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Project Blue Book:

Blue Book, the final more or less public U.S. Air Force UFO investigation took over from Project Grudge in 1952 and lasted until December 1969. By this time, almost 13,000 sighting reports had been collected by all three projects combined. Approximately 600-700 cases remained unexplained (depending on which Air Force statistics are accepted). However, it is notable that hundreds of other cases have been labeled as explained without adequate justification and often in ways counter to known facts. Thousands of reports received conditional explanations (e.g., "possible balloon"; "probable aircraft"). But when the annual statistics were compiled, the qualifiers were dropped and "possible balloons" would become definite balloons, as if speculative answers were established facts. The project was closed down in late 1969, concluding that the continuation of Project Blue Book "cannot be justified, either on the ground of national security or in the interest of science... A panel of the National Academy of Sciences concurred in these views, and the Air Force has found no reason to question this conclusion." The memorandum recommending this action made it clear that the system which had long dealt with "reports of UFOs which could affect national security would continue to be handled through the standard Air Force procedures designed for this purpose," namely as it had all along - separately, "not part of the Blue Book system and in accordance with JANAP 146 or Air Force Manual 55-11." 146 After the end of Project Blue Book, its case files were opened to public inspection at the Air Force Archives. They were withdrawn in 1974, to reappear in 1976 in the U.S. National Archives, after the names of all witnesses had been censored, thus preventing the reinvestigation of cases until the names were later republished by ufologists.

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Explained? A bitter joke.

Case No. Date(s): Location:
10073 April 17 Portage County, Ohio
9966 August 2 Tulsa, Oklahoma
? November 2-4 Llevelland, Texas
? August 13-14 Bentwaters, UK
650 March 3, 1950 Selfridge AFB, Michigan
? July 24, 1948 Texas
? August 13, 1947 Texas


Some cases were simply forgotten in the case listing and forgotten in the unexplained case listing:

Case No. Date(s): Location:
? August 5 Ellsworth AFB and Rapid City, South Dakota


The list underneath is of 701 UFO reports, representing all of the "unexplained" sightings recorded by the Air Force's Project Bluebook, a 17 activity. The list provides the dates, locations, and Bluebook case numbers for the incidents. Remember that a lot of so called "explained" cases are not correctly explained: you would read that a case is due to "birds" when actually the birds explanation does not fit, for example. I also included a number of cases that do have a commonplace explanation.

