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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French saucer flap in the Press:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Quotidien de la Haute-Loire, France, October 16, 1954.


The appearances of flying saucers or other celestial machines amount per thousands. If some testimonys are whimsical, others are irrecusable. There is something, but what? Assumptions were advanced. Little was checked. Thus let us simply record the latest that resolutely opens the door of the fantastic. It emanates from professor Hermann Oberth, the inventor of the famous V2 rocket and passionate proponent of an extraterrestrial origin. The pilots of the flying saucers are vegetals, endowed with reason, such is the theory that the professor exposed to a press correspondent. According to the German scientist, the "Uranides" (such is the name of which he baptizes these vegetals) have thousands of years in advance on men of the earth as well with regard to their spiritual evolution as their technique. The fatherland of origin of the Uranides would be a planet where does not exist oxygen in a gas state, which prohibits the development of an animal life. The plants, on the other hand, draw the oxygen which is necessary for them from oxides contained in the ground. The planet in question would be apart from the solar system, but the mysterious machines in which the intelligent vegetals are could move at a speed close to that of the light (300000 kilometers per second). Those of these machines seen above the ground would be in charge to supervise the progress of the earth's humanity in atomic sciences because this progress represents a danger to the entire cosmos."


A diver of small size, with a large head compared to the bodies, two enormous eyes, such is description that has just made a resident of Toulouse, Mr. Olivier, of a mysterious character that descended from a spherical machine which had been just landed on a vacant site. Mr. Olivier, owner of the establishments Javel Neto, street of the fontaines in Toulouse, was accompanied by an employee, Mr. Perano and a young boy of about fifteen years old. All three saw the luminous machine of spherical form and reddish color land, then saw coming towards them the character whose diving-suit, according to the statements of the witnesses, shone like glass. Thereafter, Mr. Olivier, former airplane pilot, drew with chalk in a stunning manner, on a door, the diver. "I did not believe in it", added Mr. Perano, "but I saw it as I see you. That does the hell of a shock to you". After a very short time, approximately a minute, the diver regained the luminous sphere which flew away vertically, without noise and disappeared in the sky at a vertiginous speed while leaving a wake of fire. One of the witnesses ensured that the saucer was surrounded by iridescent reflections and emitted around itself a light fog. He added that having wanted to approach, he had been retained at a score of meters by a paralysing force and that, when the machine rose in the sky, he had been violently thrown to the ground.


Several hunters of the commune of St Ambrois (Gard), are said to have recently seen seven tiny beings whose vaguely reminded of that of a human body. When they tried to approach, the beings rushed towards a phosphorescent machine which flew away at once. On the site where the pilots of the flying saucer had been, the hunters discovered on the ground a certain number of seeds of weird appearance which they hade examined by seeds resellers. Those were unable to classify them in a known species.

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