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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying discs, and 'another Roswell', USA, June 1947:

The article below was published in the newspaper The Odessa American, Odessa, Texas, USA, page 1, on July 1, 1947.


Texans See Disks; New Mexico Man Nabs "Saucer"

By the Associated Press

Eyewitness accounts of flying disks were circulating around texas and the Southwest today about as frequently as the "saucers" reportdedly were themselves.

One man, Troy Pendergrass of Hot springs, N. M., said at El Paso he even chased one until it landed.

He said he followed the object and saw it come to earth in Ash Canyon, in the southwest corner of Elephant Butter Lake in New Mexico.

It was a five-by-eight-inch piece of tinfoil.

Pendergrass said he and friends were watching the sky Sunday afternoon when they first saw the disk - "It was so bright we couldn't tell how big it was or how far away it was."

The tinfoil, Pendergrass said, was slightly heavier that that used from gum wrappers and was very crinkled.

He said it looked as if it had been wrapped around a circular object. It was partially burned and belted, he said.

The Dallas Morning News had eyewitness reports from a woman in Alvarado and another in Dallas. The Alvarado woman said she saw a bright moonlike disk in the sky late in the afternoon on June 25. The Dallas woman, Mrs. Ramsey C. Johnson, said she saw something "large and white, shaped somehow like an airplane and going very fast" late in the day that Saturday.

Similar Texas reports came from a trio of El Paso residents and two Lubbock residents.

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