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News and observation reports, August 2004:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in August 2004 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


"Sighting Date: August 28, 2004 – Saturday"
Time: 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM"

"More than 10 UFOs were sighted in Las Piñas at around 7:00 PM Saturday night August 28th. Three children first spotted two (2) unusual reddish-metallic-glares traversing across and above the partly cloudy skies outside their residence at Mabolo St., Verdant Acres, Pamplona, Las Piñas City, Philippines."

"As the objects were moving quickly towards the eastern direction where the moon was set at the time of sighting, came another two, followed by three more – appearing from above the western horizon. This unusual sighting could not be mere airplanes, according to 11 year old Nica Canarias, since two of those were seen heading close to the surface of the moon. Nica, the eldest of the three Canarias' siblings who were among the early witnesses, immediately commanded her younger brother, Bien Canarias to summon 9-year old Adrian Israel, a close neighbor whom the kids knew well as a UFO experiencer, whose father Antonio (Tony), incidentally had taken a video footage of UFOs in Las Piñas from an earlier encounter dating – September 3, 2000."

"Upon Adrian’s affirmation that these objects were visibly similar to what he saw with his bare eyes 4 years ago, he rushed back to his house to prompt his elder brothers Marcus and Jose, who then told their father about what they are witnessing and of the astonishing objects dominating the skies that very moment."

"As the elder Jose was spotting the object and pointing to which direction his father Tony could see it, the latter took his video camera after sensing that this could indeed be UFOs. Out rushed Tony and was joined by other neighbors observing the objects moving erratically, jerking, floating and jumping in different directions."

"From 7:30 till 8:15 PM, Tony was taking video footages of 5 UFOs as each passed by over the horizon at time intervals of approximately 8 minutes per object, following one after the other. Compared to his earlier sighting and UFO video-experience in Year 2000, Israel is now more experienced and composed in aiming his camera through the partly-cloudy skies of Las Piñas, using his Sharp Digital Video with 200X magnification."

"The cloudy condition was indeed a plus factor because it yielded a point of reference and approximation on the height of the objects from the ground. PAGASA (the Philippine observatory agency) now truly has a more difficult task debunking the sighting as mere festival balloons taken from the altitude (approx. 30,000 to 40,000 feet) these objects were seen from the ground, says Israel. Alas! After four years, they’re back... said Israel to himself."

"note: This news is being featured over TV PATROL (August 30, 2004)"

Tony Israel, 4 Mabolo St., Verdant Acres Subd., Pamplona, Las Piñas City, cellphone (0920) 213-63-93 communicates:


The Australian UFO Network (AUFORN) reports on
http://www.hypermax.net.au/~auforn/Victorian_sighting.html that many witnesses saw group of six luminous objects in two triangular but loose arrangement fly over the Victoria region on August 23 at 08:15 P.M.

The formation was moving over Melbourne while a video was taken at a location near Pascoe Vale. The video was taken by Mark & Janine Blease of Melbourne. PRA have a copy of the video for analysis and so does Channel 7 TV Melbourne. A check of Melbourne Air Traffic Control, show no aircraft at that location or in formation at that time and no radar contact was reported.

The video is downloadable at http://www.ufocasebook.com/melbournetriangle.html


KMSP, Minesotta, reports on August 19, 2004 that an unknown object is hovering in the sky over St Paul / Minneapolis, which does not seem to be a bird or a plane. Meteorologist Tony Zaleski of the National Weather Service in Chanhassen said the white object appears to be higher than the white, whispy cirrus clouds, which means it's probably higher than 30-thousand feet.

Although the object looked like it might be rotating, it does not appear to be going anywhere. Zaleski said that probably would rule out a satellite. Patrick Hogan at the Metropolitan Airports Commission said people in the tower at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport thought it might be a weather balloon. But Zaleski said if that is true, the Weather Service did not release it. The Federal Aviation Administration has not returned calls about the mysterious object.

Note: Nobody seemed to have cared to check the windspeed at this altitude, or to indicated fot how long the objects seemed stationnary.


On Thursday, August 12, 2004, at 2:35 a.m., eyewitnesses D.W. and his wife, B.W., "saw a bright orange object over the treeline horizon" in Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada. "It seemed too bright for Venus, which we can sometimes see," they reported, "Seemed to be bright orange and yellowish or white. Seemed to be hovering or moving slightly. After about five minutes, it just disappeared."

"Freaky! Our (electric) power had gone out earlier that night over a large radius. No lightning. No reason."

