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Frequently asked questions:

Why are there no UFO sighting reports from Africa?

There are.

UFO sightings occur all over the world and it includes Africa. But they are less largely known in than for example UFO events in the US because the general flow of information tend to go more into Africa than out of Africa. If you are located in Africa, you will have much more chance to hear about a US UFO event than from an African UFO event.

You will have the feeling that there are none or very few UFO observation in Africa because they are not escalated to the media or to the ufology community. The possible reasons are numerous:

Sample cases:

I have no way to build up a large database of African UFO sightings at this time, but I provide these very summarized sightings samples. You can note that the source is mostly the CIA or European countries, which confirms the reason I cite above.

You can also not that these sightings are of similar nature and characteristics than in the rest of the world.

N/A, South Africa:

Strange artificial spheres are found in Transvaal, dated more than 2.8 million years old.

See my related page.

N/A, Mali:

The Dogons, a tribe in Mali, have unexplainable astronomical knowledge about the Sirius triple star system that baffled anthropologists. According to some versions of the Dogon traditions, this ancient knowledge have been communicated to them in the past from non terrestrial beings.

See my related page.

Nanyika, Kenya, Africa, December 2, 1950:

The USAF project Blue Book case 845 is one of the "unexplained cases" of this study. Unfortunately I have no other information on the case at this time.

See the list of Blue Book unexplained cases.

Durban, South Africa, February 26, 1951:

The USAF project Blue Book case 845 is one of the "unexplained cases" of this study.

See the list of Blue Book unexplained cases. Unfortunately I have no other information on the case at this time.

Mount Kilimanjaro, February 19, 1951:

A sighting from a plane in 1951 near Mount Kilimandjaro.

Tessalit, 1951:

See here.

Belgian Congo, 1952:

See this CIA newsclip.

At sea near Port-Gentil, June 1, 1952:

Ship crew reports UFO.

Bocaranga, Ubangi Shari, Equator, November 22, 1952:

A clergyman reports about a UFO sighting he made while driving with several other witnesses. A glowing disc, then four other disks are observed. The UFOs manoeuver upwards, downwards, make turns, changing color when they turn. They line up and hover several minutes, then fly off towards the east where they came from. The sighting lasts 20 minutes. An independent witness writes a matching report.

CIA report

A year later CIA hears about the case and finds it still worth of inclusion in a report: here is the beginning of the now declassified CIA report. There has been an investigation from the French Weather services.

Johannesburg, South Africa, July 10, 1953:

Allegedly a UFO crashed and 5 alien bodies have been recovered.

To treat with great care, the wiser is to disregard this as long as I have not found more information. There are at least 3 other alleged crashes in the following years, of whcih at least one is a proved hoax.

August 16, 1954, Madagascar:

A flying object, a green hazy lens followed by a metallic football shaped object, both of 40 meters, rushes from above and flies over the 200.000 inhabitants of Tananarive, in full daylight, accompanied by many side-effects on the street lights, the animals.

Here is the full report on this case, fully documented.

September 13, 1954, Uganda:

A civil servant reported a golden bell shaped night time UFO near Kampala in Uganda. Other sightings have been reported in East Africa.

CIA report

Extract from an FOIA declassified CIA UFO report. Original article in "Le Parisien Libéré" French newspaper.

Sahara desert, Morocco, September 15, 1954:

On Saturday, September 15, at around 07:00pm, Mr. Guitta was speeding down a long vacant stretch of highway between Bouznika and the Wadi Mafifik bridge. Suddenly, he saw in his rear mirror something gray, diving down toward him. He gripped the steering wheel more tightly and ducked instinctively, and a few seconds later, the gray thing passed him on the left at ground level and at terrific speed.

The passing of the object was followed by a violent gust of cold air, which, despite M. Guitta's effort to hold the wheel steady, carried a strong suction and pulled the car to the left." Brakes squealed as the Renault skidded across the centerline. The Renault came to a bumpy stop on the highway's sandy shoulder.

There was no noise. M. Guitta caught a seconds-long glimpse of the object disappearing on the southeast horizon in front of him. It looked like a small gray disk.

Guitta stumbled out of the driver's side door, surprised to find the weird chill still in the air. Then he grimaced at the sight of the Renault's flat tires and got out the jack.

See "The book Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery" by Aime Michel, S.G. Phillips Inc., New York, N.Y. 1958, pages 60 and 61.

