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News and observation reports, December 2005:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in December 2005 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

ARGENTINA: CAREFUL, THERE'S A UFO ON THE ROAD: and Planeta UFO report on January 3, 2006, that a bus traveling from Cordoba to San Luis was forced to stop due to the presence of a flying saucer on the road. A passenger says everyone got out to take a look at the phenomenon.

"A woman claimed having seen a UFO last Friday on the route linking the province of Cordoba with San Luis, while she traveled as a passenger in a microbus belonging to the Andesmar Company."

"The passenger said that during the night, the bus stopped on the road facing an enormous light and that other passengers and drivers got out of the vehicle to witness the event."

""The time was 21:45 and the bus suddenly stopped. Upon looking down the aisle, I noticed a huge light in the middle of the road. I immediately jumped out of my seat and saw something that I will never forget: a cone-shaped light in the middle of the road," the passenger told the El Liberal newspaper."

"Later on, the woman said that she felt herself overcome by a sensation of peace and curiosity, to the extent that she began taking photos of the object with her digital camera."

""Suddenly, the object was enveloped in a bluish-white light and started to spin like a top and rise straight up, lighting the landscape like daytime. In the measure that it ascended, it issued colored lights in intense phosphorescent shades. It suddenly disappeared to become a glowing dot. I immediately began perceiving an odor of heated metal that blended with a very particular smell resembling sulfur," remarked the traveler."

Translation © 2006 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU) Special thanks to Martha U.

The next information came from Luis Eduardo Pacheco of Proyecto Stratocat:

"The news item in question was published today by reprinting what was published by the El Liberal newspaper from Santiago del Estero."

"It should be made clear that the Andesmar bus-line has not issued at this time any communique, nor was one issued by the Cordoba or San Luis police authorities. It is not possible to conduct any further investigations because the information does not specifiy the exact place that the sighting occurred. In spite of this, I sent a message to the Andesmar bus-line, headquartered in the city of Mendoza, asking if the crew of the bus in question had filed a report. As soon as this information is obtained I will pass it along."

"The only information available at the time is the account furnished by Miryan Coronel, a passenger aboard the vehicle, who was heading toward the town of Loreto in Santiago del Estero, planning to spend New Years Eve with her relatives. If anyone has any additional information, it would be interesting to have it made known in order to have more specific data on this sighting."


Professor Candida Mammoliti of the University Ludes of Lugano-Pazzallo in Switzerland Italian announces that as of next spring some 200 courses on UFOs, ufology and sciences of space will be given within the framework of a "Master" within the university where she teaches. President of CUSI, an association which studies the UFO phenomenon, Professor Mammoliti knows the subject very well, as she has studied it for 18 years and she will also give courses on this topic. The university, recognized at the Federal level, delivers a teaching on social and technological sciences. It is a first in Switzerland, as a university recognizes the interest of university education on UFO matters.

Italian specialists in these sciences will collaborate in this teaching, in particular:

Thanks to Gérard Lebat.


On December 13, 2005, the Legacy Survey on the Canada France Hawaii Telescope allowed the discovery of an object half the mass of Pluto orbiting twice as far from the Sun as Neptune. It has been catalogued as 2004 XR 190 and known temporarily as "Buffy."

University of British Columbia's Lynne Allen, who was part of the international discovery team, said "It was quite bright compared to the usual Kuiper Belt Objects we find. But what was more interesting was how far away it was."

"Buffy" never gets closer than 52 astronomical units from the Sun, Pluto ranges from 30 to 50 AU.

The object's path has puzzled the team because it is nearly circular, extending out out to just 62 AU. Most other known KBOs are on highly elliptical orbits and off-center orbits, typically coming to within 38 AU of the Sun and then soaring out beyond 50 AU. Theory suggests Neptune has acted on them like a gravitational slingshot to produce these eccentric paths. Buffy is too far out there to have been affected by Neptune, at least given Neptune's current position

The flat shape of our ancien protoplanetary disk does not easily allow the very extreme orbital tilt, which takes it 47 degrees above and below the main plane of the solar system. All of the planets, asteroids, comets and KBOs them remained in that disk's plane after formation, unless perturbed by something.

Some astronomers suggested some KBOs in our solar system are actually bodies that were captured from a passing star in a two-way swap of material.

Other point out that a close fly-by from another star that could have affected "Buffy" so strongly should also have disrupted much of the main Kuiper belt as well. They say that since astronomers do not detect that strong disruption, a more complex theory is needed to explain Buffy's orbit. They suggest a change in Neptune's orbit, slowly grew bigger, and pushing some KBOs into tilted circular orbits by means "that have yet to be modeled."


MAPLE SHADE. -– Tom Madden phoned to say, he saw a fast moving object flying towards Philadelphia; saw it for about three or four seconds on December 9, 2005, at from 10:15 to 10:20 PM. It flew faster than any thing he has ever seen with no trajectory at very low altitude. The object appeared over the Cherry Hill area, and he saw other aircraft in the normal landing pattern to Philadelphia airport. It was much larger than commercial jets also flying at the same time. The object did not look metallic but was the largest object in the sky. He does not feel it was a meteor or shooting star. No arc with nothing falling.

Thanks to Tom Madden and Filer's Files #51, 2005, George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern.


LA HABRA HEIGHTS. -- The witness writes: "On December 5, 2005, in the foothills at sunset, I witnessed a cigar shaped object fly over my home. The object was long, brown or black and was followed by a military helicopter, circled a few times and had its spotlight on my house. The object grew larger then reduced its size to a small ball of colored light. The whole episode lasted about 15 minutes."

Thanks to Filer's Files #51, 2005, George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern.


According to Ana Luisa Cid and Alberto Garcia of the Milenio newspaper, December 5, 2005, police officers and reporters from the newspaper Diario de Tampico Milenio were witnesses to the presence of an unidentified flying object in Mexican skies.

Alberto Garcia describes the UFO as a light standing out like a very large star, and that its brightness forced everyone to see it. Suddenly, to everyone's astonishment, the luminous object moved "a few meters" and vanished, "as though entering a crack in the sky."

He said: "This reporter, Victor, two policemen and a third person, agreed upon observing its brightness, "look, that one's shinier than the rest". Suddenly, the "star" inexplicably moved a little. Our jaws dropped, and if it is possible to be even more surprised, we did it, because it suddenly vanished... right after the photograph was taken."

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