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Kenneth Arnold's sighting

Kenneth Arnold sighting report in the Press:

The article below was published in the newspaper, USA, on page 1, on July , 1947.


are chasing the "flying pancakes"

But they are said to be only an optical effect

After the Swedish fireballs, a new astronomical attraction impassions the United States. Mysterious white discs cross the sky at an evaluated speed of 1.800 kilometers per hour. They have the shape of a saucer of considerable dimension, from eight to sixteen meters in diameter. For more than ten days, and in more than thirty States of America, these flying pancakes have crossed the sky.

At the beginning, the official personalities spoke about collective hallucinations, but the agreement of the testimonys, more and more numerous, starts to worry both the government and the scientific circles.

A flying saucer is said to have landed on the side of a mountain, close to Sainte-Marie, in the State of Idaho. The witness, Mrs. Walter Johnson, stated after Mr. Kenneth Arnold, that she had seen eight saucers descending in the wood, like falling leaves.

- They were, she said, of the dimension of a house of five rooms, and crossed the sky at an unimaginable speed.

According to Mr. Urey, physicist at the university of Chicago, the presence of the mysterious discs observed on several occasions, deserves a serious investigation. In his opinion, it is posible that there is no relation between the existence of these saucers and the experiments on atomic reactions. On his side Mr. David Lilienthal, president of the commission of atomic energy.

It seems that certain laws of optics can explain these phenomena which passing continues to be reported, insmall groups or tight formationsd, in various areas of the United States,

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In extreme cases of vision, indeed, any object, whatever its real dimensions, appears finally in the form of a more or less luminous point. If it is an object reflecting the luminous rays, as it is the case in the majority of the phenomena in question, the eye sees, almost always, a tiny circle. Is this a visual effect produced by planes? That is the explanation suggested by Howard Lakeslee, scientific writer of a large American news agency.

Whatever it is, the Air Force has endeavoured, for ten days, to check the information relating to these extraordinary flights.

- We do not believe possible, stated captain Tom Brown, of the Air Force in Washington, that somebody manufactured radiocontrolled projectiles capable of reaching 1 800 kilometers per hour. We do not know anybody who, officially or not, makes experiments of this kind, and the scientists are as perplexed as ourselves.

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