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Moving lights, Paris, July 2005:

Basic indications:

Date writtenJuly 10, 2005
Date receivedJuly 10, 2005
Date publishedJuly 24, 2005
Date of sightingJuly 10, 2005
Place of sightingFrance, Paris, West Paris
Original language of reportFrench
Reported usinge-mail
Unreleased informationAlias, email address
Investigation, additional informationNone
ExplanationNot looked for

The report:

Subject: UFO (?) sighting
Sent on: July 10, 2005
By: [eMail]


Residing in the Parisian suburbs (Western Paris); I was Sunday, July 10, 2005, at approximately 00.15 on the terrace of a friend, with sight on a partially spangled sky in the Northern, North-eastern direction. We discussed as good friends can, while looking at the sky (we were seated on longchairs which "force you" to look towards the sky).

I will try to describe to you with the most possible exactitude what I noticed, but I ensure you immediately that the "phenomenon" was brief, but extremely disconcerting.

My friend had his face turned towards me while speaking to me while I scanned the few visible stars. At this point in time 4 luminous points appeared, which if they had been fixed, would have been, to the layman I am, be easily dismissed as simple stars. The problem is that these four luminous points were movin extremely quickly, and in formation. On this point, I must bring a more detailed explanation. Three of these points adopted a formation of the "v" combat type, i.e., one in the front, with the two others in slight withdrawal on its sides, the three forming thus a perfectly isosceles triangle.

The fourth was by far the most puzzling.

It truly zigzaged behind the three priviously describe, and please believe that the term is not exaggerated.

I uttered an exclamation immedaitely, my friend turned the head, and told me to have glimmpsed only two luminous points, associating them with satelites. Knowing how a satelite moves (slowly, in a rectilinear way), they were abolutely not "traditional" satelites taking into consideration my humble opinion.

This observation has certainly last one to two seconds. I also suppose that these objects were particularly distant their light intensity not exceeding that of the most brilliant of our "traditional" stars, there direction was towards the North-East.

The reason of my approach is not the search for sensations, I rather keep anonymity besides. I do not the least hope to make you believe that I managed to observe UFOS such as those which you present on your site. I would only like to know if I am the only one to have seen that this Sunday July 10 towards 00.15.

Thanks for answering inasmuch it's possible.

P.s : [Fisrtname Name] is not my real name.

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