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FOIA declassified documents:

This is a US document, declassified because of the US Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) of 1977.

UFOs sighted near Los Alamos AEC atomic plant:

Here is a memo from the Strategic Air Command to the director of the FBI to summarize what was said at a meeting between Army and Air intelligence officers and FBI members during discussions on the necessity to maintain the secrecy about UFO overflightsof sensitive installations.


To:Director, FBI
Author:Strategic Air Command, San Antonio
Date:January 31, 1949
Length:2 or more pages.


Office Memorandum - United States Government

TO:DIRECTOR, FBIDATE: January 31, 1949
(unreadable) FILS 65-58300


At recent Weekly Intelligence Conferences of G-2, OHI, OSI and F.B.I., in the Fourth Army Area, Officers of G-2, Fourth Army, have discussed the matter of "unidentified Flying Aircraft" or "Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon" otherwise known as "Flying discs," "Flying Saucers", and "Balls of Fire." This matter is considered top secret by Intelligence Officers of both the Army and the Air Forces.

It is well known that there have been during the past two years reports from the various parts of the country of the sighting of unidentified aerial objects which have been called in the newspaper parlance "flying discs" and "flying saucers." The first such sighting were reported from Sweden, and it was thought that the objects, the nature of which was unknown, might have originated in Russia.

In July 1948 an unidentified aircraft was "seen" by an Eastern Airlines pilot and co-pilot and one or more passengers of the Eastern Airlines Plane over Montgomery, Alabama. This aircraft was reported to be of an unconventionnal type without wings and resembled generally a "rocket ship" of the type depicted in comic strips. It was reported to have windows; to have been larger than the Eastern Airlines plane, and to have been travelling at an estimated speed of 2700 miles an hour. It appeared out of a thunderhead ahead of the Eastern Airlines plane and immediately disapeared in another cloud narrowly missing a collision with the Eastern Airlines plane. No sound or air disturbance was noted in connection with this appearance.

During the past two months various sightings of unexplained phenomena have been reported in the vicinity of the A.E.C [Atomic Energy Commission] at Los Alamos, New Mexico, where these phenomena now appear to be concentrated. During December 1948 on the 5th, 6th, 8th, 13, 14th, 20th and 25th sightings of unexplained phenomena were made near Los Alamos by Special Agents of the Office of Special Investigation; Airline Pilots; Military Pilots; Los Alamos Security Inspectors, and private citizens. On January 6, 1949, another similar object was sighted in the same area.

[Censored: Dr. Lincoln La Paz], a meteorologist of some note, has been generally in charge of the observations near Los Alamos, attempting to learn characteristics of the unexplained phenomenon.

Up to this time little concrete information has been obtained. [*]


El Paso (2)
Dallas (2)
Little Rock (2)
Oklahoma City (2)

[*] Concrete information obtained later is mentionned as attached to this other declassified document, 1950.

The document:

FOIA document

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