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Basic indications:

Date writtenMay 24, 2005
Date receivedMay 24, 2005
Date publishedMay 25, 2005
Date of sightingMarch 7, 2005
Place of sightingUnited Kingdom
Original language of reportEnglish
Reported usinge-mail
Unreleased informationEmail address
Investigation, additional informationNone
ExplanationNot looked for

The report:

I have had two very close encounters. The First is on the web. This involved a sighting I had in 1998 and reported to the British Ministry of Defence. 17 days later the Newspapers were full of the story from other sources and the BBC and the Daily Mirror got wind of the fact I had reported it the MOD 17 days before the press knew about it. I refused all interveiws with both even though I could have made a lot of money out of it as I felt they would just ridicule the subject. The story is on:

More recently on the 7 th March at 21:10 this year some type of probe nearly made me rich and crashed in my back garden. I have been shining a bright torch into the sky ever since the first sighting to hopefully show them know "I know they are there", and on the 7th March while out in the garden looking for UFOs a peculiar object came over my roof . It had two orange lights one on each end which were obviously joined together in some way (as the front light went to the left the back light would go to the right and the same when it moved back to the left, in unison together). It was struggling to stay up, just avoiding the tree next door which is about 7-10 Metres high and frankly I was willing the thing to crash as for a minute great wealth was floating in front of my eyes if I could have got my hands on it. I could not make out what was in between the two lights as the torch was in the house and i was transfixed on what was happening which was obviously another alien craft of some kind . It only seemed to be about 3 metres long but hard to gauge. After a half a minute though it seemed to regain control and did a complete U turn and went back the way it had come. It was obviously being guided by intelligence (either from within if it was bigger than i thought) or from elsewhere. I ran to phone a friend who is really into UFOs ( he gave me your site and lives two miles away) and told him what I had just seen and told him to get outside immediately as i suspected that it was probably a probe, and in that case the Mother Ship would not be far away. I went back into the garden and within 2-3 minutes a single orange light steaked across the sky at high altitude but fast and then did a gentle turn to the right. I rang my friend back again and asked him if he had seen that to which he replied he had and so had his father (a non believer) I returned to the garden for another Half hour but nothing else happened so I went back inside. At 23:25 my friend rang me back and told me he had jusy seen the triangle (with his mother this time) high up and moving slow. The next Morning while shopping in town I ran into the local reporter who I refused an interveiw with in the 1998 sighting and told her that we had "Activity in the area" the previous day and much to my astonishment she told me herself and her boyfriend had seen an extremely bright light high in the sky the same day but in the morning at about 09:00am which they could not explain. She asked me again would i do an interveiw and this time I agreed but under the condition that my name remained anonymous, but her Editor would not run the story unless I approved of my name being used and I am not interested in being ridiculed. Personally i am convinced they are here all the time but could be hiding at the far side of the moon or under the sea or even crossing dimensions. They could be from many other galaxies which would explain the many differeny types of crafts . They could even be us from the future time travelling. Who knows. What is obvious is the fact that they have been coming to this planet from long before we were here and without a douby ALL governments know about it in spite of their denials. Personally i think that is where we came from which is a much more plausable explanation than some "Man in the sky with a white beard taking ribs out of men to make women etc' ".

Yours Faithfully ,

Pete Cresswell.

Feel free to use the story if you wish .

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