They described the UFO as "Orange, yellow, white, round. Reminded us of a planet like Saturn. It was fixed in the sky where we saw it. It just disappeared in the distance. It was maybe 1/4 the size of the full moon."

Source: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9, Number 33, August 18, 2004, Joseph Trainor, editor.


On Thursday, August 12, 2004, at 12:45 a.m., eyewitness L.P. was "walking along Kanata Drive, going north" in Ottawa (population 323,340), Canada's capital, when she "saw a bright light like a Halogen flashlight. It was blinding, extreme brightness, very large. I thought it was an Army night light (flare in the USA -- J.T.). They shoot this up into the air, and there's a bright white-pink ball that slowly descends, and you can see smoke around it. This one did not descend but just hung in the air. It was totally white and there was no smoke. It was totally amazing."

"As I watched it, it still sat in the air. I could see it fully over the tree line. I called my son on my cell (phone). We live a couple of blocks away. I told him to run outside and see it. While I was still watching it, he said he could see nothing. While it was me watching, it was just to the side of the townhouses, closer than I thought. It was still hovering, not moving closer, not moving away, no sound. I ran towards it, but it just disappeared."

L.P. described the UFO as "a black object," adding that she was "unsure of the shape." (Email Form Report)

(Email Form Report) Source: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9, Number 33, August 18, 2004, Joseph Trainor, editor.


MosNews, i.e. a Moscow news agency, has published that members of a special expedition researching the site of the famous Tunguska meteorite fall have claimed they had discovered parts of an extraterrestrial device.

Apparently the expedition was organized by the Siberian Public State Foundation "Tunguska Space Phenomenon" and completed its work on the scene of Tunguska meteorite fall on August 9. Guided by the space photos, the researchers scanned a wider territory in the vicinity of the Poligusa village for parts of the space object that crashed into Earth in 1908 and was later called the Tunguska meteorite.

Mosnews reports that "the scientists claim that they found remains of an extraterrestrial technical device" there and that they found the so called "deer stone", supposed to be an artifact repeatedly mentioned in eyewitness reports of the Tunguska phenomenon : "a part of the "deer stone" has been delivered to Krasnoyarsk for research."

The head of the expedition Yuri Lavbin told MosNews on Tuesday that the researchers had traced the possible trajectory of the space object, but this time they counted that it ran from West to East, unlike the members previous missions who thought that the object had flown East to West. "The new approach allowed the expedition members to find a buried object covered with trees."

It is said that the object appeared to be a large block made with metal. "The researchers chipped a piece of the object and will now test its composition. "

In his further comment to MosNews, Lavbin noted that according to his calculations, the mass of the space object that collided with the Earth in 1908 amounted to almost 1 billion tons and the blast on impact must have destroyed the humanity. The fact that it did not happen testifies to the theory that the Tunguska event was an explosion of an artificial object at an altitude of about 10 kilometers.

Labvin also offered his theory on the event:

"I am fully confident and I can make an official statement that we were saved by some forces of a superior civilization. They exploded this enormous meteorite that headed towards us with enormous speed." "Now this great object that caused the meteorite to explode is found at last. We will continue our research."

(Please don't kill the messenger, I just report. No opinion given on my part.)

See the original article on http://www.mosnews.com/news/2004/08/10/tunguska.shtml

http://english.pravda.ru/science/19/94/378/13705_tunguska.html which has no real connection with the "Pravda" newspaper (need I still repeat it?) tells the same with less details.

http://www.physorg.com/news766.html brings the news to the US.

The Interfax newsclip: http://www.interfax.ru/e/B/0/28.html?id_issue=10692623
Interfax is a major news agency in Russia.


The witness writes on 08.27.2004:

I communicate an observation to you which I made on last Monday 9 August towards 09:45 P.M. I had gone to see the sunset on the superb Pointe of Pen-Hir (Camaret, Finistère) when, after the sun lay down, I saw like a large green ball, luminous, crossing the sky above the sea, NW towards SE, ie coming from the island of Ushant in the direction of the Pointe du Raz. This "green ball" was very luminous and was followed of a short trail white/yellow, which disappeared a little before the ball itself died out. The observation lasted approximately 10 seconds and the trajectory was rectilinear, horizontal, fast, not at all curved curved. There was no visible plane (nor audible) at this time there and the observation was done without noise. The "ball" was at approximately 45 degrees compared to the horizon. At one moment, one would have said it was a green ball of fire. As many people had come to see the setting sun, there was plenty of witnesses, among which two friends who accompanied me and who saw the same thing exactly. The wind came from the SE this evening there. I am unaware of what that can be... Was there some re-entry of some space junk this evening there? Or a military test? (but that came from the sea not from the ground, and there were no planes in sight...). That's it, if you have some possible information in connection with this observation...
Best regards,
[Firstname and name]

