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After ecology indicated how life forms are largely dependant of each other on Earth, some have flatly interpreted this as Earth being a life form in itself, which they called Gaia. Later, others have claimed that Earth as a life form is not only an intelligence, but an intelligence capable of producing physical phenomena outside the range of physics as we know it. For example, some have started to "explain" any unexplained alleged phenomena, considered to be paranormal activities, such as ghosts or fairies, as actually created by this Gaia intelligence. Others, such as Kenneth Ring or Jean Sider, then said that UFO sighting reports are also caused by illusions or material creation of faked extraterrestrials by Gaia, supposedly to bring people to a "higher level of consciousness" so that we realize the existence of Gaia.


An S-4 project supposed to be dealing with recovered flying discs. No evidence thereof is available.

Galisteo Junction, 1880

Place of one of the early hoaxes that resemble modern-day UFO hoaxes in some ways. In the March 29, 1880, issue of the Santa Fe Weekly New Mexican newspaper, was a report claiming that one evening a large fish-shaped craft flew above Galisteo Junction, New MExico, and that witnesses on the ground heard its merry occupants and saw them toss objects overboard. This included "a magnificent flower..." in silk paper with "characters resembling those on Japanese tea-chests", and a cup. The next day a young Chinese man showe up, examined the writings, and claimed it was a message from his fiancee, who he said was a passenger on an airship from China to America. Of course at that time no such air travel was possible.

Galley, Robert

Robert Galley, born 1921, fought as a resistant during the WWII German occupation, who started a successful political career. He was secretary for Research and Space affairs from 1968 to 1969, Minister of Defense of France from 1973 to 1974, a period riche in UFO sightings reports in France. As Gendarmerie, a police force attached to the armies, was in charge of collecting the sighting reports of civilians, he was repeatedly interrogated by journalists on UFO matters. Although it is obvious that he generally downplayed the importance of UFO matters, he expressed to be favorable to scientific investigation of these reports. In 1974 he said in a national radio interview: "If your listeners could see for themselves the mass of reports coming in from the airborne gendarmerie ...then they would see that it [UFO reports] is all pretty disturbing." However, the entire mass of reports gathered by the gendarmerie is still kept away from public looks in 2006.

Gammie, Bert

In 1964 Bert Gammie was driving his car in Canada with his mother and daughter and they were overflown by a huge UFO. When visited by an officer of the Royal Canadian Air Force whom Gammie had telephoned, and whom he knew personally, the officer stressed that he would publicly deny having had any involvement in the investigation.


US Air Traffic Control center and air base for the North Atlantic, its name is famous among ufologists because of an impressive UFO and R5D US Navy transport aircraft encounter in 1951.

Gardner, Norma

Norma Gardner had been working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in the administration as a civilian, and retired in 1959 when she was apparently dying of cancer. She then explained that as nobody could hurt her more than her illness, she has some confessions to make. She told that at Wright Patterson, in 1955, she was given the job to catalog UFO related material, including UFO hardware parts, dismantled pieces of a recovered flying saucer that had been photographed, but also two retrieved discs stored in a hangar. She said she also saw living aliens, and worked on alien autopsies reports.

Garrett, Lt. Col.

Garrett was an investigator at the Collection Branch of the US Air Force Intelligence Division T2. He was directed by the head of T2 via his direct superior Colonel Taylor to investigate on the reports of unidentified flying objects as soon as 1947 to check whether they could be Soviet aircraft. It was his investigation that 1946 found military papers on the Hortens brothers and finally concluded that the flying saucers were very likely not Horten aircraft built by the Soviets. Then, at the end of July 1947, Garrett and his FBI liaison officer S.W. Reynolds were puzzled to realize that nobody in the Air Force headquarters seemed interested in their investigation although they still has not found what the flying saucers were. They thus suspected that the Pentagone knew what they were and speculated that the flying saucers were some new secret US Air Force prototype. He asked everyone about that, but everyone told him that they know nothing of any US secret flying saucers. He told that to Col Howard McCoy, and subsequently, a larger investigation on flying saucers started, named Project Sign.

Gauss, Carl Friedrich

The famous German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1885) had proposed to draw the geometrical resolution of the Pythagoras problem on large scale in the Russian taiga by clear rye plantation that would contrast on the dark bottom from the forests, which would be located by the astronomers of other, more advanced civilizations.


