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Lael, Ralph

Lights were often reported around 1961 in the Brown Mountain, North Carolina, USA. While most investigators think they are nothing more than refractions of distant cars headlight, Ralph Lael thought that when he sent "telepathic messages" to these lights, they respond. He claimed that one light telepathically ordered him to enter a door concealed on the mountainside, where he claimed to have met entities in rooms with transparent walls. A voice told him that the human race comes from a now destroyed planet called Pewam, which remains are the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Lael claimed that on another visit to the mountain, he traveled to Venus in a flying saucer, and met the direct descendants of Pewamites, including a sexy Venusian woman named Noma.

Lagrange, Pierre

French sociologist, a brilliant mind and a man of great culture, often misquoted by skeptics: Lagrange does NOT claim that UFOs are merely science fiction inspired illusions.

Landrum UFO footage

On November 16, 1952 a group of five glowing objects was seen to the north of Landrum, South Carolina, in the United States. Four of the witnesses were J. D. McLean and his wife, and David S. Bunch and his wife. They used an 8 mm camera and telephoto lens to take forty feet of rum of the objects. This film was then handed over to McLean's son who was the editor of the Ingalls Ship Building Corporation News. It was then further handed on to the United States Air Force for study.

It is known that the film was reviewed by a large group of Air Force officials including retired Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Albert M. Chop (the Air Force's Press Liaison Officer), several public information officers, Colonel William A. Adams and Colonel Wendell Smith.

The film clearly showed five glowing oval shapes below the cloud cover and was reviewed three times before Colonel Adams stated, "That's enough, we don't want to scratch it. Have copies made as soon as you can." It was pointed out that proper analysis of the film would take months but eventually there was a release suggesting that the rum showed some form of natural light effect.

Lazar, Robert

Robert Lazar is a scientist with two masters degrees, one in physics, the other in electronics. He wrote his thesis on magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). He has worked in Los Alamos as a technician and then as a physicist in the Polarized Proton Section dealing with particle accelerators. In his spare time, he has built a jet powered car and a jet powered motorbike (max. speed 350mph!), as well as a car capable of running off of hydrogen. In March 1989, Lazar appeared on KLAS-TV in the US claiming to have worked in an above Top Secret installation known as S-4, ten miles south of Area 51 in the Nevada desert. He was a scientist who was employed between December 1988 and April 1989 to examine a captured flying saucer to try and reverse engineer the saucer's propulsion mechanism. He claims that there were nine different saucers at S-4, although he was only working on one of them. He was told that the crafts used a propulsion system that uses gravity waves, a theory that mainstream science hasn't discovered yet (scientists don't know what gravity actually _is_, there are many theories, but there hasn't been one that is universally accepted yet) and the energy needed is supplied by irradiating Element 115, an element not found on Earth and which cannot be synthesized. A kilogram of the element releases the same amount of energy as 47 10-megaton hydrogen bombs. He says that he had 500 pounds (227.27kg) of the element to work with, but each craft only needed 223 grams of the element. Whilst working on one of the craft, he was allowed to actually go inside the craft and he was also present at a test flight in which the craft underwent a few simple maneuvers in the air. When he went public in March 1989, he appeared on US TV in shadow with his voice altered, under the pseudonym "Dennis", an inside joke since his boss at S-4 was called Dennis Mariani, in an attempt to remain anonymous. On 29/3/89 he took three of his friends, one of them John Lear, to the edge of S-4 to observe any UFO test flights through a telescope. They saw (and filmed) a bright light rise in a step maneuver, that is, it would hover in the air, briefly disappear and reappear a few feet higher, and then the light went down in the same way. When they went again the following week on 6/4/89, they were caught by a security guard. Their ID details were recorded on a computer in Area 51 and they were ordered to leave the area, despite it being public land. They did leave and the following day, Lazar was ordered to go to Area 51 for a meeting with some security guards and an FBI agent. It was then that he resigned and left. After he was fired at whilst traveling on an Interstate highway, he decided that he'd better go public on TV under his own name, the theory being that if anyone kills him after going completely public, then that action would prove that he was telling the truth. He went on TV to tell the full story in November 1989 and his story has (to my knowledge) remained consistent since then.