I answered:

"Hello and thanks,
I did not receive other accounts for this same event.
From your description, it seems to me that the object was a meteor: the short duration, the rectilinear trajectory, the color, disappearance, silence, are typical. Space junk usually take more time to be birned up their speed being generally quite slower than that of meteors.

Patrick Gross"


On Saturday, August 7, 2004, "at around 1 p.m., rancher Harry Hawes, 72, of Anderson, California (population 9,022) received a call about a dead and mutilated female calf only two or three days old. Hawes is 72 and has been working on his Anderson, Calif. ranch since his discharge from the U.S. Army in 1957. Two years later (1959), he married his wife Carole."

"When Harry saw the newborn calf with its neat, bloodless incisions, he immediately thought of the mutilated cow he had found five years earlier in 1999. His veterinarian took photographs of that case and told Harry that he had no explanation for how the animal's jaw flesh, eyeballs, udder, rectal and vaginal tissues had been removed. Now his newborn heifer had suffered the same fate."

"The calf was lying on its right side," Harry was reported as saying, "And it had its left ear cut off smooth with its head. Its eyeball was missing. The left side, from the ribcage to the flank, this was entirely cut out and missing, and all the internal organs from the lungs, heart and all the way down to the anus were missing. The other ear on the underside was cut off about halfway up - kind of a ragged cut that one was. It looks very strange when you see one of these."

Anderson, Cal. is on Highway 273, located approximately 151 miles (242 kilometers) north of Sacramento, the state capital. (Many thanks to Robert Fischer for this report.)

Source: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9, Number 33, August 18, 2004, Joseph Trainor, editor.


On Saturday, August 7, 2004, at 10:05 p.m., "Frater" was outdoors in his hometown of Horsham, West Sussex, UK when he saw "a bright orange ball approaching from the northeast. It was moving very slowly for about three minutes. Then it split in two. Both objects continued moving west and disappeared. They were moving too slowly to be aircraft, and there was no noise." (Email Form Report)

Source: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9, Number 32, August 11, 2004, Joseph Trainor, editor.


On Wednesday, August 4, 2004, at 1 p.m., eyewitness Liam was walking through Rubery, South Birmingham, UK when he spotted something unusual in the sky.

"I first thought it was a bird, but it was much too high," he reported, "It seemed to be over the Licky Hills. Very, very fast, going from side to side and up and down and in and out of the clouds. Then it simply disappeared."

Liam described the UFO as "a black object, but I'm unsure of the actual shape." (Email Form Report)

Source: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9, Number 33, August 18, 2004, Joseph Trainor, editor.


The witness wrote to me via email on August 11, 2004:

"Last week in Annecy in Haute-Savoie, fireworks shootings took place on the lake (on August 7). Those lasted 1 hour 30 and if some attentive eyes had looked a little higher in the sky above the fireworks, one could have seen that we were not the only ones to contemplate the display. Indeed, 45 min after the beginning of the show, a light resembling a satellite (but while looking at it more closely, it comprized two or three sources of light) arrived from the East at sharp pace for then slowing down until it stopped aproximately at the vertical of the fireworks. This light then disappeared. A few minutes later, something (I say something because we had time to distinguish that it was solid) passed at very high speed above the buildings in the full centre of the town without noise neither light - not allowing any distinction of contours nor of the shape - then disappeared at the horizon. Finally, still during these fireworks and a few minutes after this last disappearance, another light arrived from the north gently, but more luminous than the first. This one gave the impression to rise in the airs, it then took the direction of the firewoks, always to the same pace, to hover above those - At about at the same place as the preceding one, and disappeared. I thought of a firemen helicopter but during this phenomenon the fireworks stopped for a few minutes and no noise was audible. Finally a few minutes after the end of the second fireworks show we saw two lights moving away at very high speeds during a short moment and they disappeared."

