where we come from but I tell you we shall return." He then fell unconscious. It was then said that his watch was showing the date of April 30, five days in future, and that he had several days growth of beard acquired in the fifteen minutes he had been missing. A local schoolteacher was alerted by the soldiers and journalists came to interview Valdes, but the Army ordered him to shut up and instructed that Valdes could only e approached through presidential order of President Pinochet. Corporal Valdes indicated that he could not remember what had happened but that he would talk one day about it and he did; and wrote a book about this experience.


Valensole is a small village in the South of France where, on July 1, 1965, in daylight at 05:45 p.m. farmer Maurice Masse reportedly heard a whistling sound and expected to see an helicopter arrive, but instead, he saw a car-sized egg-shaped craft with a door landing, resting on six legs with a central pivot in his lavender field. Masse saw two little occupants near the craft, and said that when these beings saw him approaching within 5 meters, they used some sort of paralyzing device on him and he could move anymore. He could however still see and hear, and described the beings as of the size of 8 years old boys, wearing tight fitting gray-green suits, big naked pumpkin-like heads with slanted eyes, lipless mouths and pointed chin. They uttered grumbling noises, and eventually returned inside, looking at him through the wall, retracted the gear in a thump and silently floated twenty meters away where it simply disappeared. Masse ran back to Valensole in panic, and thus the owner of Café des Sport saw him and asked what happened, which he partly told him, not mentioning the beings for fear of ridicule. He then made a more complete report to the Gendarmes, who question him 8 hours long.


In the next several weeks, Masse had his sleep cycle severely disrupted by hypersomnia, which he had never suffered of before. In the lavender field, traces of the object were found where the object had landed and the lavender died. Poltergeist-type effects have also been mentioned to have occurred at his home after his UFO experience. Although everyone in Valensole told that Mr. Masse would never have invented a story like this, which was also the conclusion of all field investigators who talked to him, die-hard French skeptics were quick to say that he must have invented everything and must have created the landing trace himself, based on the argument that there can be no extraterrestrial visitors. Other die-hard skeptics promoted the notion that it was just an helicopter, some like Claude Maugé even indulging in the theory that it must have been a "US helicopter secretly spying France" - which implies that Mr. Masse lied - as officials had made clear that no helicopter landing was logged there.

Valentich, Frederik:

20 years old Australian pilot who encountered a UFO as he was flying his Cessna from Australia to King Island in October 1978. His radio report with the air traffic controllers about an unidentified flying object ended in a strange metallic crashing sound, and neither Valentich nor his Cessna were found despite intensive research.

Vallée, Jacques:

French astronomer and computer software engineer and UFO witness who became a ufologist and believes that UFOs come from both a physical and psychic origin and that some characters in folklore, like elves, could have originated from aliens. He reshaped the UFO rating system by expanding upon the Hynek Classification System. Vallée has enthusiasts and opponents, sometimes for the same reasons and sometimes for opposite reasons. He said "UFOs are physical" or "one can practice good science on the UFO phenomenon without starting with assumptions" or "there are those who know that UFOs are not extraterrestrial, there are those who know that UFOs are extraterrestrial, well, I do not know if they are or aren't extraterrestrial."

Vallée Classification System:

A system used to categorize the various types of UFO and paranormal experiences invented by Dr Jacques Vallee and is now used more often instead of the Hynek Classification System since it gives the reader a more detailed summary of a case. The categories are as follows...

Vandenberg, Hoyt S.:

Hoyt S. Vandenberg became the second Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) in 1946 after a career in the Army Air Forces. This position he held on to until May 1947. In a 1948 Top Secret estimate called "Estimate of the Situation" by ATIC concluded that UFOs were interplanetary spaceships. The document was ordered to be burned by Vandenberg in August 1948. Many attempts have been made by researchers under the FOIA to trace the "Estimate of the Situation" but without any luck. He is one of the alleged members of the Majestic 12 group.

Vandenberg AFB:

Vandenberg Air Force Base, located near Lompoc, California, is one of many Air Force bases where UFOs have been tracked on radar. During a missile test on September 15, 1964, a missile was intercepted and destroyed by an alleged UFO. Vandenberg AFB currently is home to the USAF's 30th Space Wing.