Here is a more detail listing with summaries, names, dates of 700 unexplained Bluebook cases.

Case No. Date(s): Location:
12Jun 24Portland, Oregon
27Jul 3South Brookville, Maine
34Jul 4Emmett, Idaho
36Jul 6Fairfield-Suisan AFB, California
50Jul 8Muroc AFB, California
69Jul 29Hamilton Field, California
85Sep 3Oswego, Oregon
91OctDodgeville, Wisconsin
95Oct 14Phoenix, Arizona
139Apr 5Holloman AFB, New Mexico
185Jul 29Indianapolis, Indiana
190Jul 31Indianapolis, Indiana
191Jul-AugMarion, Virginia
208Sep 23San Pablo, California
218Oct 15Kyushu, Japan
257Dec 3Fairfield-Suisan AFB, California
275Jan 4Hickam Field Hawaii
284Jan 27Cortex, Florida
319Mar 17-18Killeen Base, Camp Hood, Texas
358Apr 24Arrey, New Mexico
361Apr 28Tucson, Arizona
376May 5Fort Bliss, Texas
379May 6Livermore, California
384May 9Tucson, Arizona
???May 24Near a river
404May 27Southern Oregon
483Jul 24Mountain Home, Idaho
496Jul 30Mount Hood, Oregon
642Feb 24Albuquerque, New Mexico
645Feb 25Los Alamos, New Mexico
650Mar 3Selfridge AFB, Michigan
671Mar 20Stuttgart, Arkansas
678Mar 27Motobu, Okinawa
680Mar 28Santiago, Chile
682Mar 29Marrowhode Lake, Tennessee
706Apr 8Kokomo, Indiana
711Apr 14Fort Monmouth, New Jersey
721May 7East Ely, Nevada
738Jun 27Texarkana, Texas
758Jul 13Redstone Arsenal, Georgia
773Aug 4North Atlantic
793Aug 20Nicosia, Cyprus
787Aug 24Air radar, Bermuda
790Aug 30Sandy Point, Newfoundland
797Sep 3Spokane, Washington
807Sep 20Kit Carson, Colorado
809Sep 21Provincetown, Massachusetts
819Oct 15Knoxville, Tennessee
821Oct 15Pope AFB, North Carolina
824Oct 23Bonlee, North Carolina
829Nov 5Oak Ridge, Tennessee
845Dec 2Nanyika, Kenya, Africa
848Dec 6Fort Meyers, Florida
849Dec 11Alaska
864Jan 8South of Fort Worth, Texas
868Jan 12Fort Benning, Georgia
886Feb 1Johnson AB, Japan
896Feb 26Durban, South Africa
897Feb 26Ladd AFB, Alaska
907Mar 13McClellan AFB, California
908Mar 15New Delhi, India
925May 31Niagara Falls, New York
943Jul 24Portsmouth, New Hampshire
955Aug 25Albuquerque, New Mexico
???Aug 27Vandalia, Illinois
962Aug 31Matador, Texas
964Sep 6Claremont, California
969Sep 13Goose AFB, Labrador
???Sep 23March AFB, California
980Oct 2Columbus, Ohio
984Oct 3Kadena, Okinawa
985Oct 9Terre Haute, Indiana
???Oct 9Paris, Illinois
989Oct 11Minneapolis, Minnesota
1011Dec 18Andrews AFB, Washington, D.C.
1013Dec 24,1951Mankato, Minnesota
1021Dec 7Oak Ridge, Tennessee
1023Dec 7Sunbury, Ohio
1037Jan 16Artesia, New Mexico
1052Feb 11Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1061Feb 23Sinuiju, North Korea
1074Mar 20Queen Annes City, Maryland
1076Mar 22Yakima, Washington
1077Mar 24Point Conception, California
1082Mar 29Misawa AFB, Japan
1095Apr 5Duncanville, Texas
1097Apr 5Miami, Florida
1099Apr 6Temple, Texas
1108Apr 12North Bay, Ontario
1112Apr 14Memphis, Tennessee
1113Apr 14La Crosse, Wisconsin
1115Apr 15Santa Cruz, California
1124Apr 17Longmeadow, Massachusetts
1127Apr 17-18Yuma Test Station, Arizona
1128Apr 18Bethesda, Maryland
