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This article was published in the daily newspaper The Sunday Sun, Newcastle, Durham, U.K., on August 28, 2005.

Teachers Spot 'Spy Plane'

By The Sunday Sun

A mysterious cone-shaped object has been spotted hovering over houses in the North leading to speculation it was either a UFO or a spy plane.

It was seen for five minutes above Carlisle before disappearing out of sight.

UFO monitor Chris Parr, who is investigating the sighting, revealed he was alerted by two teachers.

He said: "They were having their breakfast about 8.30am when they saw a silver object in the sky outside their kitchen window.

"They thought it was about 100 metres or so above them and described it as cone-shaped.

"The object was making a silent and fluid motion across the sky. They were adamant it was not a plane and I think it gave them a bit of a fright."

Chris believes it is some sort of a spy plane and investigators are linking the sighting to the famous Rendlesham Forest case in 1980 where a "glowing" triangular object was seen by US Air Force police in the woods, near RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk.

Chris said: "I think it is secret spy technology being tested across Cumbria, but we will be investigating this further."

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