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UFO crashes file:

Alleged UFO crashes listing:

This is a list of some well known alleged UFO crashes. When information exists within this site, you can click the available link in the "notes" column of this table to read it.

Date: Location: Notes/case file:
10,000 BCSino-Tibetan BorderThe stunning story of the Dropas.
2,000 BCGrand Canyon, AZA file from UFO BBS. Tabloid story.
840Lyons, FranceNot a crash, a hoax. 4 human falsely claimed to come from the clouds.
1561Nuremberg, GermanyAn illustrated case.
18th CenturyGermanyMontanus tells of flying magicians shot down.
1800 CircaKoyuk, Alaska, USACase file here.
1864 SeptemberCadotte Pass, MissouriOriginal newspaper article of 1864.
1884 June 6Holdredge, NebraskaInconclusive but quite interesting.
1884 December 13Sorisole, near Bergamo, Italy
1897 April 17Aurora, TexasHoax almost certain.
1897 April 19Leroy, Kansas, USAHoax almost certain.
1907Burlington, Vermont, USA
1908 June 30Tunguska River, USSR
1909 December 22Chicago, Illinois, USAAirship crash report, debris never found.
1914 February 15Chanco, ChileVery likely just a meteor.
1915Puglia ItalyLittle green man allegedly captured, but no other information
1917 SpringWestern BelgiumClaim that Baron von Richtofen shot down a UFO, entirely invented.
1923Quetta, Pakistan
1925Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA
1925 Sept/OctPolson, Montana
1930Mandurah, West Australia
1936Black Forest, Germany
1938 summerCzernica, Poland
1941West of San Diego, Ca
1941Spring Cape Girardeau, Missouri
1941 July 4Tinian Island, Oceania
1945 approx.UK
1945Mataquescuintla, Guatemala
1946Date and location unknown
1946Magdalena, NM
1946 July 9Lake Barken, Sweden
1946 July 10Bjorkon, Sweden
1946 July 18Lake Mjosa Sweden
1946 July 19Noon Lake Kolmjarv, Sweden
1946 August 12SW Sweden
1946 August 16Malmo Sweden
1946 mid-OctoberSouthern Sweden
1947 JanuaryPapagos Indian Reserv. AZ NEW
1947 MaySpitzbergen, NorwayNewspaper articles, cover up, 17 bodies.
1947 May 31Socorro, New Mexico
1947 JulyNear St. Joseph, MO
1947 July 4Roswell, New Mexico, USAThe well known Roswell affair. 4-5 bodies, one alive ET?
1947 July 5Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico, USA
1947 July 31Maury Island, Tacoma, USAComplicated almost certain hoax.
1947 August 13Hopi Reservation, Arizona
1947 October 2Cave Creek, Arizona, USAVery little information.
1947 OctoberParadise Valley, Arizona, USA
1947 October 20San Diego
1948Kingman, Arizona, USA
1948 February 13Aztec, New Mexico, USAControversial, 2-12 alleged bodies.
1948 April 12Outside Aztec, New Mexico, USASame as underneath?
1948 March 25Aztec, New Mexico, USAControversial. 12 alleged bodies.
1948 March 25White Sands, New Mexico, USASame as above?
1948 7/8 JulyNear Laredo, 38 miles inside MexicoBodies recovered.
1948 AugustLaredo, Texas, USA1 body recovered
1949Roswell, NM, USANot the famous case of 1947.
1949 August 19Death Valley, California, USAStory by 2 prospectors, 2 beings espace alive.
1950 (before)Near Mexico City, MexicoSecond hand witness.
1950 JanuaryMojave Desert, California, USADistorted version of the Newton/Gebauer scam.
1950 February 18Copenhagen, DenmarkFarmer witness UFO explode.
1950 March?New Mexico, USAFBI memo mentions recovery of 3 crashed saucers.
1950 April 1Wiesbaden, GermanyApril's Fools prank.
1950 AprilArgentinaBodies not there anymore on next day
1950s (mid)Birmingham, AlabamaSingle witness case.
1950 May 10Bahia Blanca Province, Argentina
1950 September 10Albuquerque, Texas, USA3 bodies.
1950 December 6El Indio/Guerrero area, Tex-Mex border, Texas, USA
1951 SummerSierra Madre, MexicoAnonymous story, bodies and UFO recovery.
1952 JulyWashington DC, USA
1952 July 23Pueblo, Colorado, USAAdmitted hoax.
1952 AugustOhio, USA
1952 August 14Ely, Nevada, USA16 bodies recovered.
1952 September 9Spitzbergen, NorwayProbable mystification.
1953Brady, Montana, USARecovery of bodies by military, tabloid invention.
1953 April 18South-West Arizona, USA
1953 May 20Western Utah, USA
1953 May 20/21Kingman, Arizona, USAReliable witness, 2 bodies.