1129Apr 18Corner Brook, Newfoundland
1130Apr 18Japan
1131Apr 18Corner Brook, Newfoundland
1144Apr 22Okinawa
1147Apr 24Bellevue Hill, Vermont
1148Apr 24Milton, Massachusetts
1151Apr 24Clovis, New Mexico
1160Apr 27Roseville, Michigan
1163Apr 27Yuma, Arizona
1167Apr 29Marshall, Texas
1168Apr 29North of Goodland, Kansas
1174May 1Moses Lake, Washington
1176May 1George AFB, California
1183May 5Tenafly, New Jersey
1185May 7Keesler AFB, Mississippi
1194May 9George AFB, California
1198May 10Ellenton, South Carolina
1213May 14Puerto Rico
1219May 20Houston, Texas
1227May 25Walnut Lake, Michigan
1232May 28Saigon, Indochina
1233May 28Albuquerque, New Mexico
1236May 29San Antonio, Texas
1243Jun 1Rapid City, South Dakota
1245Jun 1Walla Walla, Washington
1246Jun 1Soap Lake, Washington
1249Jun 2Bayview, Washington
1250Jun 2Fulda, Germany
1255Jun 5Lubbock, Texas
1256Jun 5Albuquerque, New Mexico
1257Jun 5Offutt AFB, Nebraska
0000Jun 6Kimpo AB, Korea (Case missing)
1260Jun 7Albuquerque, New Mexico
1263Jun 8Albuquerque, New Mexico
0000Jun 9Minneapolis, Minnesota (Case missing)
1269Jun 12Forth Smith, Arkansas
1270Jun 12Marrakech, Morrocco
1273Jun 13Middletown, Pennsylvania
1285Jun 15Louisville, Kentucky
1295Jun 16Walker AFB, New Mexico
1298Jun 17McChord AFB, Washington
1299Jun 17Cape Cod, Massachusetts
1302Jun 18Columbus, Wisconsin
1305Jun 18Pontiac, Michigan
1308Jun 19Goose AFB, Labrador
1310Jun 19Yuma, Arizona
1313Jun 20Korea
1319Jun 21Kelly AFB, Texas
1323Jun 22Korea
1331Jun 23Spokane, Washington
1332Jun 23McChord AFB, Washington
0000Jun 23Kirksville, Missouri (Case missing)
1334Jun 23Oak Ridge, Tennessee
1335Jun 23Near Owensboro, Kentucky
1340Jun 25Tokyo, Japan
1344Jun 25Chicago, Illinois
1347Jun 25Japan, Korea Area
1348Jun 26Terre Haute, Indiana
1351Jun 26Pottstown, Pennsylvania
1355Jun 27Topeka, Kansas
1361Jun 28Lake Kishkonoug, Wisconsin
1363Jun 28Nagoya, Honshu, Japan
1364Jun 29O'Hare Airport, Chicago, Illinois
1380Jul 3Selfridge AFB, Michigan
1382Jul 3Chicago, Illinois
1390Jul 5Norman, Oklahoma
1397Jul 6-12Governors Island, New York
1405Jul 9Colorado Springs, Colorado
1409Jul 9Kutztown, Pennsylvania
1431Jul 12Annapolis, Maryland
1436Jul 13Kirksville, Missouri
1444Jul 14Norfolk, Virginia
1451Jul 15West Palm Beach, Florida
1476Jul 17Lockbourne AFB, Ohio
1479Jul 17Rapid City, South Dakota
1482Jul 18Lockbourne AFB, Ohio
1483Jul 18Miami, Florida
1485Jul 18Patrick AFB, Florida
1492Jul 19Williston, North Dakota
1494Jul 19Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
1501Jul 16Beverly, Massachusetts
1502Jul 17White Plains, New York
1504Jul 20Lavalette, New Jersey
1514Jul 21Wiesbaden, Germany
1516Jul 21San Marcos AFB, Texas
1522Jul 21Randolph AFB, Texas
1524Jul 21Holyoke, Massachusetts
1533Jul 22Rockville, Indiana
1536Jul 22Uvalde, Texas
1538Jul 22Los Alamos, New Mexico
1554Jul 23Pottstown, Pennsylvania
1556Jul 23Boston-Provincetown, Massachusetts
1567Jul 23Altoona, Pennsylvania
1572Jul 23Trenton, New Jersey
