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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Mary island incident in the French Press, 1947:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, on August 5, 1947.


An American plane in mission to investigate about the "flying saucers" disappears mysteriously

New York. -- Public opinion is moved by the mysterious fall of a B-23 bomber on the Western coast of the United States, last Friday, and one talks again about the flying saucers, that hundreds of people state to have seen, last month, in the United States.

This bomber crashed between Macchord Field, State of Washington, and Hamilton Field, in California, under conditions which have not been elucidated so far.

We now learn that the plane transported freight comprising, among other things, samples of a metal similar to that which is said to have fallen recently, in the form of a rain in fusion, from a flying saucer, above Puget Sound. This saucer was besides accompanied by five other saucers.

Moreover, Captain Harold Dahl, who patrolled on a small boat, in the sea at Tacoma-Harbour, states to have seen, on July 7, close to the island of Murray [sic, Maury], flying saucers rising in the air, then a kind of rain metal, falling on all sides, killing his dog in particular and damaging its boat.

Specimens of this "metal", analyzed in the laboratories of the university of Chicago, were said to habe been recognized to be a heavy metal oxide, having an electric resistance of 2000 ohms.

Other specimens are said to have been placed on board the B-23 plane lost Friday.

The military authorities are said to have admitted that the bomber transported "unclassified freight". Lastly, we learn that the pilots would have declared, before their departure for this trip from which they were would not come back, that they had received orders from the American army to stop their routine activity and to devote themselves exclusively to investigations into the flying saucers.

More on the Harold Dahl Maury Island hoax here.

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