Ground Controlled Interception. Interception by fighter airplanes controlled from ground radar stations with regard to the approach of the target to intercept.


GEPA, Groupement d'Etude des Phénomènes Aériens, Group for the Study of Aerial Phenomena, was founded in France in November 1962 by Rene Hardy for a serious study of the UFO phenomenon. It was chaired by General Chassin of the French Air Force, then by the ufologist Rene Fouéré. GEPA published the magazine "Phénomènes Spatiaux" which last issue, #51, was published in March 1977. GEPA, a private group, had many members of scientific education and personnel of the French armies.


The GEPAN, Group for the Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomenon, was the first French organization officially recognized and financed, in charge of the study of the UFO phenomenon. GEPAN was founded within CNES in 1977 and actually a little before, when Claude Poher, an ancient of GEPA and official with the CNES, succeeded in convincing that it would be good that UFO research is not left to laypeople and private associations having little means, and when the Secretary for Defense Robert Galley admitted scientific interest in the UFO problem.

The start was to be difficult since CNES did not like the risk of being ridiculed in showing an interest for "little green men". A scientific panel was set up, which would never communicate anything, Claude Poher directing the real activities for finally concluding that certain UFO reports are caused by artificial machines not originating in our human industries. Not authorized to communicate publicly about the work and the conclusion, he left in 1979. GEPAN is entrusted to Alain Esterlé, also from CNES, who starts by a skeptical stance, then by Jean-Jacques Vélasco. Some technical notes recognizing an unusual physical reality within certain cases are leaking, but the service becomes unknown to the general public. In 1988, GEPAN becomes SEPRA and consists of Jean-Jacques Vélasco and a secretary. In 2005, Vélasco, near the age of retirement, writes his own book to offer his evidence that some UFO reports are indeed caused by extraterrestrial beings, and simultaneously SEPRA is undergoing a reorganization or shutdown while an internal audit had recommended that this activity is continued and improved. It then proves that SEPRA had indeed quietly disappeared from CNES orgcharts in the end of 2004.


GEIPAN, Study and Information Group on Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, appears in the en of 2005 as a CNES service to resume UFO research with an accent on public information, and the will to publish the so far inaccessible archive on the Internet. Its president is Yves Sillard, former president of the CNES at the time of the foundation of GEPAN, and Jacques Patenet, of the CNES, is in charge of the activities.

Georgia Bay, 1914

In 1966, in a letter received at APRO headquarters, after reading several articles by Coral Lorenzen in Fate magazine, a man confided his memories to someone who apparently "would listen to such revelations with a sympathetic ear." The writer said that late one August evening in 1914, a man and woman, their three small children, and three young American men crouched behind rocks and brush along the banks of Lake Ontario at Georgia Bay, Canada, when they saw a round craft, which appeared to be about 15 feet in diameter, rested on the surface of the water about 450 feet from shore. On the square-shaped substructure at the water line, they allegedly saw two small men-like creatures that were busy with some sort of green "hose." The little men worked quickly and seemed to be having some problem with kinks in the hose, by the way they manipulated it. APRO contacted the writer, identified the witnesses, and found out there was nothing to cast doubt on the report.

Gerla, Morton

Morton Gerla was the President of the New York section of the American Rocket Society when he stated that UFOs are extraterrestrial as they are able of performances beyond our technical ability. He stated to NICAP that it was important to study UFO reports in order to possibly understand how the extraterrestrial craft can reach such performances.

Ghost rockets

In 1946, hundreds of so-called "ghost rockets" were reported flying above Scandinavia. They looked like missiles with a flame exhaust at one end, but traveled at varying speeds (from very fast to fairly slow) and performed various exotic manoeuvres at these speeds. There were reports at the time that some had landed and exploded. Neither East nor West admitted launching these rockets. Western scientists analyzed fragments from these missiles and said that they were made of an organic substance that resembled carbide. When a Greek investigation publicly announced in 1967 that these were not missiles, the investigation was ordered to close by the Army and further information was covered in a blanket of secrecy. Where they only meteors?

