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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1947 French Press:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Progrès, France, on July 28, 1947.


"Flying saucers"

While we dance in front of dishes, the Americans are transfixed by the flying saucers.

These mysterious meteors are described to us as dazzling discs furrowing the skies at a speed of 2.000 km. per hour.

One believed initially it was an hallucination. But testimonys are so numerous that skepticisms starts to drop and even the scientists are moved.

In the century of V 2, radar and atomic bomb, not much can surprise, and since the star of the Three wise Men, there were enough comets under the hood of the skies so that XXe century has a right to have its share.

What is amazing, actually, is just the denomination that the Americans reserve for these new stellar bodies.

For, in the past, when some new gleam appeared in the shade, it lifted every soul to the splendours of poetry. Nowadays, it seems that it is the opposite.

Should it be believed that the extinct lights, about which Viviani spoke, are avenged in the sky in the form of saucers? But why thus saucers and not discs, or balls of fire, or white suns?

We still had the sky to pray or dream. A very spontaneous division of work, with the ground for eating concerns and sidereal spaces opened for love. This is over. The nights of Saint Laurent will not come anymore with its fireworks of shooting stars, but a rain of saucers.

Gazing at the starry heavens becomes a meaningless expression. All we can do is lay down, with our empty stomachs, under the vault of the night, looking at the dance of the saucers.

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