Danane, Ivory Coast, September 15, 1954:

Fifteen minutes after M. Guitta's sighting described above, and 3,200 kilometers to the south, a group of settlers gathered for cocktails in the courtyard of the Residency in Danane. Among the partygoers were the Danane police chief and his wife, Dr. Roux of the local medical station, and Father Meybard of the Lyin Mission. A few hundred yards away were Dr. Mariani, head of the Trypanosomiasis Section No. 13, M. Sory Diallo, a police assistant, and a Miss Bois.

A luminous red object, either circular or elliptical, according to different witnesses, was sighted in the sky over Danane at 08:30pm. The object remained motionless until 09:05pm its silhouette shining out against the black but clear evening sky. It then disappeared over the horizon at high speed. The witnesses were not able to judge its altitude, but it seems to have been low, since the object's movements of only a few hundred yards changed the circular silhouette into an ellipse.

See "The book Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery" by Aime Michel, S.G. Phillips Inc., New York, N.Y. 1958, pages 60 and 61.

Soubre, Ivory Coast, September 15, 1954:

A little later than the above sighting, an identical observation was made from Soubre, 250 kilometers northwest of Abidjan, where an object arrived at high speed over the horizon, stood still for several minutes over the town, and then disappeared into the zenith, diminishing swiftly in size and brilliance in a cloudless sky. Here, too, the witnesses were numerous and of high standing, including the head administrator of Soubre.

Was the UFO seen over Danane and Subre the same disc that had buzzed M. Guitta's car in Morocco? If it was, and if it traveled from Morocco to the Ivory Coast in only fifteen minutes, then the saucer's flight speed must have been an incredible 12.800 kilometers per hour.

See "The book Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery" by Aime Michel, S.G. Phillips Inc., New York, N.Y. 1958, pages 60 and 61.

Souk-el-Khemis, Tunisia, September 03, 1954:

Many workers in the fields 12 km south of the town saw an object apparently made of transparent plastic fly over the houses, stop on edge, and swing like a pendulum a few meters above the ground. It made several erratic jumps, then resumed its horizontal position and flew away.

The Jacques Vallée "Magonia" UFO landings database 141.

Lavarande, Algeria, October 11, 1954:

A large disk flying very low over a road scared two truck drivers, Messrs. Gaston Breau and Amoura, who stopped their gasoline truck and ran away into the fields while the object flew on towards Medea in silence.

The Jacques Vallée "Magonia" UFO landings database 237.

Mamora Forest, Morocco, October 12, 1954:

A French engineer driving to Port Lyautey saw a dwarf about 1.2 m in height enter an object which soon took off. The little man was wearing silver coveralls.

The Jacques Vallée "Magonia" UFO landings database 241.

Ain-el-Turck, Algeria, October 24, 1954:

A small man with strange glowing eyes was seen on the Mediterranean shore.

The Jacques Vallée "Magonia" UFO landings database 304, and Quincy.

Bou Hanifia, Algeria, October 26, 1954:

Amateur astronomer Yves Vernet set up his prismatic telescope in his vineyard near Bou Hanifia.

"With my prismatic telescope set at 20 magnification, I watched the sky at high altitude. I was stupefied to see a brilliant object fly high above the cloud layer at great speed. Five minutes later, I saw another object pass."

"Since October 26, when the first sighting occurred, every day between 1 and 2 p.m., I have not ceased to see flying saucers passing by every five to ten minutes. More are visible at midday than at morning or evening. Their frequency in a (viewing) field so reduced is of great importance. Their performance is far above that of our best terrestrial aircraft, and their number seems greater than the greatest aerial concentration we could effect."

See Flying Saucers Uncensored by Harold T. Wilkins, The Citadel Press, New York, N.Y. 1955, page 247. UFO Roundup.

Oued Beth, Morocco, November 03, 1954:

Maroc-Presse reported that one of its employees, Mr. E., driver of a delivery truck, "a man of sane judgment and excellent eyesight," observed an object flying over the Beth River.

"I am positive it was not an aircraft or any known machine but a circular, flat craft which had the appearance of copper. It flew normally for some time, then it suddenly flipped over. Therefore, I was able to see the whole disk and was amazed when it came down into a field where it landed on edge, very gently. Almost immediately it rose into the sky at great speed, resumed its horizontal position and was soon lost to sight."

The Jacques Vallée "Magonia" UFO landings database 326.