Giabowski, Florian

Florian Giabowski was a police officer of the Ontario Provincial Police in Canada when, in 1953, from his patrol car, he watched a UFO that disintegrated. A pilot in the vicinity corroborated this sighting. Right after the sighting, a strange blue rain fell. The Canadian Defense Research Board that investigated the location reported an abnormal mild radioactivity at the place where the blue rain fell.

Gill (Father William.)

When William Booth Gill and 37 witness waved their hands at the four "men" working on the deck of the flying saucer hovering near his mission in Papua-New Guinea in 1959, they waved back.

Gilligan, John

John Gilligan, was the Governor of Ohio during the October 1973 flap across the United States, when he said he witnessed a UFO in night of October 15, 1973: he and his wife reported having watched a vertical-shaped orange object for some half an hour while they were driving near Ann Arbor, Michigan. He said he was was certain that it was not a bird or a plane.

Giuliana, Hélène

Helene Giuliana reported that in the night from June 10th to 11th, 1976, she was returning home late from the movies when her car cut out crossing the bridge at Romans, France. She said saw a huge orange glow in the sky which then suddenly vanished and she drove on. She could not identify the large disc but it could eventually have been the moon. When she arrived home, she realized some 2 hours time was spent and she could not understand why. Having contacted ufologists, subsequent regression hypnosis "revealed" that she had been abducted by small aliens, tied to a table and examined around her abdomen.

Goldwater, Senator Barry

Senator Barry Goldwater, former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Senator Goldwater has made several attempts to investigate the rumors about Wright-Patterson Air Base holding UFO evidence, but all attempts have failed. In a letter dated 28th March 1975, he wrote to all Ufologists: "The subject of UFOs is one that has interested me for some long time. About ten to twelve years ago I made an effort to find out what was in the building at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where the information is stored that has been collected by the Air Force, and I was understandably denied the request. It is still classified above Top Secret. I have, however, heard that there is a plan underway to release some, if not all, of this material in the near future. I'm just as anxious to see this material as you are, and I hope we will not have to wait much longer."

Good, Timothy

Author of best selling books "Above Top Secret", "Alien Liaison", "Alien Update" and the "UFO Report" series. "Above Top Secret" documented the worldwide government cover-up of UFO related material and incidents. It also published the faked MJ-12 briefing document. Despite that, it is widely regarded as an interesting book to read if you're seriously interested in UFOs. "Alien Liaison" went one step further by dealing with disinformation, Cattle mutilations and the Bob Lazar, but is thought of as fairly unreliable since parts of it were heavily influenced by the claims in the MJ-12 documents, the claims of Bill Moore, and also the claims of Bob Oeschler that he worked on a top secret project to produce an exhibition called "Cosmic Journey" in which the US government was allegedly going to display a preserved alien body and a section of a UFO. "Alien Update" can be thought of as "UFO Report 1993" since it is in exactly the same format as the other books in the "UFO Report" series.

Gorman (case)

In 1948, Lt. Gorman chased a UFO at night during a 27 minutes dogfight, confirmed by ground and air witnesses.


This is the most commonly identified alien race in Ufology. There are many different views, stories and theories regarding them ranging from the different New Age views to the different Scientific, and conspiracy views.

Greys as presented by some scientists: The Greys are the most commonly described race by abduction victims. In this view they are considered a race with an unknown motives, and agendas. They seem to be abducting, studying, testing and using various individuals for their own unclear reasons.

Greys as presented by the New Age Movement: In the new age movement the Greys are often associated as an evil race, or a race with bad energy. They are often associated with many other races, such as the Reptoids and their motives are known.

Greys as presented by Different Conspiracy Theories The different conspiracy theories are often a mix of the scientific and new age views. The standard conspiracy base states that the Greys crashed one or more of their space ships and they were found by the U.S. Government. The Government them makes a secret treaty with the Greys allowing them to abduct humans in exchange for their technology. The conspiracy theories often end with the Greys not keeping their part of the deal.

Their are descriptions of several types of Greys: they are all humanoid in appearance, a head, main body, two arms, hands, legs, and feet.

1: The supposedly most commonly seen Grey is around two to four feet tall, very slender and delicate looking, small beings and light weight, extremely penetrating black slanted eyes with no pupils, almost vestigial mouth and nose, a very large head with a pointed chin. The skin color varies from dark grey to light grey, tan to tanish grey, white to pale white. They have no hair on their bodies.

