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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Nouveau Rhin Franšais. France, August 3, 1947.

Case file here.

Luminous signals in the sky

Last Tuesday in the early hours of the day at the foot of the forest of Dambach, a nocturnal observer with a clear mind saw in the direction of Rhinau, a luminous body suddenly rising, whose sharp beam seemed to come from a powerful car headlight. He first thought of a very remote vehicle that had one of its lights turned on and waited for the second beam to light.

And indeed, this is what happened, soon followed by a third ball of light. The power of these mysterious light sources intensified for a few seconds, their brilliant core as well as their corona until the beams suddenly disappeared as if by explosion. After a brief reappearance of lights the night again was dark above the still invisible horizon of the Black Forest.

Where do these strange lights in the Eastern sky come from? Who can give the end of the story? Perhaps other witnesses of this celestial phenomenon or artificial would know?

It should be noted in passing that the witness observed the phenomenon in full possession of his faculties, he is not prone to hysteria, or hoaxing, and has no inclination to drink.

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