1953 June 19Laredo, Texas, USA4 bodies.
1953 SummerFort Polk, LA, USA
1953 July 10Johannesburg, South Africa5 bodies.
1953 October 13Dutton, Montana, USA4 bodies.
1954 (Spring)Matydale, New York, USAPolice denies incident.
1955Eucla, AustraliaNewspaper tells of 3 young men seeing UFO crash and taking picture of horny occupant.
1955 JulyVestra Norrland, SwedenScience-fictionesque supermarket tabloid tale.
1955 May 5Brighton, UK5 bodies. Hoax.
1957 July 18Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA4 bodies.
1957 September 14Ubatuba, BrazilPhysical evidences, fragments analyzed.
1957 November 21Reasty Hill, Scarborough, Yorks
1958/1959Woomera, Australia
1958Utah desert
1959 UndatedItaly, North of Rome
1959 UndatedConser Lake, Oregon, USAUnverified rumor without documented origin.
1959GeorgiaA UFO explodes and a "dead monster" is found, allegedly.
1959 January or February 21Gdynia, PolandProbable rumours without base.
1959 January or February 21 Frdynia, PolandBody and parts. Same case as above.
1959 September 17Wormer near Amsterdam
1959 September 26Near MoscowA crashed disk and a 0.80 meter-tall humanoid, dubious.
1960soffshore Spain
1960sGreat Sand Dunes, Co
1960 MarchNew Paltz, New York, USAAlien dies 28 days later.
1961Timmensdorfer, GermanyClaimed by former NATO man
1961 April 28 2am.Lake Onega, Karelskaya, USSR.
1962 June 12Holoman AFB, New Mexico, USA2 bodies.
1962Otero County, NM
1962 April 18Las Vegas, Nevada, USAImpressive events.
1963/1972Australia, 12 recoveries
1963 July 16Charlton, U-K.
1963 December 10Cosford RAF, U-K.Alleged crash cover-up on RAF base.
1964Penkridge, U-K.Crashed object allegedly recovered. Possible satellite fall.
1964 November 10Fort Riley, Kansas, USA9 bodies
1965 JanuarySan Rafael, ArgentinaApparently of the rumour type.
1965 December 9Kecksburg, Michigan, USAVery famous controversial case.
1965 SeptemberKandalasha, RussiaNo credibility.
1966 October 26Arizona, USA1 body
1966 NovemberOtocoek, Slovenia1 body. Probable hoax, surfaced in 2005, no witnesses available for investigation.
1967 JanuarySouth-West Missouri, USA40 inches disc
1968 February 12Orocue, ColumbiaUS say 'satellite debris'.
1972 July 18Saharian desert, Morocco3 bodies.
1973Troodos, CyprusMilitary man shows alleged debris.
1973 July 10Northwest Arizona, USA5 bodies.
1974Llandrillo, Clwyd, Wales, UK
1974 November 9Carbondale, Pennsylvania, USAHoax or cover story?
1974 May 17Chili, New Mexico, USAUFO moved to Kirtland AFB.
1974 August 25Chihuahua, MexicoDisc crash
1976 May 12Desert, Australia4 bodies.
1977 April 5South-West Ohio, USA11 bodies.
1977 June 22Northwest Arizona, USA5 bodies.
1977 August 17Tobasco, Mexico2 bodies.
1978Ul'ken-Borly Lake, Kustanay region, KazakhstanArmy recovers UFO and 1 body, only a claim.
1978Western KazakhstanArmy recovers UFO and pilots, only a claim.
1978Ocean off Finland, USSRUSSR personal recover bodies. No credibility.
1978 March 3Urdzhar, KazakhstanUFO shot down, bodies recovered. No credibility.
1978 May 6Padcaya, BoliviaSearch team finds nothing.
1978 November 10Lebanon
1978 December 6Amur region, Siberia, Russia1 body autopsy. No credibility.
1982ChinaArmy recovers crashed UFO deserted by occupants in the Gobi Desert. Hoax
1988RussiaHill 611: debris recovered, analysis, conclusion: ET craft.
1988 NovemberAfghanistan7 bodies.
1989Cap Ontario, Canada
1989 May 7Kalahari desert, Botswana, South Africa(Hoax or controversial)
1989Siberia9 alive
1989 September 28Smith's Point Beach, Long Island, New York, USA
1990 September 2Megas Platanos, Greece
1992 AprilNiagara Falls, USARecovery by Army in front of witnesses
1992 NovemberLong Island, New York, USAUFO Network is investigating.
1994Birmingham, U-K.
1996 January 20Varginha, BrazilAlleged capture of aliens by the military.
2000 August 27Balochistan, PakistanNewspaper report ufos and ufo crash.
2006 NovemberBahia, BrazilA flying saucer seen on a truck, probably just an ordinary transport of an ordinary industrial part.
2008 May 27Phu Quoc, VietnamMedia call it UFO, but it is probably a small plane or drone.

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