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UFOs in the daily Press:

Close encounter of the 3rd kind in Prémaonon, France, 1954:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Progrès, Lyon, France, on October 3, 1954.

More information on this case here.


Saucer... fly!

Passagers of the Prémanon saucer look like sugar lumps

There was already the boa of Martigna in the High-Jura. At least the legendary boa had a beginning of reality: with the passing of the years, the little children do not know so well any more nowadays if this 6 meters length red animal was not, by the way, a scarlet flannel belt.

With Prémanon's flying saucer, one is lesft at guessing.

The case occurred in the opaque darkness of a rainy night. And as it is appropriate for mystery story, it was in the premises of an isolated farm, at 3 kilometers of Prémanon, a small village lost in the mountain, near the France-Switzerland border. There are four heroes. The elder, Raymond Romand, aged 12, played the main character. Leaving home, he suddenly saw "the object," which was moving, which was brilliant, and which had, this time, the appearance of a rectangle.

- It was high as the door repeat the child to us.

Then he threw stones at him, and one of the stones produced the characteristic sound of a struck metal piece. Going though phases of fright and curiosity, Raymond Romand takes his arrow gun. Again, the same metallic noise. And then, approaching more, Raymond Romand feelt that "something cold" suddenly weighs on his shoulder. He falls to the ground. He stands up. He shouts. He flees to his home, without telling anything to anybody in the family. Previously, Jeannine Romand, aged 9, had already seen, inside the lit barn, a similar object of rectangular shape, of aluminium color, which moved with a hardly perceptible noise. Frightened, the child hid in a corner.

Later, the younger of the other Romand children calls his two sisters downwards to show them a ball of red light in a field, at more than 200 meters of the house. All three see the ball move while oscillating from the right-hand side to the left hand side. Then, it all disappears.

So, it would seem as if a mysterious carft landed in Prémanon. Did the alive creature resemble a right-angled parallelepiped (all things considered, a sugar lump?) and the ball of red light may perhaps be the interplanetary vehicle.

Wednesday, September 29, the gendarmerie, which has heard of the story, proceeded with the traditional investigation.

With Mrs. Geuillon [Genillon?], teacher of the village, which was the first to get the confidences of the Romand children, with the gendarmes of Des Rousses, we noticed, at the precise place where the four kids had seen the ball of red light, that the ground was literally pressed, with the colchic flattened as with a press, four holes resulting from the depression of four triangular corners. And also, a mast, the fir tree whose bark had been torn off on 15 centimetres, at 1 meter 50 above the ground.

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