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Close encounters of the third kind:

In the well-known UFO classification proposed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, astronomer and USAF UFO consultant, a close encounter of the third kind is a meeting between human beings and beings likely to be not from this earth, in association with a UFO observation. Here is information on such events.

See: URECAT - Formal catalogue of UFO with occupants reports.

And also:

Click! 1993. On six occasions, Italian Filiberto Caponi, aged 23, encounters a humanoid being. A complex story and 6 Polaroid photographs, and no evidence of fraud.

Click! 1987. A former policeman takes a walk in Ilkley Moor, encounters a strange being and takes a photograph of it. Back in town, he realizes he "lost" an hour. The picture is blurry, the story is fascinating, and no indication of fraud is found.

Click! 1979. A Scottish forestry worker enters a clearing. He is amazed to see a round object landed there. Two smaller objects come out of it and attack him. Case not closed, says the police.

Click! 1977. During 4 months, UFOs of all sizes and shapes are seen every day over several small cities. The UFOs direct strange rays at houses and people. 35 people are wounded. Most of them evacuate the area. The army intervenes. But you have probably never heard of it.

Cliquez! La Réunion island, Petite Ille, the Pacific, 1975: Antoine S. meets the aliens and their flying saucer. An investigation by the French military police forces.

Cliquez! Medecine Bowl National Park, USA 1974: Carl Higdon goes elk hunting but things do not turn at all as expected.

Click! Pascagoula, Mississippi, 1973: Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker reported that three strange beings floated them into their spacecraft near the Pascagoula river in Mississippi, USA. The case received national attention, is still quite controversial, but might well be exactly what the witnesses said it was.

Click! A professor of French experiences a strange encounter in Saint-Jean-du-Gard, France, on August 9, 1972.

Click! The Abbehusens are visited by a strange craft and weird beings in Dias D'Avila, Brazil, December 13, 1972.

Click! A farmer encounters an oval object and sees its two otherworldly occupants on the island of Reunion, on July 31, 1968.

Click! Lonnie Zamora worked as a sergeant at the Socorro Police Department. Friday April 24, 1964, he witnessed the landing of a UFO near Socorro in New Mexico. The investigation was lead by Dr J. Allen Hynek with the FBI.

Click! October 1966, in Cincinatti, a family confronted with a UFO. The message was, "we made contact", and this contact was less than pleasant.

Click! 1965, in Valensole, France: Maurice Masse experiences a close encounter.

Click! February 1959, the story of Private Gerry Irwin reads like something from Rod Sterling's Twilight Zone.

Click! July 1959, in Papua-New Guinea, after several luminous objects were seen, one of them hovers near Father Gill's mission for hours. When the witnesses wave their arms at the "men" on the craft's deck, they wave back.

Click! August 21, 1955, in Kelly near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, a farmer family gets no sleep: a saucer lands, and little being attack the farm all night long. Gunshots are ineffective against the aliens. Where they owls?

Click! April 24, in Abbiate Guazzone, Italy, Bruno Facchini approaches the strange craft landed near his house and offers his help to the occupants, but he soon realizes that...


Click! Aliens at the motel?

Click! Some little known close encounters of the third kind in Argentina.

Click! Post-Arnold early CE III in France.

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