Van Tassel, George:

An employee of aviation companies such as McDonnell, Hughes and Lockheed until 1947 who started to claim that he had been contacted by extraterrestrials. In 19551, he claimed to be in touch via meditation with the representatives of the "Kingdom of Schare" at the "Council of Seven Lights", immaterial beings of a spaceship in orbit around the Earth. In 1952, he claimed to have met an alien from Venus named "Solgonda" whose spaceship was hovering nearby. He then lived on an "airport" for extraterrestrial, and built an "Integratron" (Right below) first as spaceship then a mystical apparatus that never worked at Giant Rock (Right above) in the California desert not far from Joshua Tree, where he hosted numerous "Space Conventions" conferences there where other "contactees" told their encounters to enthusiasts, wrote several books and made hundreds of appearances on TV and radios who were eager to attract listeners and viewers with any possible tall tale. He died in 1978 and although no serious ufologist believed any of his claims, his cheerful and hospitable personality was regretted by many. He will also not be forgotten by UFO-skeptics who are ever so happy to ramble on endlessly on such colorful characters of the 50's in attempt to show that ufology is a silly activity by silly people. It may be relevant to note that Van Tassel never really exploited the gullibility of his admirers in the sense "UFO-sects gurus" are supposed to.

Giant Rock


Vilvoorde (CE3)

Vilvoorde is a town in Belgium where a single witness that remained anonymous reported that he had seen a humanoid entity and its craft on December 19 , 1973. He got up early in the morning to use the toilet outside his house next to the kitchen, and as entered the kitchen, he heard a weird noise and looked into the garden. There stood a small character of about three feet tall wearing a one piece glowing green suit. It also wore a goldfish-bowl-type helmet; which revealed its large oval yellow eyes and pointed ears. No nose or mouth was visible. On its stomach, there was a large red box that produced sparkling lights. The small character was busy sweeping an instrument similar to a metal detector over the ground. The witness took his flashlight and directed it at the being, who turned and faced him, swinging its entire body rather than just its head. The entity then raised its hand and made a V sign with its fingers. The being then walked towards the back of the garden, which was bounded by a wall, and walked up the wall, remaining perpendicular to it as it did so, an then was lost of sight as he descended the other side of the wall. A few moments later, the witness saw a small disc-shaped object rise from behind that wall and fly away.


Flying devices are commonplace in many religions, and Hinduism is no exception. According to ancient

Sanskrit texts found a few years ago by Westerners in a South Indian temple, Vimanas were open topped flying devices, not strictly UFOs since they were restricted to the Earth's atmosphere. Dr Roberto Pinotti is an Italian scientist, and on the 12th of October 1988 was a speaker in the World Space Conference in Bangalore, India. He referred to several Hindu texts and pointed out that Indian gods and heroes fought in the skies using piloted vehicles armed with weapons. These weapons consisted of seven different types of mirrors and lenses, which were used for offensive and defensive purposes. The "Pinjula Mirror" offered a form of "visual shield" preventing the pilots from "evil rays", and the weapon named "Marika" was used to shoot enemy aircraft. Dr Pinotti said that these weapons "do not seem to be too different from what we today call laser technology." The vehicles themselves were made of special heat absorbing metals, called "Somaka, Soundalike and Mourthwika". According to Dr Pinotti, the "principles of propulsion as far as the descriptions were concerned, might be defined as electrical and chemical, but solar energy was involved as well." Other scientists have put forward the theory that the craft were driven by some sort of mercury ion propulsion system. Dr Pinotti concluded that the fact that Vimanas were written about hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years ago, plus that they resembled modern UFOs would suggest that India had a "...superior but forgotten civilization. In the light of this, we think it will be better to examine the Hindu texts and subject the descriptive models of Vimanas to more scientific scrutiny." "So where does the ET connection come in?" you're asking me. Well, since the texts were written hundreds or even thousands of years ago, we can safely assume that no human civilization could produce any flying machines, but these Vimanas did exist, along with a mercury ion propulsion system and a form of laser technology, so where could they get the ideas for these devices from? Enter some ET influences and you're away. But that leads us to the question of "where did all this new technology go?" "We don't know, but since the texts exist and the properties of the Vimanas have been proved to be possible by scientists, we know that they did exist."

Visit, Project:

Unofficial and very probably imaginary NASA UFO study group. The name is an acronym for Vehicle Internal System Investigative Team. The group is supposed to have been involved in the reverse engineering of a recovered alien spacecraft at S-4.


Lake Vostok was discovered by radar under the icy surface of the South Pole on Earth. It has been cut off any external influences for millions of years because it is topped by almost 4000 meters of ice. The international community preserved the site so far, as a natural treasure. Speculation on whether there can be life in its water finally had their answer in 2000: it is blooming with bacterial life, which was found in a sample of ice near the top of it. As the conditions of this ecological system are somehow similar to those that might be found in the alleged ocean under the surface of Jupiter's satellite Europa, lake Vostok raised the hope that life can exist on Europe, and in general, that wherever there is liquid water, organic matter and some energy, life would bloom.

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