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Official documents

US FOIA declassified documents:

Here is a collection of US documents, some of them were formerly secret or confidential, they were all declassified after the 1977 Freedom Of Information Act was passed.


The Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A) is an American law that allows members of the public to obtain copies of classified documents by having all or parts of the documents declassified by order of a federal judge. The judge may refuse the declassification of a document if it is necessary for the document to remain classified because it affects national security. At least, that is in theory. In practice it has been very unreliable, if one group requests for a set of documents and gets them, it does not necessarily mean that a second group will be able to get them. If the government denies they have got the documents that you are looking for, they may not be telling the truth. It has been known for a government agency to deny that it has ANY documents on an incident yet release it some months later.

Original US Government documents:

FOIA documents sampler:

Ghost rockets againONI document Scandinavian "Ghost Rocket".1947
FBI8 July FBI memo on flying disk recovery in Roswell.1947
FBIInterview of pilot who saw two UFOs.1947
FBIMemo for M. Ladd: FBI wants access to "flying discs".1947
Routing slipGeneral Twining's routing slip of UFO observations summaries.1947
EEI memoAMC is in the opinion that flying saucers exist.1947
Air Force to FBIAir Force says UFOs are no secret aircraft.1947
Vexed FBI on UFOsThe famous letter from FBI director angry at Air Forces because they asked FBI to study only uninteresting UFO cases.1947
FBI memoSubject: flying disks.1947
Ghost rocketsScandinavian "Ghost Rockets" explained as Russians.1948
USAF Memo, how to report a UFOUSAF Memo, how to report on flying disks.1948
LetterSummary of UFO problem for 4th army Chief by Major C.P. Cabell, USAF.1949
Observations reportKirkland AFB chief reports UFO over Roswell and Socorro.1949
Project SIGNThe introduction of the Project SIGN document.1949
Project SIGNPages 8,9 and 10 of the Project SIGN document.1949
Project SIGNETH pages of the Project SIGN document.1949
Project SIGNUSAF wonders is UFOs are from Mars.1949
SAC to FBIUFOs fly above Los Alamos atomic plant and other sensitive installations.1949
ReportColonel writes about exceptional importance of sightings near sensitive installation.1949
USAF Report"To date, no plausible explanation for the presence of these lights has been developed."1949
MeetingMinutes of the Los Alamis conference on the freen fireballs.1949
USAF AMC Report"Only 20% of the unusual events have been explained."1949
G-2 MemorandumTo explain actions to be taken regarding UFO to certain commanders of the USAF.1950
USAF MemorandumA must: Air Forces chased UFOs with no success over Hanson AEC.1950
FBI MemorandumRumours of recovery of crashed saucers and their occupants.1950
AEC ReportReport on UFO incident at Atomic Energy Commission.1950
ReportReport on UFO sightings near Oak Ridge vital installations.1950
US Air Force, letterColonel asks what to do of a civilian report.1950
US Air Force, letter"...the frequency of unexplained aerial phenomena in the New Mexico area was such that..."1950
CIAUFO flyovers above Oak Ridge atomic plant.1950
Observation report, NJReport of UFO by Ballard and Rogers.1951
Roswell observationSgt. Bare's statement about his observation of a UFO.1952
Roswell againRoswell AFB reports UFO.1952
CIAUFO landing reported in East Germany.1952
USAF UFO studyHypothesis and speculations about the UFO phenomenon.1952
CIA newsclippingTwo flying saucers chased by aircraft over uranium mines in Belgian Congo.1952
CIA newsclippingThree foresters watch UFO in Norway.1953
CIAUFO near Rostov.1953
Army, Oak RidgeReport of UFOs in formation.1953
Perrin AFBCIRVIS report of 7 UFOs in formation.1953
Langley AFB8 luminous circular object near Langlex AFB spotted by PAN AM pilot.1952
Hilarious letterMajor Colburn has fun on Army Intelligence Office.1952
Directorate of IntelligenceWhat UFOs are not.1952
FBIATIC, the Flying Saucers, the Tremonton footage.1952
CIABahia Blanca AFP news releases.1952
CIAUFOs reported by family in Arnhem.1952
CIAFlying saucers and the national security.1952
CIAFlying saucers and psychological war.1952
CIA memorandumUK adopts CIA's policy on UFOs.1952
CIAUFO flyovers vital military installation are real and require immediate attention.1952
Tragic accidentTwo jets have a collision while chasing a UFO.1953
Cover-upWhat to indicate to the media when a UFO is observed.1953
OSI Applied SciencePhysics, electronics, intelligence and UFOs.1953
USAF CIRVIS reportF-86 observes UFO.1953
DCI to Secretary of DefenseImportance of the UFO problem for the Intelligence.1953
The Durant ReportIncluding the Robertson Panel report.1953
CIRVISGlowing green light observed by plane crew.1954
It's raining UFOsUS Army says objects not of military origin.1955
Pepperell AFBSpectacular report of 49 minutes radar/visual UFO observation in Newfoundland.1955
CIAUFOs above Budapest.1956
US ArmyRadar-visual UFOs above Panama.1958
CIARadar visual sighting in French Magazine, who to do about it? asks assistant director.1956
SAC to FBIExceptional. Lonnie Zamora's close encounter near Soccoro.1964
Ambassy in ArgentinaObservations in Antarctic.1965
CIA ReportReport on political situation in Argentina mentions Deception Island UFO case.1965
Wright Patterson AFBAFB orders study of UFO photographs.1967
CIA-CondonCondon gets a little help from CIA.1967
Public affairs memoEnd of Project Blue Book.1969
Blacked outThe most ridiculous FOIA released document ever.1971
CIA reportBlinding light over Lithuania.1976
DIA reportThe dogfight report between USAF jet fighter and UFO over Teheran.1976
USAF reportUFO above weapon storage space of Eglin AFB.1976
USAF reportUFO above weapon storage space of Fort Smith.1976
Naval Security GroupSighting report.1979?
US Embassy in KuwaitSeveral spectacular UFO incidents are worrying Kuwaitian authorities.1979
The Halt memoColonel Halt reports on close encounter of UFO at Rendlesham AFB.1981
CIA ReportMultiple sightings of UFOs at Barbados.1987
FBIS reportUFO sighting in China.1989
FBIS reportMultitude of UFOs in USSR, a case of crash and recovery of debris.1989
FBIS reportMany UFOs near Moscow.1990
FBIS reportAircraft-UFO encounter in Soviet Union.1990
FBIS reportUFO interception attempt in Soviet Union.1990
CIA reportCIA report has a paragraph about ufology's situation in China.1990
FBIS reportInterview at the Soviet Ministry of Defence.1991
CIA - TASSClose encounter in URSS.1991
CIA reportInternational UFO convention sponsored by Chinese government.1992
CIA reportChina continues to investigate UFOs.1992
CIA interest in Lituanian UFOAn observation report of a UFO over Lithuania, formerly classified, by the CIA.1996

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