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The 1954 French flap:

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End September, 1954, Sainte-Bazeille, Lot-et-Garonne:

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The national newspaper Paris-Presse, reported observations on page 6 for September 30, 1954, including one in Saint-Bazeille in Lot-et-Garonne, where two people had seen a phosphorescent disc, bluish in color, cross the sky.





Children encounter a "Martian" in a red jumpsuit

THE Martians follow each other and are not alike. In Corrèze, they are small and helmeted. In Portugal, they are gigantic and clad in aluminum.

Schoolchildren in the Lot in turn assure that they saw one yesterday, near Figeac.

The children were on their way to school when it appeared to them.

- He spoke to us, they said, but we didn't understand what he was saying...

Whereupon he went down to a meadow, below the road from Figeac to Cahors. The children saw him climb into a small craft which rose vertically.

- It was a machine that looked like a box, they said.

After the saucers, cigars and flying discs, here is the flying box!

Another is reported in the Vienne

In Vienne, a resident of Montgadé, Mr. Yves David, also encountered, he says, a Martian. It happened on Friday September 17, around 10:30 p.m., on the road from Vouneuil to Cenon when he saw in front of him, placed on the path a bizarre craft about 3 meters wide. A small being descended from it, approached Mr. David and tapped him on the shoulder. After that, he returned to his machine which rose and disappeared, leaving behind a green light.

Saucers are reported everywhere. In Saint-Bazeille (Lot-et-Garonne), two people saw a phosphorescent disc, of bluish tint, crossing the sky. Another, orange in color, was seen in Lanta, near Villefranche-de-Lauraguais. A third, "of an indefinite color", flew over the Perpignan region; seven workers saw it; according to one he went away towards the sea; others say it crossed the Pyrenees.

In the Dauphiné it's a real carousel. Near Feyzin (Isère), it is an object in the shape of a dome; in the Drôme, near Chabeuil, it is a whistling disc. Same thing in Savoy, not far from Bourget Lake, where one of the witnesses, a doctor from Chambéry, former artillery observer, noted his observations and draw a sketch.

In Saint-Nicolas-de-Redon, finally, a mechanic and a driver who drove a locomotive, MM. Gérard and Paroux, see a mysterious object rising from the neighboring marshes. Mr. Paroux fell ill and had to undergo a medical examination.



The information is insufficient; however, this might obviously have been a meteor.


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