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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper The New York Times, USA, on July 10, 1947.


Saucers? Maybe a Mighty Russian Throwing a Discus, Gromyko Hints

Or else, the Soviet Chief Observes, British Are Exporting Too Much Whiskey to the U.S.
- 'War Propaganda,' Says Orville Wright

The "Dither of the Disks" yesterday was spinning erratically somewhere between Mars and what a learned psychologist termed "the projection of a delusion."

In an astronomical area bordered by the upper reaches of the heavens and absurdity, these were some of the places heard from: United Nations at Lake Success, a town called Zabool in Iran, and another called Shosef, Dayton, Ohio, Boise, Idaho, Amsterdam, N.Y., and, though a little shamefacedly, [...]

[...] 1940 published a detailed report examining the panic that followed Orson Welles' "Invasion from Mars" broadcast and is expert in such matters as personalistic dimensions, ego-involvment and motivational causes.

Said Professor Crespi: "The real question is whether it (a 'vie' of a flying saucer) is an illusion with some objective reference or whether people who have 'seen' disks are delusionary in their source and are voicing a delusio or the pure projection of a delusion [...]

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