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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La LibertÚ, Nord, France, page 6, on September 18, 1954.


Another saucer...
... which was only a Hoaks

Saucer here, cigar there, flying pot elsewhere: the comedy continues.

Every day brings new and ever more fantastic appearances.

The craft coming from Mars, Venus, Saturn..., or the nearest weather station take every day every conceivable shape: round, oval, oblong, cubic, pyramidal, conical, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal... one looks like a saucer, the other like a pot; the latest one looks like a bowl.

If this goes on, the whole range of household utensils will pass by.

In our region, the latest saucer - basin was seen in Abbeville by an old lady of 79 years old (the age when the one can distinguish, in the darkest night, the shape and contours of the smallest object!)

The problem is that each new appearance corresponds to a new admission by the "visionaries".

So, yesterday, two young electricians from Amiens confessed that the saucer they had seen... it was only a hoax.

Of course, you shouldn't be joking with such... serious things. But finally, when they declare that they wanted to box the police and certain journalists, one cannot help but think of the special envoy of "Nord-Eclair" and the "Sherlock Holmes" of the police of the air which, in Quarouble, methodically noted the traces of claws, on the railway sleepers, and meticulously measured the interval between two traces in order to be well convinced that it is not a wild cat!

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