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This article was published in the newspaper Semanario Colon Doce, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on July 23, 2004.

Flying Saucer over the Region

Jorge Peņez says that in the early hours of last Thursday morning he saw a strange object in the sky, adding that his wife and son were also witnesses.

Rojas resident Jorge Peņez, who lives in the La Loma district, claims having seen an unidentified flying object that was heading east of Rojas "behind some wilderness at the dog race track" parallel to Route 188.

"The time was approximately 6:00 a.m. when I was coming home from work and saw a flying saucer that approached and departed... a light that became increasingly larger before vanishing and appearing again for some ten minutes, easily," he indicated.

"I left work and was on my way home, and I looked at as it came up, since I saw it from far away, from behind the trees in the wilderness of the dog race track," he said. "It came up from behind the eucalyptus trees."

"My kid has a spyglass and I was looking through it. It was like a red ball that changed colors, becoming white, yellow...that moved in what appeared to be circles. It did that for about ten minutes then vanished," Peņez said. "I was startled by what they were saying about 25 de Mayo [town where a UFO was reported recently on the radios] and they spoke about the cold, and it was very cold last night. I saw it clearly."

"I'd never seen anything like it before. I woke up my wife and the kid so they'd see it. The kid didn't want to get up at first because he thought it was a lie. I woke him up so that he'd see it, and he also saw it."

"It looked like a light the size of the moon. That's all I saw", he finally said.

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