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Basic indications:

Date writtenAugust 17, 2005
Date receivedAugust 17, 2005
Date publishedSeptember 8, 2005
Date of sightingBeginning July 2004
Place of sightingFrance, Cavaillon
Original language of reportFrench
Reported usinge-mail
Unreleased informationOccupation, email address
Investigation, additional informationNone
ExplanationNot looked for

The report:

Subject: in answer to the message about the object seen in A ix en Provence.
Date: August 17, 2005
From: [Address]

Hello, I have just discovered your website, and I stumbled across a terstimny reporting the description of an object flying on the community of Aix en Provence. It has been a little more than one year that I have become seriousy interested in the topic, following an experience of the same type I lived at the beginning of July 2004, not far from Aix, more exactly in Cavaillon in the vaucluse, I cannot be more precise on the date.

  Residing in the Paris area I go down in holiday in the vaucluse my native area where my parents reside.

  Explanation of the observed fact: The first time whereas I was at my parents who live on a hill, whereas we were going to bed, my wife closes the shutter of our room giving on a terrace the whole at the first storey of the house. She calls me in panicked, I then hasten to join her, she points to an object in the sky asking me what it is.

  The object is actualy the same one as the one described in the testimony to which I have referred above, except for one detail, which is that it seemed to me to have an additional light giving it a triangular shape:

            *    *    *
          *   *     *   *
            *    *    *

It was the first time that saw as well as my wife such an object. My wife stated to me that this object was in motionless position above the garden before my arrival, when, when I have seen this object, it started to leave in the direction of the Luberon (East), more exactly South-eastern, and this at high speed, and it seemed to me but I cannot be categorical to have seen a large red or several lights at the level of its back which faced us at the time of its departure.

  Thereafter the lights disappeared whereas it seemed to me to have easily crossed a score or ten kilomèttres in little time, then the object reapeared in the space from 15 to 20 second but this time in the direction of the south-west, then again the lights disappeared then reapeared still in mootion in the direction of the south-east, but all while moving towards the south.

  I concluded from it that it had a zigzagging trajectory in the direction of the south-south-east, and that the lights disappeared when the object started a turn, the face where its lights are not being visible anymore.

  Moreover, a few days later whereas we are in the car between the village of Robion and Cavaillon we were confronted again with this object, which had the same characteristics and seemd to follow the same the path.

  We were thus confronted my wife and I to twice to this phenomenon, always in the same area, and always between 22 hours 45 and 23 hours 15 approximately.

  Moreover, I want to specify that before this expèrience the "UFO phenomenon", did not present too much interest for me, and my wife is very sceptic on this matter. All that we know, it that what we saw resembles nothing of a plane that we know of, and that it has extraordinary possibility of acceleration, I also specify that it seemed to advance without noise.

  Lastly, and this is intended to you personelly, because I do not want to have it on display, I work in the [official occupation], I got information about this kind of phenomena, not via my colleagues who would surely take me for a crackpot, but though personal research, it would seem that such phenomena already occurred in this area, there was even an article in la provence [regional newspaper] around 2000, moreover I learned that the gendarmeries gathered testimonys on these phenomena, I did not risk this personelly but it should be known that it exists and that a brigade or a squad must deal with this phenomenon.

  If you wish you can, within the framework of hanonymity, publish my testimony except the preceding paragraph and this one, and by the same one if you can communicate information to me, I thank you in advance. Moreover I would like you that you describe me your association if you wish.


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