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Close encounters of the 3rd kind:

Cincinatti, USA, October 2, 1966:


Location. Cincinnati Ohio

Date: October 2 1966

Time: 2020

Mrs Everett Steward was talking on the telephone when she smelled a foul odor in the room. She went to her bedroom, where she had a feeling of being watched. Looking out the window, she saw an oval shaped object with portholes & red, green, & white lights revolving around it. It was 75 ft in diameter & 100 ft up. She woke her husband, who also saw it, and called her married daughter, Mrs Janet Emery, a mile away; the Emerys also saw it, and a neighbor with binoculars could see that it had square windows glowing yellow. Janet went outdoors & saw the UFO eject a red ball, which maneuvered while the first UFO took off southward. The red ball flew 75-100 ft over Jane's head; it was oval, and its underside was shiny like aluminum foil; it was "bigger than my cottage and yard combined." She also smelled the garbage like odor. Mrs Steward went to bed, the odor still in the house. After some time, the room was filled for an instant with brilliant white light; then this vanished, and a globe of light about 21" in diameter appeared at the foot of her bed. Inside this globe were 5 "non-human, hairless heads" with oval, sunken eyes. "Instead of noses, there were slits, and they had no mouths." Telepathically, they repeated several times "We have made contact." Mrs Steward screamed, and the globe disappeared. She was so disquieted by the experience that she was under psychiatric care for the next 2 years.

Humcat 1966-41
Source: Leonard Stringfield
Type: C?

Here are the details of this case:

In 1966, Mrs. Everett X contacts telephonically the well-known ufologist Leonard Stringfield and briefly reports to him that she observed a UFO. She brings back an observation which seems rather usual, insofar a UFO observation can be called usual. In any event, Stringfield has already too many important investigations in progress, so that he does not particularly follow up on this case at the time.

But on October 30, 1975, Mrs. X calls Stringfield again and this time, she tells him with a certain shyness and ambarassment that in fact, in 1966, she had not really told him the entire story:

"You would have thought I was crazy; now, I must tell you the rest, but only in one condition."

What she demanded was:

"My name and even the district of Cincinnati where I live must not be revealed."

Stringfield promised that to her and respected his word. Mrs. X had followed his writings and research for some time now; and in addition, after the 1973 UFO flap in the US and the case of the close encounter of the third type in Pascagoula in 1973, and many other similar cases, it had become somehow less unacceptable than in 1966 to testify of experiences going beyond the simple observation of "lights in the sky." Thus, although Mrs. X had told of her experience only to members of his family, and of course had discussed it with the members of her family who were witnesses themselves, she now had decided that if her provacy is respected she can talk about it to a ufologist respected and known to keep his privacy engagements. (She was referred to as Mrs. Everett Steward, this was a pseudonym.)

She explains to Stringfield that nine years earlier, exactly on October 2, 1966 at 20:20, as the notes she carefully wrote and preserved indicate, when she 49 years old, she spoke on the phone with a friend, when a nauseous odor invaded the room.

She was seized in a giddiness, has to excuse herself by her frien on the phone, stopped the conversation and to hang up, and she went up in her bedroom as quickly as she could. She remembers that before she undressed, she had the impression of being observed, and, while looking though the window, she was amazed to see an object of oval shape, brilliantly coloured, with port-holes, which seemed motionless close to the ground in a wooden place at a hundred meters from there.

Her husband, who was a dispatcher in a big harware company in Cincinnati, had already retired in the bedroom for the night, and had fallen asleep. But he was awaken by his wife who wanted to show him the strange object. He looked at it, and thought initially that it was a plane flying too low. But as he continued to watch it he has to give up this first impression. The object was then moving away from their house, but then it returned in the vicinity, stopped at approximately 300 meters above ground-level during ten minutes.

It seemed to have approximately 25 meters in diameter, and was girdled of red, green and white lights which swivelled quickly. When Mrs. X realized that the object was now close to the house of her married daughter, Janet Y, at some 1 500 meters, she called her by phone:

"I felt very sick when I phoned to alert Janet. The odor seemed stronger to me, and I was so dizzy that I had to sit down."

When her phone rung, Janet was cleaning tiles. She listened to her mother, and then immediately woke her husband Ken up, and they indeed saw the UFO which was now within two hundred meters of the window of the first floor of their house.

Both described the object as large, metallic, and equipped with a line of yellowish lights. They were amazed.

Ken, Janet's husband, at once went to get their neighbor, David Stites, who was a reserve officer in the US Navy. Stites got his binoculars, and with Ken, joined Janet at the window. Stringfield indicates:

"The binoculars were excellent, and Stites, used to aerial navigation, had quickly made its observation. The disc had, no doubt, square windows, and each one emitted a yellow gleam."

