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UFOs in the daily Press:

Rawin radar targets and disc hoaxes, USA, July 1947:

The article below was published in the newspaper Press and Sun Bulletin, Binghamton, New York, USA, page 1, on July 10, 1947.


Disc? Tsk, Says Navy

Saucy Soaring Saucers Sinking

By the United Press

Practical jokers continued to have a high time with flying saucers today as the navy advised the more serious-minded "eyewitnesses" that what they saw in the sky was only weather observation devices.

It cost the navy $25 to assure itself. Lt. Rell Zelle Moore, naval air station aerology officer, launched a "ray winds" [sic, "Rawin"] weather devivice is a $25 "operations saucer" at Atlanta, Ga. As the helium-filled balloon carrying a tin-foil screen soared over Stone Mountains, calls poured into Atlanta newspapers reporting "flying discs".

The 4-by-10 foot screen looked like a round aluminum disc at a high altitude.

"People are only just beginning to see theses things aloft," said Lt. Comndr. Thomas H. Rentz.

Rusell Long (photo), North Holly wood, Cal., construction engineer found a 25-inch metal disc with radio tubes flashing and smoking in his flower garden and excitedly called the fire department. "It looks like someone went to a great deal of trouble for a joke," said Batalion Chief Wallace E. Newcombe of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Andrei I. Gromyko, soviet deputy forgeing minister and delegate to the United Nations, vetoed suggestions that the "flying saucers" were of foreign origin.

"Some attribute it to the British for exporting too much of their scotch whiskey to the United states," he said.

[Photo caption:] DISC-COVERY IN A GARDEN -- Russel Long has the disc-tinction of disc-covering a disc, which he claimed disc-turbed him by whizzing into his flower bed and skidding into his house. Of course, it all happened in Hollywood.

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