Cape Province, South Africa, December 7, 1954:

The USAF project Blue Book case 845 is one of the "unexplained cases" of this study. Unfortunately I have no other information on the case at this time.

See the list of Blue Book unexplained cases.

Johannesburg, South Africa, 1957

Air Force and thousands of people follow a flying cylindder above the city.

Fernando Noronha, 1958?

The Brazilian Navy reported on a case on the island of Fernando Noronha, located between Brazil and Africa in the Atlantic Ocean where "a U.S. guided missile and satellite tracking station" had just been set up.

No additional information available at this time.

The Willows, South Africa, June 21, 1959:

A civilian woman observed a saucer-shaped object hovering 5 m above ground. It was bathed in an orange glow, similar to that of a dying fire. It flew away horizontally and was lost to sight behind a hill.

See Flying Saucer Review, 59, 6.

Richards Bay, South Africa, March 13, 1963:

Fred White was fishing when he heard a high-pitched whine coming from the east and saw an object come in his direction and land 15 m away, scattering sand. It was at least 30 m in diameter, and was shaped like two plates glued together. Through several oval portholes he could see light inside. A man with a fair complexion, wearing a metallic helmet, looked at the witness. He wore a sky-blue, one-piece coverall with no visible buttons or fasteners, and gloves made of shiny mesh. Warm air was felt as the craft took off about six min later, and radio interference was noted.

See Flying Saucer Review, 63, 5.

Vereeniging, South Africa, December 14, 1963:

Messrs. Muller and Immelman suddenly found the countryside illuminated and saw an object, 15 m in diameter, with intense orange and blue lights, emitting sparks, flying toward their car. They stopped and jumped out as it dived five or six times, at one point hovering for two minutes 15 m above them, making a humming sound, before flying away.

See Flying Saucer Review, 64, 3.

Libreville, Gabon, December 25, 1963:

A fisherman witnessed the landing of a craft, from which a terrifying creature emerged. It was humanoid in shape, spoke sounds he could not understand, left footprints on the sand, and went back to the machine and flew off.

The Jacques Vallée "Magonia" UFO landings database 592 (147;LDLN 70).

Case file here.

Silverton, South Africa, September 15, 1965:

Two policemen, John Lockem and Koos de Klerk, were on a patrol of the Pretoria-Bronkhorstspruit Road when their headlights illuminated a disk 10 m in diameter, copper-colored, resting on the road. Ten seconds later it took off in a pool of flames, at high speed. The tar on the road kept burning for some time.

The Jacques Vallée "Magonia" UFO landings database 702 (2400).

The Press mentionned it.

Broken Hill, Zambia, November, 1965:

Eric Williams saw a large object, 30 m in diameter, 15 m high, about 75 m away. He reported seeing clearly a row of portholes illuminated with a greenish light.

See Flying Saucer Review, 66, 4.

Port Beaufort, South Africa, June 26, 1972:

Farm worker Boer de Klerk was watering cattle in a pasture at Braeside, a large farm. Suddenly, he saw a plume of smoke in the sunny cloudless sky. The smoke drifted towards him and then exploded into a roaring fireball. Terrified, de Klerk drooped his bucket and ran to fetch the baas owner, Bennie Smit. Rounding up a group of his workers, Smit returned to the spot and found the bright orange fireball flying aimlessly around the pasture. As the men climbed the fence, the fireball halted, then backed away from them, and then climbed up, up and away.

Rosmead, South Africa, November 12, 1972:

As Harold Truter, the principal of Rosmead Junior School drove into Rosmead, a small town located about 200 kilometers north of Port Elizabeth, he spotted an unusual light in the sky. Through the car's windscreen he could see the school building up ahead, with its attached bungalow living quarters, and to the left a tennis court with a high chain-linked fence and a grove of eight bluegum trees. A strange bright greenish-white flickering glow hovered above the tennis court.

Turning off the highway, he drove down a short road and pulled into the driveway. As he emerged from the car, he espied "a strange light in the sky but considered it to be a natural but unusual phenomenon." The "distant light" was now a good 183 meters away, hovering over a peaked ridgeline that towered over a nearby construction site. Numerous dark silent trucks crouched at the foot of the hill. There was no engine noise.

