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UFOs in the daily Press:

Unknown craft in southeatern Asia, 1948:

The article underneath has been published in the daily newspaper Var-Matin République, France, le 4 août 1948.

Mysteries in the sky of Indochina where air passengers saw "flying saucers" and a giant air spindle

Saigon, 03 August. -- The appearance in the sky of Cochinchina, at 3 hour intervals, of "flying saucers", in which some witnesses thought they recognized simple sounding balloons, fascinates the public.

This appearance is similar to another phenomenon reported by the passengers of a Hong-Kong – Saigon airliner, which arrived on Sunday morning.

These passengers saw, off the coast of Annam, an extraordinary gray machine, in the shape of a long spindle equipped with embryonic wings, ten times larger than a Skymater, specified the witnesses, and which was flying at a very high speed in a northerly direction.

This object was flying above the clouds and would have passed about ten kilometers from the Hong Kong plane, then, making a sharp turn, it would have gone west again.

It is noted that it was 24 hours later that the "flying saucers" were sighted and a connection is established in Saigon between the declarations of the passengers of the plane and an account by American airmen who claim to have seen recently in the Pacific, off the Hawaiian Islands, a "gigantic aircraft of unknown nationality."

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