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UFOs in the daily Press:

Saucer or helicopter in Diges, France, September 24, 1954:

This article was published in the daily newspaper L'Yonne Républicaine, France, September 28, 1954.

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In Diges, two people have glanced for a moment, ona mysterious craft and its pilot
in a clearing
Only evidence: two traces in the morning dew

Our colleague, Jean-Claude CHARLET, has reconstituted for you the image seen by Mrs widow GEOFFROY and Miss FIN. (Photograph L'Yonne Républicaine).


(From our special investigators)

Our icaunian sky already had the privilege of being streaked by various diurnal or nocturnal appearances. None of these craft had landed on the ground of our department.

It does seem that this took place now, since two people of Diges saw a craft of dark and dull color, hidden in the angle of a clearing on Friday morning, at 9 hours approximately. Without noise, the apparatus disappeared with speed and discretion.


Although we had received this information with much circumspection, we were obliged to face the obvious fact. An unknown machine, different from modern flying technique of our planet was landed, Friday morning, in Diges.

Let us take again the collected statements. You will more easily follow the logic of our investigation.

Mrs widow Geoffroy

"I was going in the direction of the Cognats, to the laundry place located below the road which goes from Diges to the Michauts."

"Before turning on the right and taking the path to the laundry point, my attention was drawn to the left by an odd machine. Near this mass having the shape of a reversed saucer, a man of average size looked at me."

" - How was he dressed?"

"- He was dressed of dark color and wore a kind of kaki cap on the head - probably. He exceeded by one head the height of the saucer."

"- Which colour?"

"- Dark dull gray, almost brown."

"- Shiny?"

"- No, dull."

"- Which length?"

"- You know, 5 to 6 meters. I was at a hundred meters. I did not look for long. I was seized by fear and I went away again without "beating around the bushes." When I went back there two hours afterwards, I did not see anything. No traces."

"Go see for yourself. You will notice the meadow. At the bottom on the right one dead (birch) lays down. It is easy to found the place."

A pastoral stage set

To land, the pilot chose his place, without any doubt. The meadow, (80 meters out of 40), slightly in slope, is framed on three sides by a heavy vegetation, where various types of trees of species common in our area gathered. There are also chestnut trees whose leaves are already turning yellow.

The fourth side of the meadow is bordered by a road, but from above it, this access way must be hidden by the trees. On this fourth face on the other side of the road, close to the laundry place, a splendid curtain of birches with their white trunks add a pleasant aesthetic note to this pastoral decoration.

So this is the modest landing strip, quite clear and hidden in the middle of the wood. It is perfectly appropriate for the one who can and wants to land without being seen.

Having noted some wheel tracks in the field, we thought (the extreme limit of our cautious imagination), that some English or American camper had managed to picnic in the quietness with his car and that the car was covered with a dark gray cover... But our assumptions were going to be nullified in face of the answers of the second person who has seen the saucer.

Miss Gisèle FIN


Employed at Mrs. Guillot's, Miss Fin, orphan in state care, walked her goats which grazed on a forest road very close to the clearing located "in Bécard".

"- My dogs, one white and the other black, started to bark a little in the meadow. I approached at about thirty meters and, from this place, I saw a machine, lower than a car, of sunken gray color, maroon. A mixture difficult to describe.

"- Was the colour dull or shiny?"

"- Dull and one tone."

"- Which height?"

"One meter approximately. The machine of five meters at least was more pointed at one end and was more rounded at the other end."

"- Could it have been round?"

Yes, but I maintain that it was more pointed on one end side. It rested on bars. I saw them."

"What was there on it. Was there no door?"

"- Yes there was a door, like that of a trap door, it was opened, right in the air". (what Mrs. Geoffroy mistook from a bulge from a more important distance)."

"- Nothing was shining on this door?"

"The pilot dressed almost in black wore a helmet (1). He had shoes and, close to his apparatus, he was working, almost squatted. The collar of his outfit was raised. I did not see the color of his skin."

With her goats, Miss Gisele Fin follows a path and approaches the road where she would feel in better safety. She thus quits looking at the machine and goes into the depths of the wood. When, by the road, she turned back to look at in the clearing, the machine disappeared without any noise.


The mystery remains whole, obviously.


One evidence only, according to a women of Mrs. Guillot's farm who went on the premises a little while later. She claimed to us, like Miss Fin, to have seen in the two tracks 50 centimeters apart and broad as the finger (the grass was dry in this place).

There, must the tracks have landed whose heat like a tepid domestic iron, dried the dew.

It is all that remained there from the visit of this unknown machine. There are no traces left any more now.


Our investigation is practically finished. You know as many details than we do.

We will still add to clarify the doubtful points that one resident of the hamlet of Varennes, commune of Diges also, Mrs. Lucas, saw one evening, one month ago, a strange machine which moved as if hovering above her house.

The moonlight allowed a perfect vision. Then, in only one blow, at a right angle, the machine left vertically, prodigiously quickly... Mrs. Lucas did not say anything for fear that she would be ridiculed.

What can be attractive to the saucers in the area of Diges?

Only one assumption. The ochre heaps, of Sauilly, must be surprising, so that they draw the attention of the air observers.

Let us hope that, without any damage, we will soon know the bottomline.

Mrs. widow Geoffroy and Miss Fin are then the first Icaunians who looked from relatively close at... At whom, by the way?

The inhabitants of another planet or advanced people of our good old Earth: the first to master cosmic energy?


(1) Cap or helmet? It may have been that two passengers, one with a cap, one with a helmet, came out of the apparatus one alternatively.

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