As he passed near the tennis court, the principal's nose detected the scent of burned oil. Peering through the chain-linked fence, Truter "saw that the surface of the tennis court had been broken up and asphalt and coal ash had been lifted up and scattered." Asphalt chunks littered the surface. Gaping holes about 12.5 centimeters deep had been torn in a lateral direction parallel to the white lines. He saw a pool of molten tar glistening in the dim light.

Investigation of the tennis court indicated a symmetrical pattern of identical holes; some of the tar from the court had been strewn 183 meters (600 feet) away, on to a ridge nearby. Bluegum trees alongside the tennis court had been badly burnt and they died about two months later.

Interestingly, the Rosmead police told Truter "that there were many other UFO reports received from the same area at the same time, including reports of sightings by officers." Analysis of samples taken from the site indicated no obvious anomalies, though (they) indicated no solution, either. Whether or not the tennis court was the landing site of a UFO remains speculated by some; but unproven.

See "World Atlas of UFOs" by John Spencer, Hamlyn Publishing Group, London, 1991, page 149.
Also "The UFO Encyclopedia", compiled and edited by John Spencer, Avon Books, New York, N.Y., 1993, page 297.

Salisbury, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), May 31, 1974:

Peter and Frances MacNorman, who were driving from Salisbury, Rhodesia to South Africa. About 10 kilometers (6 miles) south of Umvuma, Peter thought he saw a man on the side of the road. The entity vanished. Then, "at 2:30 in the morning, Frances saw a light off to the left side of the vehicle apparently keeping pace with them. The car lights began to fade. Other electrical equipment, such as the radio, was unaffected; all around them there was a light bright enough to cast shadows. Both Peter and Frances felt remarkably cold and wrapped in coats and blankets while they were driving."

"Peter was again driving fast, between 87-93 miles per hour (140-150 kmh) and he eased his foot off the accelerator. Nothing happened! The car continued to move at full speed, without headlights and completely out of Peter's control. He could not stop, brake, steer or in any way control the car."

Just north of Port Victoria, Peter regained control of the Peugeot 404 and stopped at a gas station at 4:30 a.m. After topping off the tank, they resumed their journey, heading for the Beit Bridge over the Limpopo River.

"During this next leg of the drive, the couple thought they might be off course because of the strange landscape around them, low bushes, high grasses, marshes and swamps...Yet again, Peter completely lost control of the car now at a speed of something like 125 miles per hour (200 kmh)...The road from Fort Victoria to Beit Bridge is very curved and twisted, but that night it was absolutely straight!"

Reaching the South African border, Peter and Frances were stunned to learn that it was 8:30 a.m. Their watches and the Peugeot's dashboard clock both read 7:30 a.m. They had experienced an hour of "missing time." The drive from Fort Victoria to the South African border station at Beit Bridge is 228 kilometers. After a drive like that, the Peugeot's gas tank should have been nearly empty. Peter was stunned to find it still full. Even more amazing were the tires. Back in Salisbury (Harare), Peter had mounted four worn retread Michelins on the car, figuring to buy four new tires at a bargain price in South Africa. When he checked the tires at Beit Bridge, the retreads were gone, replaced by four brand-new Michelin steel-belted radial tires. Peter had no recollection of stopping and changing the tires along the way.

Later, the couple underwent hypnotic regression and told an incredible story of an alien "beaming into" the Peugeot's back seat, and then the car being levitated into a large silver-gray saucer. Under hypnosis, Peter claimed that he was "taken to Sickbay" aboard the saucer "for a medical exam" and saw his wife and several other humans, both black and white, who appeared to be in a trance. As he was led out of Sickbay, he saw the Peugeot in the saucer's "on-board hangar," parked between two small silver discs. The car's hood was up, and three or four large-headed occupants were giving the engine a tune-up.

See "World Atlas of UFOs" by John Spencer, Smithmark Publishers Inc., New York, N.Y. 1991, pages 149-150.

Pretoria, South Africa, August 28, 1996:

Six days after a flap in Brasilia, a solitary UFO appeared in the early morning sky over Pretoria, capital of South Africa. The story broke on August 28 in a news report by the South African Broadcasting Co. (SABC-TV) in Johannesburg.

The UFO appeared over Erasmuskloof, a suburb of Pretoria, at 4 a.m. on Wednesday, August 28, 1996. Police Sgt. Johann Becker told SABC-TV that the "light was floating in the air. When we went outside to investigate, we realized it was something from another world." He described it as "a disc-shaped object slightly glowing. We also noticed what looked like a red triangular light on the disc."

