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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Croix, Paris, France, page 2, on October 19, 1954.



A "cylinder"
landed on a road
of Seine-Inferieure

Cigar-saucers etc. still populate the skies of France...

Some of these craft would have even, once again, made contact with our land.

While driving through the town of Baillolet on the National Road 314, Mr. Henri Robert, veterinarian in Londinières (S.I.), saw four craft moving on top of each other, about 300 meters high.

Mr. Robert claims that one of them zigzagged in front of his automobile, that he felt a strong electric shock and that the engine of his car stopped.

The vet then saw on the road a strange fugure, about 1.20 meter-tall. The headlights of his car went out; when they reignited, a cylinder about three meters long took off from the embankment and headed north.

Mr. Robert told the gendarmes of Londinières about his adventure.

Two residents of Toulon, MM. Repellini and Ottaviani claimed to have seen, Thursday evening, a saucer land in the Chemin long district near Hyères.

The general intelligence air brigade went to Toulon and heard the two witnesses at length, they drew a detailed sketch of the mysterious craft.

The inspectors then went to the place where the two witnesses said they saw the saucer land. They noted a large circular trace where the grass is burnt.

A cultivator
shot a "fake Martian"

Mr. Maurice Ruant, farmer in Sinceny, near Chauny (Aisne) almost fell victim to the panic caused to some by the appearance of saucers or other flying objects. Saturday night, he was busy troubleshooting his car, in a meadow near his home, when two shotgun shots were fired in his direction. The pellets crashed into the body of the vehicle, not far from his head.

Mr. Maurice Ruant filed a complaint and the investigation immediately opened made it possible to quickly find the author of the two shots, who was a neighbor of Mr. Ruant, Mr. Faisan.

The latter told the police:

"I thought, seeing a figure moving in the light of two headlights, to be in the presence of a Martian repairing his flying saucer. I went to get my rifle and fired."

Written question about
the "saucers"

Following numerous appearances of flying objects of unknown type, currently reported in all regions of France, Mr. René Dejean, deputy of Ariège (socialist) addressed to the President of the Council a written question asking him in particular:

"Whether or not a service has been created to collect the existing documentation on this matter and to study the nature and origin of the said devices.

- If the information currently collected and gathered makes it possible to absolutely exclude the hypothesis of devices piloted or controlled by living beings of unknown species and origin.

- If the government has, on the contrary, sufficient information to attribute the production of these machines to the industry of a foreign State.

- If, in the latter case, the international agreements signed by France have already allowed consultations on the use of such devices in a possible conflict."

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