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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Quotidien de la Haute-Loire, October 14, 1954.


A motorist of Briatexte (Tarn), Mr. Jean Pierre Mitto, technician in a company currently exposing at the Domestic Arts of Toulouse stated to have met at the fall of the night, on national road N.631, the passengers of a flying saucer. "Returning from Toulouse in company of two relatives," he said, "I suddenly distinguished in the beam of my headlights two small characters who crossed the road at hardly a few meters of my car. I stopped at once and, to our great astonishment, we then saw flying away of a nearby meadow a large red disc of a diameter of six meters approximately, going up vertically. The machine disappeared in the sky in a few seconds.

On his side a colonial teacher currently in holidays in the island of Oléron, Mr. Martin, claims to have encounteredt in the island two pretty girls from Mars measuring approximately 1,70 meters, weraing boots, gloves and a leather helmet. The two Martians took Mr. Martin's pen, and traced incomprehensible signs on his notebook, while trying make them understandable. Mr. Martin is said toi have carefully preserved this manuscript.

Traces of intense burn

In the night of Sunday to Monday, the residents of a farm located at a few hundreds of meters of the village of Montcourt (Meurthe-et-Moselle) were put in agitation by an anomalous whistling sound outside. Through the shutters, they distinguished a dazzling gleam which appeared fixed at a hillside and which disappeared little after, rising vertically. The research undertaken in direction of the locations indicated by the witnesses allowed the discovery, on a dirt track, of traces of intense burn. Samples of stones and ground were taken to be submitted to experts.

A cigar in the village

In the night of Saturday to Sunday, a baker of Bompas, Eastern Pyrenees. Mr. Sebelli [or Sibelli] saw, posed in a street of this village an object in the shape of a cigar of approximately two meters length, surrounded by curly gleams. Mr. Sibelli [or Sebelli] awoke neighbors who attended the fast departure of the machine.



A strange adventure, in the night of Sunday to Monday, occurred to Mr. Baptiste Jourdy, of Jonzieux, a small village nested on a timbered high mesa, 25 kilometers in the south of St Etienne. Mr. Baptiste Jourdy was driving the milk truck of of Mr. Vallat to St Etienne, after having carried out the collecting in the area towards 04:15. As he arrived near the junction of the road of Chambon-Feugerolles, before the hamlet of Fonfrède, the engine stalled suddenly and the headlights died out. Instinctively, the driver slowed down, put the gear lever in the stop position, tightened the handbrake and went out. As a good mechanic, he had immediately thought of a possible loosening of a battery cable, which would have logically explained this double breakdown of light and engine. As he was trying to feel things under the cap, he checked the cable... Suddenly, he saw in the sky, above him, an enormous gleam that moved in the sky, perpendicular to the road. The gleam was at a rather high altitude, but under the ceiling of the clouds and moved away at high speed. He followed it with the eyes a few seconds, perhaps a minute, he does not know. When he recovered from his stupor, he noted that - something even more extraordinary - the headlights had re-ignited, without him operating the switch. The cables and the cords leading to the battery were intact and the engine answered the first request of the starter.


The same adventure happened to two stallholders of Clamecy (Nievre), Misters Henry Gallois and Louis Vigneron who went by van early, at the fair of Corbigny. "Whereas I circulated on the middle of the road", declared Mr. Welsh, "I felt like a discharge of electrical power on all the body. A few seconds later the engine of my car stopped and the headlights died out."

"Then it was like I couln't breathe, because fifty meters of me approximately, I came to see a machine of cylindrical form of a rather large diameter which I could compare to the saucers. This machine had a greyish colour, but I could not distinguish its exact characteristics. I clearly saw on board this machine three beings of small size, which appeared to me of odd shape, but of which it was impossible to me to distinguish the features. It seemed to to me that one of them smoked, or that was a small light which was on board. My comrade and me were immobilized inside the vehicle and in impossibility to move. It is only after the disappearance of this machine and its occupants that we could resume our travel. The appearance lasted only a few seconds, but it was very clear and no doubt exists for me". Mr. Louis Vigneron confirmed all aspects of the statement of Mr. Gallois. In addition, Mr. Henry Chaumeau, cartwright at La Carie, close to Clamecy, certified to have also seen this machine...

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