Then the lights became sharper, the machine started to roll and pitch, and it started a slow horizontal movement. Ken said:

"At this time, all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking. It was obvious that something out of the ordinary was occurring."

Convinced that it was not a plane, Ken and David went out of the house for better seeing. Ken reported:

"At my amazement, my cat, Nightcap, spout out of a bush, close to me, in attack posture, hair raised on its back, Then he made a kind of howl, threw homself against the door and got caught in the mosquito net. I almost had to tear off his claws to free it."

The UFO had moved again. Ken continues:

"It seemed ready to leave. I asked Dave to come with me in my car to see it more closely."

They then drove towards Mount Airy, trying to reach the UFO, but it flew above them at a tremendous speed and they then lost sight of it.

Meanwhile, Janet had remained alone and had constantly kept it in sight. She really wanted to go outside to look at it but she was afraid. However when the UFO had moved, her curiosity overcame her:

"I was terrified, but I went outside nevertheless."

At her mother's and her father's home, panic had won. After having warned her daughter, Mrs. X had called the airport of Cincinnati which admitted that "something not identified" had flown above Cincinnati. Mrs. X then called the police. She remembers that the answer of the chief of the police officers had been: "Lady, you are the forty-fifth to call tonight." A little later, whereas the craft was close to the ground, the airport called her backed, to asked where the UFO was at this time.

The strange odor had now filled all the rooms of the house. Mrs. X indicated:

"It was a repelling chemical odor. So strong I lost balance."

Then, her daughter Debbie, who had been at the theatre with her friend, arrived home, and she also saw the UFO. While entering the family house, she was suffocated by the horrible odor and asked her mother what had spread through the house. But her mother, disabled, had crashed on a chair. She was given aspirin and taken to her daughter's bedroom, where there was an additional bed where to spend a good night of rest...

Meanwhile, not far from there, her other Janet daughter regretted not having remained inside her house. The UFO had moved and returned in the vicinity. Its yellow lights started to flash more quickly, then, suddenly, a smaller object spoutted out of it from its side. Janet later said: "It looked like a red balloon."

This "red balloon" carried out fast manoeuvres, zigzaged, leaped and rotated. Then, it moved right towards Janet and Ken's house, "without any noise."

While this "red balloon" made these manœuvres, the largest machine moved away quickly towards the south and was lost sight of sight there. Janet tells:

"Soon after, the red balloon emitted a ray of white light over the house. It rose straight at thirty meters approximately above it. It had an oval shape at this time, its lower face was like aluminum foil, smooth and shining. I could not evaluate the dimensions which it had taken, but it was larger than my house and its court together. It seemed very close. I had the impression that I could have touched it; I even tried to raise my arms in the air to reach it."

When Stringfield asked her whether she had felt physiological effects during this encounter, she told him that she felt no dizzyness, no faintness, no feeling of paralysis, no ticking. She did not remember any change of internal temperature. However she told that she had also smelled the unpleasant and strange odor which floated in the air, that she could possibly compare only with "a dustbin odor." But she also added:

"Only one thing seemed strange to me - really strange. When that thing passed above me, any fear suddenly disappeared. It is the most fantastic feeling I ever experienced."

Meanwhile, Mrs. X's husband and her other daughter Debbie, in the other house, exhausted, had gone to lie down and had fallen asleep. Mrs. X, although she also went to bed, had remained completely awaken, trying to push out of her mind the memory of the UFO and the odor which had made her sick.

Some delay occurred, then suddenly, during a half-second, the darkness was replaced with a brilliant white light which filled all the room where she was lying.

Mrs. X sat then sat down on her bed, too shocked to shout. From one wall to another, from the floor to the ceiling, the room bathed in a light so brilliant that she could see clearly all the furniture. There were no shades left. Instantly, the light died out. In the middle of the darkness, a very luminous sphere appeared at the foot of the bed. Inside this sphere, which, according to the memories of Mrs. X was the size of a 15 inches TV set, there were five nonhuman heads, without hair, with two almond eyes inserted in the cranium.

She specified:

"The five heads were similar. Instead of nose, they had slits. They had neither mouths, neither necks, nor arms."

The mouthless heads did not speak, but in a certain way Mrs. X received this message: "We made contact."

The message was repeated like by telepathy, several times. Mrs. X then started to shout. Her daughter Debbie leapt out of her bed, Mr. X arrived running from his room and found his wife in a state of nervous breakdown. She tried to explain, in an incoherent way, what she had seen, which had disappeared.

Stringfield concludes:

"For the X's, it was an horrible night. An horrible night which was followed by many other exhausting nights. Mrs. X saw a doctor the following day; he took care of her nervous disorders. But as her dreams became nightmares, she was sent to a psychiatrist. During two years, she had to remain under constant medical supervision."

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