Such is the manner Lazar was introduced. since then, ufologists have checked his claims and credential and shed doubt on it.

Lear, John

The estranged son of Bill Lear, inventor of the Lear Jet. John Lear is the only pilot who holds every airman certificate awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration. He has flown over 160 different type of aircraft and had flown many missions for the CIA. He is a friend of Paul Bennewitz who told Lear everything that he had heard from Richard Doty and William Moore and Lear believed most of it. Lear was also a friend of Robert Lazar who told him about the various goings on at Area 51; Moore showed him the various documents he had been given by Doty, and from those three sources began work on his Lear Hypothesis, also known as the Dark Side Hypothesis. He then subscribed to Paranet and found a friend in Bill Cooper. With Cooper's help, he finished his hypothesis and sent it to the Paranet Bulletin Board. He then decided to test the UFO society by faking some government documents about aliens, the Krlll (pronounced "Krill") Files. All of the UFO society (but one) checked out the material included in the files and found large inconsistencies and lies. The one person who didn't was Cooper, who claimed to have seen the documents when he was working for the government. When the files were declared as faked, Lear and Cooper were barred from Paranet and the friendship between them broke down, Cooper accusing Lear of being a government agent. Lear is now lecturing about his Hypothesis.


In the USA in the Forties, editor Ray Palmer published a science-Fiction magazine, "Amazing Stories." The magazine was in theory a "fiction" magazine, but in 1943 Palmer received a letter from a reader of Barto, Pennsylvania and allegedly coming of the town of Atlantis, capital of Lemuria aka Mu, a lost continent under the floods. This reader in fact elaborated starting from books duch as the 1904 book by William Scott-Elliot, "The Story of Atlantis and The Lost Lemuria."

The letter came from a certain Richard Shaver, had an original alphabet, rebuses, symbols, and famous "soundcepts" of which Jean Pollion much later claimed that it was something existing only in the Ummites letters. Palmer printed this alphabet in the January 1944 issue of his magazine, and started to correspond regularly with Shaver, asking for "more material."

Richard Shaver was in fact an untrustworthy lunatic which had problems with law enforcement. Palmer and Shaver took this material together in a 1945 short novel, "I remember Lemuria," and readers of the magazine, the majority being teenagers avid of mysteries, started to think that it was non-fiction. Some readers started to write to the magazine, to testify that they are themselves in contact with the descendant of the Lemurians which had left our planet a long time ago but returned to visit us on board the flying saucers about which one started to speak at that time.

Left Richard Shaver in his workshop. All around him, his paintings of which he tells that they are painted in undergrounds tunnels leading to the mysterious world of the Deros.

Others claimed to be reincarnated Lemurians. More material was written, in which "malicious" Lemurians became robots, the "Deros", enemies of mankind living underground while the "good" Lemurians who had escaped to other planets came back as the friends of mankind, returning to save us from the malevolent influence of the evil Deros, etc.


Lincos is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "lingua cosmica". It is an artificial language defined in 1960 by Dutch scientist Dr. Hans Freudenthal in his book "Lincos: Design of a Language for Cosmic Intercourse, Part 1."

Lincos is a language designed to be understandable by any possible intelligent extraterrestrial life form, for use in interstellar radio transmissions. Freudenthal wanted a language that would be easily understood by beings not acquainted with any Earthling syntax or language. Lincos was designed to be capable of encapsulating the whole bulk of our knowledge.

A second book was planned but never written that would have added four more sections to the Lincos dictionary: "Matter", "Earth", "Life" and "Behavior." Other researchers have since extended the language somewhat on their own.

No actual transmissions have been made using Lincos; which remains a theoretical exercise in communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.


On September 1, 1978 at Llanerchymedd in Wales, U.K., several boys were playing football just outside the village when they started to shout that they see an helicopter landing in a nearby field behind some trees. They went to look at it and discovered that it was not a helicopter as they first thought but a bullet-shaped, white object. People from the village started to come towards the field to see the object and the boys persuaded two nearby adults to come with them see it closely. Through the dim twilight they saw two six feet tall figures in grey one-piece suits walking across the field, apparently panicking dogs, and horses that were grazing there. One woman became so scared that she run home and locked herself in the upstairs bedroom; from there she claimed she had seen three of the figures in the field. The police had been called and started to investigate. The little men and the object could be located nowhere. The Royal Air Force was held to have investigated the case using helicopters but denied that it had done so. Apparent ground traces consisting of a circular flattened patch of wheat have been found.