The sighting took place near the Adrian Vlok police station. At first, when the witnesses called for backup, they were laughed at. But then, as more reports came in from Centurion, South African police responded in force, sending in their Flying Squad (SWAT team), canine unit and mobile units from all over Pretoria.

The police watched the hovering UFO for 90 minutes. One officer, Nico Stander, reportedly shot videotape of the object. Meanwhile, the police sent a helicopter to investigate. The chopper was piloted by Col. Fred Vijoen and had four officers aboard. Col. Vijoen was afterward interviewed by SABC-TV:

"...a bright light above Mamelodi, a township near Pretoria, about 70 degrees above the horizon. It is the first time in my life I've ever seen anything like this. At first I thought it was a joke when I was called out, but soon came to realize that this was something I had never experienced before. We were going after it full speed, and it still outran us. What was very unusual were the undulating motions of the craft. I followed the white disk with the unusual flight patterns in the direction of Cullinan. It traveled at a high speed. We could not keep up with it, and eventually had to give up when lack of fuel became a problem."

Interview of Col. Vijoien by "Rapport", the leading South African Sunday newspaper.
Many thanks to Mike Lindemann and CNI News of September 1, 1996 for forwarding this story.

Sfax, Tunisia, November 9, 1997:

At 10:10pm, a strange phenomenon appeared in the sky over Sfax, a port city on the south central coast of Tunisia. The UFO was described as "bright orange" and "was a sort of great luminous mass with a dense center but very clear toward the exterior." The object "glowed like fire and even more so like a plasma effect. It was not a reflection of a possible flare."

Crowds of onlookers in Sfax watched the UFO for about four minutes. "A strange odor permeated the air, a blend of the smell of sulfuric acid and of dead fish."

One witness estimated the size of the UFO as "eight centimeters (four inches) if held at the end of an outstretched hand, and perhaps six kilometers (four miles) away." The orange glow then began to flutter "like a light in another room, when the door begins to close." The UFO zipped away to the southwest, heading for the Chott Fejaj salt desert. Sfax is 320 kilometers south of Tunis.

Many thanks to Mahmoud el-Mejdoub and Banque OVNI-Tunisie.

Graaff - Reinette, South Africa December 1998:

A local newspaper reported on Sunday, February 7, 1999, that a UFO had flown over the town of Graaff - Reinette back in December 1998.

During the past week, South Africa's Evaluation Center for UFO Reports (ECUFOR) completed its preliminary investigation of the Graaf-Reinet sighting during which video footage of the UFOs was shot.

On December 27, 1998, at about 3 p.m., "the Laubscher family observed between eight to ten objects moving rapidly in a northerly direction over Graaf-Reinet, a small town situated in the well-known Karroo (region) some 200 kilometers (120 miles) north-northwest of Port Elizabeth."

"According to the witnesses' descriptions and supported to a certain extent by the video footage, the objects appeared somewhat roundish triangular and seemed to move in a group. Occasionally one or two would stop and the others would circle around them, and then they would go forward again. Their motion repeated itself a few times. While moving, the objects were shiny gold in color but when stationary changed from white to red and then to blue. The size of these objects was judged to be roughly four to five times that of a Boeing (747 jetliner) at the same altitude."

"The group had been in view for a few seconds when another, much larger object traveling at very high speed in the same flight path proceeded in a northerly direction through and past the group. The larger object appeared gold in color and was basically spherical, traveled at constant speed and did not change color. The group of smaller objects then followed the larger sphere as they disappeared behind some high cloud near the horizon. According to the video footage, those clouds appeared to be at an altitude of 25,000 to 30,000 feet."

Bloemfontein, South Africa, February 5, 1999:

On Friday, February 5, 1999, eight people in Bloemfontein, a large city in the Oranje Vrystaat region of South Africa, watched as several metallic UFO's flew overhead for eight minutes. Witnesses described the UFOs as "triangular-shaped, greyish-colored objects with brightly-colored lights at the corners." One witness reportedly captured "a couple of minutes" of the overflight "on videotape."

A couple of small UFOs were seen both motionless and zigzagging back and forth."

A local newspaper reported that "a farmer who came upon a UFO that had landed on a gravel road near his farm" in a rural district near Bloemfontein. "The engine of his truck just cut out, and he was 'frozen' in the act of getting out of the truck. A farm worker who was standing against the fence also could not move. After the UFO left, everything returned to normal. The farmer drove to the nearest police station, and the police investigated the site."

