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The Ummo affair:

The affair started in Spain in 1962. A group of lunatics started to receive letters in Spanish language with some entwined "extraterrestrial" words in it. In these letters, alleged extraterrestrial from planet Ummo shared parts of their story of their visit of our planet, giving information on their own culture and techniques and other topics, including predictions of future events.

I fully realize that this affair is a hoax, a long revealed hoax. However, it is also a fact that many newcomers in the field of ufology at least in France have been asking my opinion, or protested that I did not even mention the Ummo affair in the 5 first year of my website, arguing that it is a true story that needs to be told. This is why I thought it may be useful to provide at least a part of the story they may not have heard of. Additionally, and although I am certainly not among the ufologists, - particularly Spanish ufologists - who long ago originally investigated the affair and found out it was merely a tentacular hoax, I also provide some elements I found out independently and may not be at hand to English/French speaking people.

A brief foreword:

To those who have known for long that the Ummo affair is a hoax: please do not tell me that I waste your time here; I may waste my own time as it suits me to, and you do not need to read this section if you already have a good grasp of the Ummo saga. It is quite possible that you would not learn anything new in these pages. Please do not mock or despise newcomers or researchers who have been or still are on the other side of the fence or still wondering, it is not the correct way to handle the topic. Many of them do not deserve caricature treatment, they are not all blind "Ummo-promoters", many did some respectable work, they often have their doubts and recommendations of caution, too.

In my personal discussions with people still convinced that there exist extraterrestrial being from planet Ummo visiting this Earth, I had to regret that there was, too often, an exaggerated and utterly useless emotional charge on their part, translating in expressions of anger, off-topic diversions, use of circular logic, undue comparisons with other UFO cases, unfounded generalizations and pontifications, and accusations of ignorance. If you hold the opinion that the Ummo story is truthful as events of real alien contacts, no matter what, may I kindly ask that you do not contact me if it were only to display emotions or put out a position statement. Please contact me only if you have constructive criticism on the content I provide, if you find errors in it, if you have reasoned arguments to present. Please note that I just opened this Ummo section and that it is not useful that you reject the present content on the ground that there is other content on which I have not yet expressed a rebuttal. The Ummo letters were not written in a day, and you will need to accept that I also may take some time to publish my patiently investigated approach of all the pros and cons.

And, lastly, a special note to English speaking readers: this website is bilingual, I am used to provide the entire content is English and French. You may find the above words of caution really out of proportion, having seen no display of emotion of tensions between people in connection with the Ummo affair in your following of the English-speaking ufology scene. But this is what I experienced as a Frenchman in discussions with French readers and few French colleagues in ufology. It may surpride you but in France, the Ummo topic is still a quite "hotly debated" topic.

Aspects of the Ummo affair:

This is what the last "UMMO proponents" would not like you to discover on these mysterious aliens that wrote letters to us in the sixties and on.

Click!You may be told that the Ummo affair is "something unprecedented", but this is simply not true.

Click!The analysis of the Ummo spacecraft photographs: Ground Saucer Watch have analyzed the images and said they are hoaxed. Claude Poher has analyzed the images and sad they are hoaxed. Yet some say that the Guardia Civil has analyzed the images more thoroughly and differ in their conclusions.

Click!Jordan Pena, alleged credible witness of the reality of extraterrestrial beings from planet Ummo, was really an enraged self-proclaimed rationalist who explained that ufologists are mentally deranged, that all UFO stuff is hoaxed, and that he is the initiator of the Ummo hoax and the hoaxer of the "evidence" the alleged Ummo visits in Alluche and San Juan de Valdeiras.

Click!The so-called landing of a Ummo spacecraft in Voronezh, USSR, 1989, or how a famous ufologist proved gullible.

Click!Wolf 424, the star of the "Ummites": as soon as they write their first letter, huge - astronomical! - glitches and failed attempts to save the story.

Click!The year of Ummo, an example of the value of the Ummites science.

Click!The claim that the Ummo society is very advanced in its social organization, that its education, morals, values are so out-of-this-world that the affair could not be a hoax, and what this really amounts to.

Click!A Ummo-inspired story from Argentina.

UFO-skeptics and the Ummo affair:

Not only the "Ummites" make mistakes. "UFO-skeptics" who are right most of the time when they deal with the Ummo affair also have their share, in their haste to accumulate a vast quantity of arguments.

Click!An helico´dal affair, a pseudo-Ummite error.

Close encounters with "Ummites":

A number of people claimed to have met the people from planet Ummo, this then appeared in catalogues of close encounters of the third kind.

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