A prototype of hypersonic airplane, often referred to by uninformed people claiming to be skeptic as a possible explanation of triangular UFOs. But this aircraft fails short for many reasons.

Lorenzen, Coral

Coral Lorenzen (1925-1988) was born in Hillsdale, Wisconsin, and attended public schools in Barron, Wisconsin, graduating from high school in May 1941. Her interest in the UFO phenomenon began on a summer day in 1934 when, at the age of nine, she and two friends saw a hemispheric white object cross the western sky from south to north in an undulating trajectory. Three years later, during a routine eye examination, she mentioned the object to the family doctor, Harry Schlomovitz, who loaned her the books of Charles Fort to show her that strange objects had been seen in the sky for many years. This sparked an interest in astronomy and she began reading books dealing with that subject, and combing periodicals and newspapers for information on the strange objects. Her second sighting came on June 10, 1947, in Douglas, Arizona as she was outside watching for meteors and saw a tiny round lighted object leave the ground in the south and move quickly straight up into the sky.

Through the years, Mrs Lorenzen has also held additional positions as a correspondent and feature writer for various newspapers, and was employed by the United States Air Force at Holloman Air Force Base from 1954 to 1956, where she became familiar with Air Force procedures and missile testing.

Coral Lorenzen

She married Jim Lorenzen on September 29, 1943, and during the next five years she made many contacts with people interested in the subject of UFOs. In January 1952, she began contacting them to form APRO, the main idea being to preserve information which otherwise would have been lost to history. She was sure, in view of the publicity given the UFOs in big-city papers, that hundreds of additional sightings had been made in rural areas but were never reported or were buried in the pages of small-town newspapers. She served as APRO director until 1964 when her husband took the post, while she remained as secretary-treasurer and a member of the APRO board of directors until 1988.

She has been a prolific writer of UFO books and articles and authored or co-authored with her husband, "Flying Saucers - The Startling Evidence of the Invasion from Outer Space" in 1962, "The Shadow of the Unknown" in 1970, "Flying Saucer Occupants" in 1967, "UFOs Over the Americas" in 1968, "UFOs - The Whole Story" in 1969, "Encounters with UFO Occupants" in 1976, and "Abducted!" in 1977.

Lorenzen, Jim

Jim Lorenzen

Jim Lorenzen (1922-1986) worked as a professional musician until induction into the US Army Air Corps in 1942, where he was trained as a radio-operator mechanic and served with the Air Transport Command in China-Burma-India theatre of operations until his discharge in 1945. He won the Air Medal with cluster, the Presidential Unit Citation with cluster, and the Distinguished Flying Cross with cluster. He then returned to his music profession until 1950, when he entered the Electronic Technical Institute in Los Angeles and Broadcasters' Network Studios for training, acquiring a first-class Radio/Telephone License. Since then he held positions with various companies such as Telecomputing Corporation at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico.

He became well known in UFO circles as the international director of APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization). He co-authored five books on the UFO phenomenon with his wife Coral.

Lowry, Bill

On September 1, 1983, at about 11:45 p.m., Billy Lowry was motorcycling from Brighton to Blackpool, England, and made a stop to phone friends an estimate of his expected arrival time. He then drove past Whitchurch in Shropshire, and noticed a bright light in the sky. Arrived in the open country near Warrington, he noticed that the light seemed to be coming towards him. He felt being watched and stopped his motorbike in the middle of the road. He thought he should take a photograph of the object but felt compelled not to, as if the object instructed him not to. Instead, he turned out his motorbike lights and looked at the UFO which now appeared as a dark object in the sky with lights all around and hovering directly above his head. When a car's headlights appeared in the distance ahead of him, the UFO moved away and Lowry suddenly realized it was dangerous to be in the middle of the road and he drove off. He then also realized that he was just outside Chester on the wrong road and it was some two hours after the time he had stopped to observe the UFO.

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