2: Another commonly seen Grey is described similarly as above, except their usually six inches taller, and seem to give the orders. A variation of this same described individual is: same as above except eyes like big black buttons and are rounded.

3: Another type of Grey are the small robot like beings, stocky and little, with smooth rounded hat on top, with dark deep set holes for eyes and a round O shaped mouth, square breastplate with concentric circles on it, smell like burnt match heads, mushroom grey skin. These Greys are often said to act like security guards.

Other variations are described as Reptilian like with claws an preying mantis like. There have also been many report of cross breeds that are not exactly human and not exactly Greys. But generally speaking, Greys are more a cultural cliché than an actual description of alien beings as reported by witnesses in the most convincing cases.

Groom Lake

Location of secret underground bases and Area 51. Here the US government conducts testing of secrets planes and alleged UFOs they have built with alien technology. The base is 7 levels deep, and requires top secret clearance to get to.


The successor to project Sign which was launched to effectively denounce the UFO problem. Journalists were encouraged to write articles saying that UFOs didn't exist. The final report said that, despite getting 23% more reports than Project Sign did, all sightings could be dismissed on psychological ground and that any further investigation should be downgraded greatly, which it was. Project Grudge was shut down in 1950.

Gualberto, Fernando Eustagio

On August 28, 1963 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Fernando Eustagio Gualberto, his brother and a neighbour were getting water from their well in the garden when they saw a globe hovering above the trees near them. They apparently could see rows of people inside the globe and light rays beaming downwards. Apparently a very thin, very tall being glided towards the light beams into the garden and sat down. The entity had one eye in his forehead and carried a flashing box on his body. Apparently the entity attempted to abduct one of the boys and paralysed Fernando Eustagio when he tried to intervene. At the end of the encounter the boys felt that in fact the entity had not wished to harm them, and believed that he would return again to them.

Guérin, Pierre, Dr.

Dr. Pierre Guérin was a French astronomer, astrophysicist, research director at the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris at CNRS, France's Centre National de La Recherche Scientifique. Instead of scoffing at or ignoring the UFO question, he studied it a great deal from the fifties on, and publicly stated that although many UFO reports are caused by confusions, hoaxes and pranks, other are very probably extraterrestrial craft of some sort.

Pierre Guérin

Guérin urged scientist to build a much more reasonable and balanced attitude towards the subject of the UFO phenomenon, stating: "Scientists are not only embarrassed by UFOs; they are furious because they don't understand them."

Nominated external scientific advisor for the GEPAN, in 1972, he quit when it became clear that CNES refused that any work by GEPAN on UFO reports to get publicized. In addition to many articles on the subject of UFOs, he authored in 2000 the book "OVNI, les mécanismes d'une désinformation" to denounce the lid of ridicule attached to the subject, and to tell of his experience as a ufologist, presenting among other information his 1994 study on the Lac Chauvet, July 18, 1952, UFO photographs. Pierre Guérin passed in 2000.

Book cover

Gulf-Breeze sightings

A series of UFO sightings in Gulf Breeze, Florida that have taken place since 1987, but the most concentrated period of sightings was between November 1987 and May 1988 and were centered around Ed and Frances Walters. During this period, Ed claims that aliens have attempted to abduct both him and his wife using a blue ray, but failed. He also claims that he knew when another encounter with a UFO was imminent because he would feel a humming noise in his head. When he got this humming noise, he would rush out with his camera and would take a picture of the UFO which would be waiting for him in the sky. The Walters took a total of forty photos with various cameras over that period and all of them were evaluated by various scientists and were proved that they were not faked. The most impressive photos included a blue ray that was used to transport people to and from the UFOs, a UFO photographed that was partially obscured by a tree (very hard to fake) and also the same UFO hovering above a highway with a reflection on the road of the bright light on the underside of the UFO.

Gu Ying

In April 1968, Gu Ying was working on an irrigation project in the North Gobi Desert in China when he saw a UFO that he described as a disc of light, glowing red, at less than a kilometer away. The UFO landed on the desert, and he could see a harder luminous point inside the light. He then saw troops on motorcycles moving towards the disc, which flew away into the sky. It is said that it left burn marks on the ground.

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