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Crop Circles:

There are circles of bent down plants that are claimed to appear "mysteriously" in fields mostly at night. Crop circles do not always take circular shapes, but make up conglomerations of circles, hemispheres, lines, and many other shapes, recently evolving in very complex and highly symbolic pictures. Currently, nobody agrees as to their origins; the explanations range from hoaxes to aliens to other supernatural forces such as radiation or even ghosts.

"They are like dreams, to interrogate them is to force them to lie, to interpret them is to diminish their richness, to explain them is to misunderstand them. Crop circles are like mouths that speak to us of the strangeness and depth of things, speak to the heart more than the head, and to the soul more than the heart."
Patrick Harpur ("Field of Dreams?", 128)

"They called us 'a superior intelligence'."
Doug Bower.

Crop circle

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Crop Circles:




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  • Ufo create crop circles in Saskatchewan, 1974.
  • Alleged videos of UFOs near crop circles.
  • What are crop circles?

    During the last decades, more and more complex and amazing pictograms have appeared in the crop, initially in England, drawn by a flattening of the plants.

    After England, the formations have appeared in several countries worldwide, including the USA, Australia, Canada, and more recently Russia, and to a lesser extent in other countries. They are said to have been found even in the rice patties of Japan.

    England, the initial country where they appeared, still has the highest number of crop circles with more than 3,000 in fifteen years. In the beginning of the 80's, they started to be found, as simple circles, but their complexity has increased over the years.

    Initial explanations for the first circles included weird wind effects, tornadoes, animals dancing in circles, traces caused by the landing of extraterrestrial spaceship, and various explanations of the paranormal kind.

    Two aged Englishmen have confessed and demonstrated that they did a great number of these circles, by means of boards and strings, explaining that they had been inspired for this hoax by traces in the vegetation caused by UFO landings such as those in Tully in Australia. It then appeared that gangs of land-artists had continued their work a little everywhere, gradually improving their skills, and sometimes for remunerated advertising operations.

    A controversy still lingers about these figures. While an investigation by a French group showed the clues that they are made by very human artists, others accuse obscure military agencies to carry out these figures by sending rays from balloons or satellites, others ensure that they are made by mysterious plasma vortex of natural origin, or "paranormal" forces, others think that they are a manner for extraterrestrial beings to somehow communicate something to mankind.

    Biologist William C. Levengood, in Michigan, is convinced that whatever causes the crop circles uses a rapid and intense energy (possibly microwave) which produces cellular changes in the affected plants that he says to show consistent changes in cell structure and seed germination rate.

    My findings:

    Initially just as blown away as anyone by the phenomenon, I finally decided to publish some of my personal findings and answers on the topic (under construction).

    The best cases:

    Note: These are the "best cases" according to the people who think that aliens or of some paranormal "forces" make crop circles. These are cases that they indicated to me when I asked for their most convincing cases, it is their evidence that not all crop circles are not done by men as they claimed that these cases are the best cases. It does not prevent a small number of French lunatics to claim that I speak only about "fake crop circles " - naturally!

    Questions and answers:

    Crop circle makers by themselves:

    Thinks you need to know about:


    The 14 strangeness feature of crop circle reported by W.C. Levengood:

    Other strangeness features put forth by other "experts":

    Crop circles so-called messages and prophecies:

    The "Crop circles before Doug and Dave" fraud:

    Some people, "crop circles experts", ufologists, crop circles buffs, New Age enthusiasts, want you to believe that crop circles are "not made by men" because, they claim, there were crop circles before Doug and Dave started to make crop circles in 1978. you can believe this claim, or read:


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