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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in the French Press, 1952:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, page 5, on July 29, 1952.

Jet fighters have hunted strange "objects"
reported for one week in the sky of Washington DC

Washington (U.P.). -- The American Air Force, which always expressed a certain scepticism with regard to the "flying saucers", seeks to solve the mystery of strange luminous "objects" whose presence has been reported for one week in the sky of the capital.

One of those mysterious objects was recorded for the first time Sunday on the radar screen of the center of traffic control of the civilian aeronautics of the national aerodrome which faces Washington, on the other bank of the Potomac. The services of information of the Pentagon and the center for technical information [intelligence] of the Air Force at the Patterson base, in Dayton (Ohio) were immediately alerted [false] and the officers of intelligence of the Air Force were sent to the control center of the civilian aeronautics of Potomac [false].

Jets took off to try to intercept these strange objects but this chase revealed disappointing. Lieutenant Patterson, of the 14th interceptor group, which took part in it, stated that at some time he saw four "objects", but they disappeared before he could reach them. The same occurenced happened again a few minutes later.

"I do not know what it was. I do not even know what I saw", lieutenant Patterson added. As he was asked whether he had seen precise objects from where a gleam emerged or if he had distinguished only from the gleams, he answered: "I cannot tell exactly."

The spokesman of the Air Force raised the question of the exact nature of the "things" recorded on the of radar screens: objects or weather phenomena. "There are quantities of phenomena, such as ionized clouds, which can produce a mysterious image on a radar screen." However, a representative of the center of control of the aeronautics thinks that the nature of the signals recorded on the radar screen discards the possibility of an interpretation in the direction of a weather phenomenon. "What was recorded nears very closely to the image of a plane [bad translation for aircraft] in flight", he said.

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