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Dias D'Avila, Brazil, December 13, 1972

The case occurred on December 13, 1972 at 07:04 p.m. local time, in Dias D'Avila, Bahia, Brazil.

Fritz Abbehusen, aged 65, retired businessman in the cigar industries and public notary, also Federal Income agent, was quietly watching TV, when he noted that the set was experiencing interference.

Fritz Abbehusen

He went out on the porch of his home, and saw a round luminous object "of huge size" fly in the sky and going down to a hill approximately 5 kilometers from his home and stay there.

After a while, puzzled, he went to get binoculars, and thus he could see that the luminous shape had not landed but was hovering a few meters above the ground.

The lower part of now appeared a weird object, different from any plane or helicopter was shining like neon light. On the upper part, he saw a row of what looked like small illuminated windows or portholes of orange-reddish color.

Fritz Abbehusen called her wife Margarida Almeida and their servant Valdeta Da Lima and all three looked at the display.

Suddenly, three blinking lights emerged from the object. One of these lights slowly moved in the direction of Abbehusen's house.

After about 15 minutes, the moving light had arrived within 50 meters of their home, from the back. Mr. Abbehusen stayed at the front of the house while the women had come out at the back. What they saw there really frightened them: two small beings that seemed to have the height of 13 or 14 years old children with very slim bodies came along.

They wore what appeared to be a sort of one-piece suit of whitish or light grey color.

Mr. Abbehusen, who had come at the back of the house, saw the beings and later told: "The beings kept their elbows close to the body when walking; they walked as if on tiptoe, raising their knees exaggeratedly at each step."

None of the witnesses could not see the being's faces and could not tell if they were wearing helmets.

The women became panicked and fled into the house, shouting at Mr. Abbehusen to hide also, but the beings went away.

The UFO remained on the hill until around midnight. But at one time it emitted a beam that set the brush on fire.

Word of the amazing encounter came to the press and newspapers pulled out the story. It made quite an uproar in the country for a short time, because it was difficult to see why the Abbehusen would have invented such a tale, and also because everyone could see that at the alleged landing place of the UFO, the vegetation had indeed been burnt. Burn marks an odd traces were also found in the Abbehusen's own garden where the smaller light and the strange beings came.

I happened to learn of the case by mere chance in 2005, when the companion of the Abbehusen's daughter, who happens to live in my area, met me for non-ufological matters. The man noticed my rows of books about UFOs, and the conversation went there. But instead of the expected amused comments, he told me about the sighting of his step-parents, and how it caused a sensation. He knew the witnesses well, and could not give any credibility to the idea that they were the sort of people to invent such a story. He quite insisted on the huge fuss it caused in the media, with newspaper and TV people coming all over the place.

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