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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Oise-Matin, Beauvais, France, page 10, on November 15, 1954.


After the saucers and the cigars


was seen in Italy
and... in Compiègne

AFTER the flying saucers will we have the red ray? This is what suggests an inexplicable phenomenon that occurred above the region of Forli, a city in northern Italy.

Following the passage of discs or flying cigars that have been in the headlines lately, this new "appearance" has aroused great emotion among the population of the region.

This mysterious red ray, directed from top to bottom, first swept the sky, then landed on two tractors, a gasoline tractor, and a diesel one, traveling a short distance from one of the other.

The first, fitted with a magneto, stopped as soon as it was caught in the spoke, while the diesel continued to run.

The four farm workers, who were on the tractors, frightened, went to hide in the brush. The ray then continued to travel the sky for about an hour. It has been seen by many people, some of whom, literally distraught, locked themselves in their house.

In Compiègne

Strangely enough, one of our readers recently reported that Tuesday, November 9, at 8:30 p.m., while he was at Nr. 96 of rue Carnot in Compiègne, he saw "for three seconds a bright light, at 45° from the zenith, propelled from east to west first in rectilinear direction then, after a very slight undulation, bent towards the earth at the end of its appearance."

"This glow, he told us, was like that of a very powerful but distant electric lamp. Its speed, slower than that of an ordinary shooting star, was much greater than that of even a jet plane. On the other hand, the phenomenon was completely silent and its course in the sky was about 30 to 40°."

Is it necessary and to establish a connection between these two phenomena? It might sound premature. However, this is a surprising coincidence, to say the least.

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