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UFOs in the daily Press:

the Mazaud encounter in Mouriéras in L'Ardennais, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Ardennais, France, pages 1,6, on September 16, 1954.


Who was piloting the "flying cigar"?

TULLE. -- It is no longer this time about flying saucer or strange being appearing to belong to another world. The encounter, which we reported yesterday, made by Mr. Mazaud, a strong peasant of Bugeat (Corrèze) in his fifties is quite different. He is very certain. In his declarations there is an indisputable accent of sincerity. He has not, far from it, the reputation of a joker or an illuminated, and the investigators did not identify the slightest flaw or the slightest contradiction in his statement.

The man he met on a desert plateau on September 10, around 8:30 p.m., was not abnormal in his clothes or appearance, except for the rather peculiar shape of the helmet he wore on his head. When he found himself face to face with the Correze peasant, he nodded several times to greet him, held out his hand and gave him a hug.

The mysterious passenger mistaken for a simpleton

He did not reply otherwise to M. Mazaud's good-night, and did not utter a syllable, so much so that the farmer took him for some simple-minded person, and would certainly soon have forgotten this encounter. But a few seconds after the disappearance of the unknown, Mr. Mazaud, who continued on his way, heard a slight rustle. He turned around and it was at that moment that he saw a craft that was rising from the ground obliquely in the same way as a plane takes off. The machine quickly took the shape of a cigar (that of a jet plane seen in profile approximately). It was flying west very fast, gaining height. The noise was very light. One could not see any smoke or light.

Mr. Mazaud was careful not to speak of this phenomenon in the neighborhood, fearing that they would make fun of him. Only, as we have said, the indiscretion of his wife allowed the gendarmes to be informed. They heard him at home and went to the place, but two days had passed and it had rained a lot. There was not trace of anything on the ground.

(See more in the 6th page.)

The strange encounter...

(Continued from the first page)

Tulle's general information commissioner also heard Mr. Mazaud at length and went with the farmer to the encounter place. He was struck as everyone by the seriousness of the one who was the involuntary witness of this strange phenomenon.

Seen in Limoges

It seems that Mr. Mazaud was not the only one. An inhabitant of Limoges, Mr. George Frugier, 30, said yesterday, to have seen on September 10, shortly after 08:30 p.m., crisscrossing the sky from east to west, a red disc letting out a bluish trail.

Now, the day and the hour of this observation coincide with Mr. Mazaud's strange encounter.

Mr. Frugier told his family of the display he had witnessed, but he was met with outright skepticism. However, the publication in the press yesterday morning of the adventure that occurred to Mr. Mazaud, brought a connection: Limoges is located north-west of Bugeat, direction taken by the mysterious machine, according to the statements of the farmer.


[Photos of Marius Dewilde, with the caption:]

Mr. Marius Dewilde, squatting, shows traces on a railway track passing near his house, at Quarouble, where a cigar-shaped craft reportedly landed recently. From this craft, says Mr. Dewilde, two human-looking beings, dressed in diving suits, had come out, while a ray emanating from the apparatus paralyzed him. When he found, he said, the use of his limbs, the craft was already rising in the sky and the two beings had disappeared (AP photo) ("L'Ardennais" photo)

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