1578Jul 23South Bend, Indiana
1584Jul 24Carson Sink, Nevada
1588Jul 24Travis AFB, California
1628Jul 26Kansas City, Missouri
1637Jul 26Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
0000Jul 26Williams, California (Case missing)
1654Jul 22Stafford, Virginia
1661Jul 26Washington, D.C.; Andrews AFB
1664Jul 27Wilmington, Delaware
1680Jul 27Selfridge AFB, Michigan
1684Jul 27Witchita Falls, Texas
1700Jul 28Heidelberg, Germany
1707Jul 28McGuire AFB, New Jersey
1708Jul 28McChord AFB, Washington
1731Jul 29Osceola, Wisconsin
1732Jul 29Langley APB, Virginia
1738Jul 29Merced, Calffornia
1739Jul 29Witchita, Kansas
1747Jul 29Ennis, Montana
1755Jul 30Albuquerque, New Mexico
1758Jul 30San Antonio, Texas
1771Aug 1Lancaster, California
1783Aug 2Lake Charles, Louisiana
1812Aug 4Phoenix, Arizona
1813Aug 4Mount Vernon, New York
1827Aug 5Haneda AFB, Japan
1841Aug 6Tokyo
1843Aug 6Belleville, Michigan
1845Aug 6Fort Austin, Michigan
1855Aug 7San Antonio, Texas
1870Aug 9Lake Charles AFB, Louisiana
1889Aug 13Tokyo, Japan
1920Aug 18Fairfield, California
1928Aug 19Red Bluff, California
1938Aug 20Neffesville, Pennsylvania
1944Aug 21Dallas, Texas
1956Aug 23Akron, Ohio
1961Aug 24Hermanas, New Mexico
1964Aug 24Tucson, Arizona
1969Aug 24Leveland, Texas
1972Aug 25Pittsburg, Kansas
1915Aug 25Delaware, Ohio
1979Aug 25Holloman AFB, New Mexico
1986Aug 26Lathrop Wells, Nevada
1987Aug 26Biloxi, Mississippi
1994Aug 26,27,30Mexico
2006Aug 28Chickasaw, Alabama
2013Aug 29Colorado Springs, Colorado
2022Sep 1Marietta, Georgia
2023Sep 1Yaak, Montana
2025Sep 2Chicago, lllinois
2045Sep 6Lake Charles AFB, Louisiana
2048Sep 6Tucson, Arizona
2049Sep 7San Antonio, Texas
2052Sep 7San Antonio, Texas
2062Sep 9Rabat, French Morocco
2077Sep 12Allen, Maryland
2085Sep 13Allentown, Pennsylvania
2086Sep 14Santa Barbara, California
2087Sep 14Operation Mainbrace
2089Sep 14White Lake, South Dakota
2092Sep 14El Paso, Texas
2093Sep 14Olmsted AFB, Pennsylvania
2099Sep 16Portland, Maine
2100Sep 16Warner Robins, Georgia
2105Sep 17Tucson, Arizona
2119Sep 23Gander Lake, Newfoundland
2124Sep 24Charleston, West Virginia
2126Sep 2641'N-35'W (Atlantic)
2128Sep 27Inyokern, California
2136Sep 29England
2138Sep 30Denver, California [sic]
2140Sep 29Southern Pines, North Carolina
2142Oct 1Shaw AFB, South Carolina
2143Oct 1Pascagoula, Mississippi
2150Oct 7Alamogordo, New Mexico
2155Oct 10Otis AFB, Massachusetts
2171Oct 17Taos, New Mexico
2172Oct 17Killeen, Texas
2173Oct 17Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico
2175Oct 1912-17'N 155-35' W (Pacific)
2177Oct 19San Antonio, Texas
2179Oct 21Knoxville, Tennessee
2184Oct 24Elberton, Alabama
2196Oct 29Erding Air Depot, Germany
2200Oct 31Fayetteville, Georgia
2202Nov 3Laredo AFB, Texas
2206Nov 4Vineland, New Jersey
2219Nov 12Los Alamos, New Mexico
2220Nov 13Clasgow and Opheim, Montana
2224Nov 15Wichita, Kansas
2246Nov 24Annandle, Virginia
2249Nov 27Albuquerque, New Mexico
2253Nov 30Washington, D.C.
