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The Dales UFO Flap:

There was a very hight number of various UFO observation around Dales, U-K., at the end of 2000 and the beginning of 2001. This page lists a part of the cases.


The Derbyshire is a region of the Midlands in Great Britain. A massive UFO flap generated numerous observation in particular by residents of the towns of Matlok, Peaks, Rowsley and Dales, U-K..

During several months between the end of 2000 and the beginning of 2001, local newspaper "Mercury" readers have reported seeing flying saucers, balls of fire and wedge-shaped craft in the skies over the Dales and Peaks.

Sighting reports list:

26th sighting, June 1st, 2001:

The latest close encounter was had on Friday, June 1st by a 62-year-old Cromford man, who asked not to be named.

And he claims to have seen the same craft on two previous occasions in the last month.

The UFO was seen at the top of Slack Hill in Kelstedge at around 1.30am. The man described it as being around 3,000 feet high and a shade of orange similar to a streetlamp.

"I’ve seen them before. You can see this one three or four times a week."

"It changes shape all the time, like it’s made of dough and light cascades from it. It seemed to be watching me and kept coming closer and closer until it was just 1,000 feet away. I was not scared – just very curious – but I did want to keep away from it."

21st UFO sighting, February 8, 2001:

The 21st sighting surrounds a Wirksworth couple who saw a large blue light with an orange tail which shot across the sky. The man, who refused to be identified, was going for a walk with his girlfriend on Summer Lane at about 07:15pm Thursday, February 8, 2001, when they saw the bright light. The event has been reported by The Matlock Mercury for February 15, 2001.

"At first I thought it was a plane crashing. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen. It had an orange glowing tail out the back of it. But it was far too fast for a plane. My friend also saw it. He was going from Alfreton to Tansley and stopped his car to look."

Dome shaped object, February 3, 2001:

Paul Hannan, 37, of Yeld Close, Bakewell, saw a dome-shaped object at around 08:00pm on Saturday, February 3, 2001.

Red and orange lights, January 26, 2001:

January 26: Heather Shuttleworth sees bright red and orange lights over Beeley Moor.

Ball of fire, January 17, 2001:

January 17: Joan Power sees an oblong“ball of fire” over the Tops in Matlock, landing behind trees.

Triangular craft splits in 2 parts, January 13, 2001:

January 13: Anne Saunders sees triangular UFO hovering abover Crich for three minutes before breaking into two pieces, each flying off.

Triangular glowing pink craft, January 13, 2001:

January 13: Matlock Man sees similar UFO with a pink glow above Crich.

Flying black bowler hat shaped ufo January 6, 2001:

A 46-year-old Youlgrave man, who asked not to be named, said the object was jet black shaped like a bowler hat, and had a diameter of 100 feet, and hovered over Curbar Gap near Calver. He and a friend saw the UFO at sunset on Saturday, January 6. It was 300 yards away from them and 1,000 feet high. He said:

"We watched it for ten minutes, then it just disappeared into thin air. It wasn’t a normal aircraft - there were no wings or an obvious power source or jet stream. It was just spinning with no noise apart from a low hum. There were no lights or portalls. I was taken aback. It was nothing like I’ve ever seen before - it was huge. What it was, I don’t know."

Flying bright lights on January 5, 2001:

The previous Friday, Bakewell woman Heather Shuttleworth was travelling towards Haddon Bank when she looked out of her car window over Beeley Moor at 05:40am. She and her husband saw two bright lights, stopped the car and looked skywards through a pair of binoculars.

Mrs Shuttleworth added:

"I knew they weren’t aeroplane lights - they were too bright. My husband carried his binoculars in the car as in past weeks we thought we had seen strange lights but thought they were aeroplanes. We couldn’t believe what we saw. The lights were the shape of what flying saucers look like on documentaries. My husband got back in the car and about one mile from Friden towards Stanton Moor, there was a red bright light and an orange bright light coming towards each other."

Flying saucer, December 25, 2001:

December 25: Elaine Wachlarz of Youlgrave sees an illuminated flying saucer in the Over Haddon area.

Disapearing bright light, November 13, 2001:

November 13: Man spots bright light over Matlock’s Hurst Farm Estate before it shrinks and disappears.

Possible disco laser show, November 2001:

November: Stanton Lees pensioner Terry Green sees a light show over Rowsley... but thinks it could be disco lazers.

Circle of red and green lights, October 21, 2001:

October 21: Andrew Lynham sees a circle of red and green flashing lights in the clouds above Mill Peak.

Light show, October 21, 2001:

October 21: Jacky Swift of Matlock sees a 20-minute light show of white beams over Tissington.

Flying saucer again, October 9, 2001:

October: Man sees the same craft as in the Bonsall video – this time, over Bonsall Moor.

Changing bright light, October 5, 2000:

October 5 in Birchover: Man sees a bright light over the Bakewell to Ashbourne road. It moved slowly and changed from white to multi-coloured.

Flying saucer captured on video, October 5, 2000:

October 5: Bonsall mum captures flying saucer on video for six-and-a-half spectacular minutes.

Last week, a UFO sighting videotaped in Bonsall was reported by the Daily Mail, Channel Five and the BBC News. A German TV firm would like to film a documentary. The Mercury has received another close encounter, the 20th sighting since the first back in September 2000.

Six flashing lights, October 1, 2000:

October 1 in Matlock: Eight-year-old Emma Wheeldon sees six flashing lights – one large and five smaller over the town, flashing red, yellow and blue.

White ligh behind the clouds, October 2001:

October: 46-year-old man sees bright white light behind the clouds at Rowsley.

Hovering bright light, September 24, 2000:

September 24 in Curbar: Pensioner sees bright light hovering over the village, along with a "strange" mist.

Strange clouds, September 2000:

September in Carsington: 65-year-old grandma Josie Stirland sees nine huge banks of vertical cloud, descending from the sky.

Strange rainbow, September 2000:

The following day, a circular rainbow as large as the sun was seen over the same area.

Strange phenomenon, September 2000:

September in Ashbourne: Jo Buckley (68) sees a long streak of light and circular rainbow, similar to above, actually covering the sun.

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