"Finally I would make a point of adding to that that there are many phenomena of this kind in the area of Annecy, I was the witness of four very impressive luminous phenomena in the sky of Annecy in one year of observations. Last 10 July, looking at a plane passing in the sky at 11:30 P.M. from the same observation spotthan for my preceding testimony, I was able to see 2 lights passing behind the plane at an impressive speed and following unusual trajectories. These lights then disappeared instantaneously."

"I would be grateful if you let me know if there is any similar testimonys in the area."


On Wednesday, August 4, 2004, at 10 p.m., eyewitness A.T. and his girl friend were lying on the grass in Kay Rodgers Park, just off Midland Boulevard in Fort Smith, Arkansas (population 80,268) when they spotted two aliens nearby.

"My girl friend and I were hanging out at a local park when we saw two figures walk out of the bushes about 10 feet (3 meters) away from where we were sitting. They wore grey or off-white tunic-style outfits. They had shiny bronze or gold medallions on the center of their chest or shoulder. They had (praying) mantis-like heads and made strange clicking noises. Their eyes would change from blood red to neon green."

"We stood there staring at each other for five or six minutes, when they disappeared into a white light. Both were approximately 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall, but the one of the left was a few inches short. They appeared from the south (the Harper Stadium area--J.T.) at an average walking speed."

Source: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9, Number 32, August 11, 2004, Joseph Trainor, editor.


On August 3, 2004, a married couple was sitting on the beach while on vacation at Cape May in the the southern tip of New Jersey when they saw a neon-blue disk with many lights on the bottom. The wife reports, "My husband and I were talking when I caught sight of a neon-blue disk at 10:30 PM, which looked like a child's sand sifter with thousands of holes which were illuminated with white light. It passed by extremely fast and disappeared behind what could have been a cloud, but there were none out that evening. The sky was clear and full of stars. The craft was relative to the size of a full moon. I did not hear any sound with seeing the object. About ten minutes later, I saw a shooting star and in comparison, this did not even come close. It was definitely too fast to be an airplane and the neon-blue/lights as well as fact that it disappeared made me frightened at first, but then curious so I sat there for another half an hour hoping to see something else."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC, www.UFOCenter.com


"An EVA (spacewalk) was carried out from ISS (International Space Station) in the wee hours of 3 August 2004 for the purpose of changing out experiments, and modifying the docking facilities on the aft end of the Zvezda Service Module. This was the third EVA for the Expedition 9 crew. The spacewalk lasted some 4 ½ hours, but only 12 minutes and 24 seconds of this were of the space crew at work. During this short downlink, two UFOs were seen, one traveling at a 45 degree angle in relation to the ISS, and another almost two minutes later moving horizontally to the station. Just a few moments later, the live feed was cut off, and never restored. Two still frames depicting the UFOs can be seen here. For a more exhaustive report on this EVA, use this link."


"Thanks to © 2004 Jeff Challender – Director Project P.R.O.V.E."

Source Filers Files #35 – 2004, George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern.


On Tuesday, August 3, 2004, "three men were driving on the Anhanguera Highway" in Brazil's state of Sao Paulo "when they saw something unusual over a field. They stopped the car, and two of the men jumped over the fence to get a little closer."

"One of them had a modern cell phone with him, and he took a photo of a strange, cylinder-like, silver object hovering a few meters above the ground."

"Under the object, which remained hovering for 30 minutes and emitted a sound that sounded like 'several engines working together, some dust could be seen lifting into the air."

"The witnesses do not want to be identified." (See Revista UFO for August 2004. Muito obrigado a Brunilda Barros para eso articulo.)

Source: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9, Number 33, August 18, 2004, Joseph Trainor, editor.

It has been determined that the UFO photo taken with a cell phone is a hoax perpetrated by a man who also claimed to have had missing time after he had taken the image.

He photographed only a small brush of eucalyptus trees at some distance and took advantage of the cell camera's low resolution and blur effect caused by the heat of the sun.

The hoax was discovered by Brazilian UFO Magazine consultant and astronomer Claudio Brasil. The result was corroborated by Brazilian UFO Magazine consultant Rogerio Chola.


On Sunday, August 1, 2004, at 11:49 p.m., Paul S. was walking down the street in Savannah, Georgia (population 131,510) when he sighted something unusual in the sky.

"The UFOs approached from the northeast," Paul reported, "There were four of them. I saw four triangular objects flying in a diagonal formation. The objects were light grey on color and heading south. I heard no sound from that direction. The sighting was over in less than a minute." (Email Form Report)

Source: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9, Number 32, August 11, 2004, Joseph Trainor, editor.

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