2266Dec 8Ladd AFB, Alaska
2267Dec 9Madison, Wisconsin
2302Dec 28Marysville, California
2315Jan 1Craig, Montana
2323Jan 8Larson AFB, Washington
2326Jan 10Sonoma, California
2337Jan 17Guatemala
2361Jan 28Point Muga, California
2364Jan 28Corona, California
2365Jan 28Albany, Georgia Area
2384Feb 3Iceland
2388Feb 4Yuma, Arizona
2419Feb 17Port Austin, Michigan
2426Feb 20Stockton, California
2441Feb 24Sherman, Texas
2543Feb 27Shreveport, Louisiana
2490Mar 10-11Hackettstown, New Jersey
2496Mar 1437' 25' N 132' 25' E (Sea of Japan)
2511Mar 21Elmira, New York
2521Mar 25San Antonio, Texas
2524Mar 27Mount Taylor, New Mexico
2526Mar 29Spooner, Wisconsin
2535Apr 8Fukuoka, Japan
2542Apr 15Tucson, Arizona
2555May 1Goose AFB, Labrador
2577May 27San Antonio, Texas
2601Jun 22Goose AFB, Labrador
2605Jun 24Iwo Jima
2606Jun 24Simiutak, Greenland
2622Jul 7The "shaved monkey" affair
2663Aug 3Amarillo, Texas
2686Aug 20California Area
2692Aug 27Greenville, Mississippi
2838Dec 17Hassleholm, Sweden
2840Dec 24El Cajon, California
2844Dec 28Marysville, California
2913Feb 26Newburyport, Massachusetts
2923Mar 2Pennsylvania
2926Mar 5Nouasseur, French Morocco
2937Mar 12Nouasseur, French Morocco
2962Apr 9Chicago, Illinois
2974Apr 23Pittsfield, Maine
2976Apr 24Hartland, Maine
2983Apr 26Athens, Georgia
2994May 10Elsinore, California
2997May 11Washington, D.C.
3009May 22La Porte, Indiana
3020May 31Concord, New Hampshire
3029Jun 1Minneapolis, Minnesota
3037Jun 9Texarkana, Texas
3042Jun 10Estacado, Texas
3062Jun 22Miami Beach, Florida
3067Jun 24Danvers, Massachusetts
3072Jun 25Indian Lake, Ohio
3116Jul 18Normandy, Missouri
3140Jul 30Los Angeles, California
3149Aug 2Westlake, Ohio
3155Aug 6San Antonio, Texas
3162Aug 11Pacific Ocean
3166Aug 15San Marcos, Texas
3180Aug 24Lagarfiot River, Iceland
3182Aug 26Danville, Virginia
3185Aug 27Dorchester, Massachusetts
3189Aug 29Prince Christian, Greenland
3196Sep 5Butler, Missouri
3198Sep 5Butler, Missouri
3213Sep 18Kimpo AB, Korea
3222Sep 21Barstow, California
3224Sep 21Santa Maria Airport, Azores
3226Sep 22Marshfield, Missouri
3227Sep 23Gatlinburg, Tennessee
3260Oct 13Nouasseur, French Morocco
3269Oct 15,16,17Kingfisher, Oklahoma
3281Oct 28Miho AB, Japan
3287Oct 29Azores
3326Nov 15Auga, Maine
3331Nov 19Corvallis, Oregon
3341Nov 28Manila, Philippines
3352Dec 3Gulfport, Mississippi
3356Dec 7Cape Province, South Africa
3382Jan 1Cochise, New Mexico
3401Jan 26Lakeland, Florida
3414Feb 1Cochise, New Mexico
3416Feb 2Miramar NAS, California
3427Feb 10Bethesda, Maryland
3517Apr 30Travis County, Texas
3523May 4Keflavik Airport, Iceland
3565May 23Cheyenne, Wyoming
3673Jul 29Columbus, Nebraska
3699Aug 11Iceland
3720Aug 23Arlington, Virginia
3743Sep 3Bellingham, Washington
3750Sep 7Washington, D.C.
