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L'Aurore, July 9, 1947:

Reproduction of the article:



It was not an optical illusion...

lands in the court of
a farm in New Mexico

The military remain silent
about this sensational

Lieutenant Warren [sic. Walter Haut], information desk officer at the American military base at Roswell, announced, yesterday evening, that a flying saucer had landed in the court of a farm, close to Roswell (New Mexico) and that it had been handed at once, by the local police force, to the authorities of that airfield which have, in their turn, sent it to higher authorities by Major Jesse Marcel of the 409th bombers squadron, intelligence officer at the base.

The war department refused to communicate any other detail about this sensational discovery.

The very location of the discovery, New Mexico (which is, as one knows, the usual "test field" for new weapons and, in particular, for atomic bombs) authorizes one to think that one is in the presence of a jet propelled or radio-controlled projectile currently developed by the American military services, whose discretion would thus be explained quite naturally.


ça n'était pas une illusion d'optique...

atterrit dans la cour d'une
ferme au Nouveau Mexique

Les militaires restent muets
devant cette sensationnelle

Le Lieutenant Warren [sic. Walter Haut], officier du service d'information à la bas militaire américaine de Roswell, a annoncé, hier soir, qu'une soucoupe volante avait atterri dans la cour d'une ferme, près de Roswell (Nouveau Mexique) et qu'elle avait été aussitôt remise, par la police locale, aux authorités de l'aérodrome qui l'ont, à leur tour, fait envoyer aux autorités supérieures par le Commandant Jesse Marcel, du 409e groupe de bombardiers, officier de renseignement à la base.

Le département de la guerre a refusé de communiquer tout autre détail sur cette sensationnelle découverte.

Le lieu même de la découverte, le Nouveau Mexique (qui est, on le sait, le "champ d'essai" habituel des armes nouvelles et, en particulier, des bombes atomiques) permet de penser qu'on se trouve en présence d'un projectile à réaction ou téléguidé actuellement mis au point par les services militaires américains, dont la discrétion s'expliquerait ainsi tout naturellement.

Brief comment:

Patrick Gross:

This article in the major French national daily newspaper "L'Aurore" seems largely based on the Roswell Army Air Filed of the recovery of a "flying disc" as it was communicated by the Agence France Presse communiqué of July 9: it includes an error on the name of the lieutenant of the Roswell base who had diffused the official statement of the base to the attention of the media. It was not a lieutenant Warren, but of Lieutenant Walter Haut; his name had been scorched in the AFP newswire in "Warren Haught."

The article indicates two things:

- the announcement by Roswell Army Air Field reached France in at least one major national daily newspaper.

- this daily newspaper simply reproduced the terms of the Agence France Press newswire of July 9 and did not or could not investigate further with the Roswell base or US authorities. The concept that "L'Aurore" did not check the information seems to be that it this time, American authorities declined to comment, as the newspaper indicates; this indication is original to this article and did not appear in the two preceding Agence France Presse newswires.

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