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Kenneth Arnold's sighting

Kenneth Arnold sighting report in the Press:

The article below was published in the newspaper The Caller-Times, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA, on page 29, on July 20, 1947.


First Disk Sighter Now 'Vindicated'

PENDLETON, Oreg., July 19 (AP) Kenneth Arnold, Boise, Idaho, businessman who flies about western landscapes peering for flying saucers, says people no longer think him a crackpot.

As the man who reported nine disks as big as four-engined planes speeding over Western Washington June 25 and started and nation-wide furor, Arnold found himself regared as an air-struck businessman who had read too many futuristic stories.

"Everybody can't be seeing things," he says. "Even if only one percent of the reports are accurate, there is still something very unusual going on. I might doubt myself, but can't doubt such observers as Captain E. J. Smith, United Airlines pilot. And there's nothing wrong with my eyes, either."

His eyes red from long hours aloft squirting at the horizon, Arnold says he'll continue his search on daily business trips about the country. He is a flying agent for a fire protection equipment company. He carries a camera and intends to get a picture to "whove down the throat of those stiffnecked doubters."

The ex-University of Minnesota swimmer and footballer says he now believes:

1. The disks are not from any foreign country.

2. The Army could give the answer if it would - "if they don't have the explanation now they certainly could do something to find out."

3. If the Army has no explanation the disks must be - "and I know this sounds crazy" - from another planet.

Arnold says his family never doubted him and he is pleased that hundreds write in their belief in him, but he is appaled at some of the frivolous reaction.

"Ladies wearing hats named flying saucers," he snorted. "Why they're just trying to laugh this off."

Then, after a minute reflection, "but maybe it's a good thing, because it maight be more serious than anyone but a few top ones realize."

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