3757Sep 9Rock Garden, Tennessee
3800Oct 8Loogootee, Indiana
3810Oct 11Point Lookout, Maryland
3860Nov 17St. Louis, Missouri
3862Nov 20Lake City, Tennessee
3869Nov 25LaVeta, Colorado
3893Dec 21Caribou, Maine
3969Feb 12Goose Bay, Labrador
3977Feb 19Houston, Texas
4050Apr 4McKinney, Texas
4127Jun 6Banning, California
4270Aug 820 miles south of Quartsite, Arizona
4348Aug 27Juniata, Pennsylvania
4379Sep 4Dallas, Texas
4399Sep 14Highland, North Carolina
4489Nov 160 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri
4543Nov 30Charleston AFB, South Carolina
4577Dec 31Guam
4706Apr 25Ringgold, Louisiana
4760Jun 12Milan, Italy
4841Jul 27Longmont, Colorado
4847Jul 29Cleveland, Ohio
4848Jul 29Oldsmar, Florida
4959Sep 20Kadena APB, Okinawa
5003Oct 8Seattle, Washington
5205Nov 6Boerne, Texas
5227Nov 6Radium Springs, New Mexico
5254Nov 8Merrick, Long Island, New York
5419Nov 26Robins AFB, Georgia
5445Nov 30New Orleans, Louisiana
5545Dec 13Col Anahuac, Mexico
5559Dec 17Fruita, Colorado
5716Mar 14Healdsburg, California
5763Apr 14Lynchburg, Virginia
5800May 9Bohol Island, Philippines
5852Jun 14Pueblo, Colorado
5857Jun 20Fort Bragg, North Carolina
5999Aug 17Warren, Michigan
6027Sep 1Wheelus AFB, Tripoli
6089Oct 2Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
6148Oct 27Lock Raven Dam, Maryland
6153Nov 3Minot, North Dakota
6317Mar 26 or 27Corsica, Pennsylvania
????Mar 18Denton, New Jersey
6400Jun 18Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
6409Jun 30Patuxent River, Maryland
6446Jul 25Irondequoit, New York
6462Aug 10Goose AFB, Labrador
6506Sep 13Gills Rock, Wisconsin
6507Sep 13Bunker Hill AFB, Indiana
6534Oct 1Telephone Ridge, Oregon
6538Oct 4Philippines
6543Oct 6Lincoln, Nebraska
6563Oct 19Plainville, Kansas
6600Nov 18South of Crystal Springs, Mississippi
6663Feb 27Rome, New York
6667Mar 4Dubuque, Iowa
6691Mar 23Indianapolis, Indiana
6711Apr 12La Camp, Louisiana
6721Apr 17Richards, Gebaur AB, Missouri
6727Apr 25Shelby, Montana
6858Jul 19,20,21St. Louis, Missouri
6914Aug 23Wichita, Kansas
6929Aug 29Crete, Illinois
6962Sep 10Ridgecrest, California
7057Oct 5Mount Kisco, New York
7133Nov 27Chula Vista, California
7134Nov 29South of Kyushu, Japan
7284Feb 27Bark River, Michigan
7321SpringKemah, Texas
7359Apr 2435'-50' N 125'40' W (Pacific)
7417May 22Tyndall AFB, Florida
7437Jun 2Miyako Jima Air Station, Japan
7491Jul 7Copemish, Michigan
7499Jul 11Springfield, Ohio
7510Jul 20Houston, Texas
7579Aug 12Kansas City, Missouri
7741Nov 21Oldtown, Florida
7742Nov 23Sioux City, Iowa
7754Dec 13Washington, D.C.
7818Feb 25Kotzebue, Alaska
7823Mar 1Salem, New York
7840Mar 26Ramstein AFB, Germany
7841Mar 26Naperville, Illinois
7851Apr 4Wurtland, Kentucky
7930May 26Westfield, Massachusetts
7931May 27Palmer, Alaska
7957Jun 21Indianapolis, Indiana
7968Jun 30-Jul 1 Richmond, Virginia
8020Jul 19Metuchen, New Jersey
8034Jul 30Ocean Springs, Mississippi
8064Aug 19Bermuda
8133Sep 21WSW of Biloxi, Mississippi
8182Oct 23Farmington, Utah
8215Nov 17Tampa, Florida
8360May 18New Plymouth, New Zealand
8363May 22Pequannock, New Jersey
8371SummerMiddletown, New York
8388Jun 1514'-17" N 69'57" E (Indian Ocean)
