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The 1954 French flap:

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October 10, 1954, Freistroff, Moselle:

Reference for this case: 10-Oct-54-Freistroff.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper Le Républicain Lorrain for October 12, 1954, reported that on October 10, 1954, around 07:30 p.m., three young people from the area returned from the Bouzonville movie theater, when, not far from Freistroff, they saw a bright yellow craft shaped like a neon tube surrounded by a multitude of small dots and even brighter light beams.

At first surprised, "the five [!] young people" were frightened because the "machine" seemed to follow them, and at one time dove literally on them, to take altitude again and then "disappear."

They observed this for ten minutes, and when back home, still under the spell of emotion, they told their family about it; which made their story known in the region of Bouzonville, where, the newspaper said, this same phenomenon had already been noticed several times.



Another vision in the Bouzonville area

Bouzonville. -- Sunday, towards 07:30 p.m., three young people of the area were returning from the movie theater of Bouzonville. Not far from Freistroff, they saw a yellow luminous machine, having the shape of a neon tube surrounded of a multitude of small points and even more brilliant rays of light. Initially surprised, the five young people were then seized by fright, because the machine seemed to follow them, at one time literally plunging onto them, to then take altitude again and to disappear. This phenomenon could be observed during ten minutes. At once when returned on their premises, the witnesses of this fantastic adventure, still under the shock of the emotion, shared their discovery to their family. Thus in the area of Bouzonville where this same phenomenon was already noticed several times, one starts to believe seriously in the stories of "saucers."



Possible extraterrestrial visitors.


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