South Africa's Evaluation Centre of UFO Reports (ECUFOR) issued a statement over the weekend, bringing "the attention of all readers and publishing institutions, including the Internet, that the details surrounding an alleged UFO sighting on 5 February 1999 are incorrect." ECUFOR stated that a UFO was sighted in the Bloemfontein area, and that they are presently investigating the case in depth.

"ECUFOR is currently investigating the sighting, including the video taken at the time, and will issue a public release once all relevant witness testimonies have been documented and verified... all the video material authenticated. A further public release will be issued once analysis of the video material is complete."

Malawi, March 10, 1999:

A rectangular UFO caused much excitement among construction workers at a village in Malawi, a small nation in southern Africa. Workers who were constructing a new primary school at Siledi village in the Mwanza district, in the southwest corner of Malawi, had the shock of their lives recently when an object resembling a coffin, a large rectangular box, flew over their houses just after 09:00pm.

A store clerk at the project Makaika told MANA, the Malawi News Agency, that at exactly 9 pm they heard a heavy wind blowing over their houses: "We thought it was a storm, but when we went out, we saw a black coffin cruising past our rooftops," the clerk told MANA.

Newspaper article in the Daily Times of Blantyre, Malawi for March 10, 1999.

Zinkwazi, Natal, South Africa, September 21, 1999:

Gary S. and his family were at their home in Zinkwazi, a small port in northern Natal, about 275 kilometers (165 miles) north of Durban, South Africa. At 3:30pm, they saw a luminous object approaching from the northeast, Gary reported.

"We saw a strange light that looked like an airplane at first, but it was much too fast to be one. It also turned way too sharp. It wasn't flashing. It just shone with a very white blinding light - a roundish object of a very bright white appearance."

Gary estimated the UFO's speed at "about 600 kilometers per hour (360 miles per hour) at a height of 10,000 meters.

Temara, Morocco, August 8, 1999:

A man and his two children, Felicia, age 4, and Charles, age 8, were walking along the sandy beach at Temara, just south of Flap in Morocco. Just after 09:00pm, Felicia pointed out to sea and yelled, "There!"

"A large object in the form of a V and with bright lights passed directly over us," the adult witness reported. "We observed it, Felicia, Charles and myself, for about four to five seconds. It flew all the way up the beach in that length of time. It was above our heads at a height very difficult to evaluate, perhaps 500 meters up to 5,000 meters. Or more! Its scale (size) was about 100 to 500 meters, by my estimate, but this seems very difficult to evaluate. It disappeared from our field of view very rapidly."

Many thanks to Thierry Garnier de France-OVNI pour cette nouvelle.

George, South Africa, April 22, 2000:

At 07:45pm, Alan J. and his wife were standing outside their home in George, in Southern Cape province approximately 400 kilometers east of Capetown, South Africa when they spotted a bright object approaching from the west.

"I thought I was looking at a Satellite, but it was very bright," Alan reported. "Much brighter than any night star or Satellite. It went dim as my wife and I were watching it, and it traveled at about the same speed as a Satellite, moving from west to east... We studied it for about 15 seconds total." It was brighter than any night star and was traveling in a straight line."

Morocco, April 13, 2001:

Several Moroccan and Italian archaeologists have discovered three intact skeletons of children dating from the third millenium B.C. According to OVNI Maroc, the skeletons were unusually large, about 1m90 in length.

In a communique to the Moroccan Institute of Science, the team reported that the skeletons were found in a substrata in a grotto called Iffri Namar. The remains appear to be from an unknown culture dating from about 3,400 B.C. Eight samples of dessicated bone were taken from the remains and sent to Rime for DNA analysis.

Newspaper El Ansa, April 13, 2001.
Many thanks to OVNI Maroc and Alfredo Lissoni de Centro Ufologico Nazionale d'Italia pour cette nouvelles.

Some reports in Africa from my CE3 catalog:

Some reports I received:

Click on the Brief summary of report to read the report.

Number: Date received: Date of reported event: Country, location: Brief summary of report: Notes:
SN0001 December 15, 2002 1999 Africa, Senegal Nocturnal light, manoeuvers. -
SW0001 May 20, 2006 1996 Africa, Swaziland, Bulembu, Havelock High strangeness UFO and electrical effects. -

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