8434Jul 1Glen Ellyn, Illinois
8506Aug 11Warrenville, Illinois
8514Aug 13-14St. Calen, Switzerland
8548Sep 14. 1963Susanville, California
8549Sep 15Vandalia, Ohio
8581Oct 4Bedford, Ohio
8603Oct 23Meridian, Idaho
8604Oct 24Cupar Fife, Scotland
8647Dec 11McMinnville, Oregon
8654Dec 1640'-00" N 175'54" W (Pacific)
8729Apr 3Monticello, Wisconsin
8739Apr 11Homer, New York
8766Apr 24Socorro, New Mexico
8787May 9Asheville, North Carolina
8788May 9Chicago, Illinois
8811May 18Mount Vernon, Virginia
8836May 26Cambridge, Massachusetts
8839May 26Pleasantview, Pennsylvania
8870Jun 13Toledo, Ohio
8924Jul 1615 miles south of Houghton Lake, Michigan
8942Jul 20Clinton, Iowa Littleton, Illinois
8969Jul 27Norwich, New York
8973Jul 27Denver, Colorado
9031Aug 10Wake Island
9048Aug 15New York City, New York
9049Aug 15Yosemite Park, California
9053Aug I8200 miles east of Dover (Atlantic)
9104Sep 10Cedar Grove, New Jersey
9170Nov 14Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
9183Nov 1934'55" N 164'05" E (Pacific)
9242Jan 23Williamsburg, Virginia
9301Mar 4Corvallis, Oregon
9305Mar 8Mount Airy, Maryland
9345Apr 4Keesler AFB, Mississippi
9389May 7Oxford, Michigan
9474Jul 6Kiel, Wisconsin
9550Jul 25Castalia, Ohio
9675Aug 4Dallas, Texas
9680Aug 4Tinley Park, Illinois
9806Aug 19Cheffy Creek, New York
9864Aug 30Urbana, Ohio
9890Sep 2-3Exeter, New Hampshire
9915Sep 3Damon, Texas
9970Sep 25Chisholm, Minnesota
9971Sep 25Rodio, New Mexico
10035Oct 23Long Prairie, Minnesota
10066Nov 4Middletown, Ohio
10193Feb 2Salisbury, North Carolina
10196Feb 6Nederland, Texas
10247Mar 20Mims, Florida
10262Mar 22Houston, Texas
10270Mar 23Temple, Oklahoma
10291Mar 26Texahoma, Oklahoma
10329Mar 30Ottawa, Ohio
10384Apr 5Alto, Tennessee
10385Apr 5Lycoming, New York
10535May 7Goodfellow AFB, Texas
10626Jun 6Spooner, Wisconsin
10629Jun 8Kansas, Ohio
10663Jun 18Burnsville, North Carolina
10693Jun 2719' N 172" E (Pacific)
10739Jul 11Union, Pennsylvania
10781Jul 25Vanceboro, North Carolina
10798Jul 31Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania
10872Aug 19Donnybrook, North Dakota
10888Aug 23Columbus, Ohio
10899Aug 26Gaylesville, Alabama
10917Sep 1Willsboro, New York
10933Sep 6Suffolk County AFB, New York
10942Sep 9Franklin Springs, New York
10944Sep 13Gwinner, North Dakota
10973Sep 28Wilmington, Ohio
10996Oct 5Osceola, Wisconsin
11092Oct 26Cold Bay AFS, Alaska
11135Nov 8Saginaw, Minnesota
11239Dec 25Monroe, Oregon
11350Feb 9Odessa, Delaware
11355Feb 12Grand Rapids, Michigan
11383Feb 16Stoughton, Wisconsin
11394Feb 20Oxford, Wisconsin
11419Feb 27Grand Haven, Michigan
11454Mar 6Bentor Harbor, Michigan
11460Mar 6-11Galesburg, Moline, Illinois
11480Mar 9Onawa, Iowa
11541Mar 22Wapello, Iowa
11551Mar 24Belt, Montana
11559Mar 26New Winchester, Ohio
?Apr 17Jefferson City, Montana
11677Apr 21South Hill, Virginia
11744May 17Rural Hall, North Carolina
11815Jun 24Austin, Texas
11831Jun 29Scotch Plain, New Jersey
11869Jul 10Lizelia, Mississippi
12235Feb 9Groveton, Missouri
12498Sep 15Ocala, Florida
12567Nov 23Newton, Georgia
12607Jan 17Crittendon, Virginia

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