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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1947 French Press:

This article was published in the daily newspaper L'Union de Reims, France, on July 9, 1947.


Marsian bolides or optical illusions?

"Saucers" still furrow the American skies

New York. -- According to "eyewitnesses", the mysterious projectiles known under the name of "flying saucers", are said to have "appeared" in the states of New York and New Jersey.

According to Mr. Barlow, the "flying saucers" would weigh one ton, would be propelled by reaction, are radiocontrolled, and able to reach the speed of 2.400 kilometers per hour.

An official spokesman however reaffirmed that the arsenals of the navy do not carry out the construction of any apparatus that can resemble the "saucers". He added that the navy does not hold any account of information which currently circulates and he waits until the communication of official reports on the phenomenon.


Mr. Harold Dahl has just sent to the University of Chicago a parcel containing a piece of "metal" which has allegedly been launched by a "flying saucer" observed on June 25th in the area of Puget Sound (State of Washington).

The shipper claims that he was on board a boat in company of two other people when "six enormous objects of circular form made their appearance through the clouds." According to him, "five of these objects of a diameter of 60 meters circled around the sixth. They seemed perforated of a central opening surrounded by a row of circles resembling port-holes."

Mr. Dahl said in addition: "These projectiles were stabilized at an altitude of 500 meters, then took height suddenly, at the moment when they reached an altitude of 1.500 meters approximately, a substance appeared to emerge from the central object and a kind of "metal rain" started to fall".


The Australian Radio reported that the "flying saucers" were observed in Sydney, thus having just made their appearance in the Australian sky.

An Australian professor who observed this phenomenon with a group of students concluded that it was a simple optical illusion.

More on the Harold Dahl Maury Island hoax here.

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