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UFOs in the daily Press:

Disc sighting in Silver City:

The article below was published in the newspaper The Gallup Independent, Gallup, New Mexico, USA, page 1, on June 27, 1947.


Silver City Folks Report Sighting of Mystery Disc

SILVER CITY, June 27. -- UP -- Dr. R. F. Sensenaugher and members of his family reported seeing a brilliant disc sail out of the northern sky Wednesday evening, the Silver City Daily Press said today.

First report of such discs came from Pendleton, Ore-. Wednesday where Kenneth Arnold, flying Boise, Idaho, businessman, reported seeign nine such objects, each as big as a DC-4 passengers plane, moving at a high rate of speed. A similar report came from Oklahoma City residents.

Dr. Sensenaugher, a dentist, Mrs. Sensenhaugher, and her sister, Mrs. C.B. Munroe, were riding along the Tyrone road last Wednesdy about 8 p.m. when they reported a luminous disc sailed out of northern sky and disappeared in a few seconds over the southern horizon.

Dr Sensenhaugher said the disc appeared to be about half the size of a full moon, very brilliant, far distant, and apparently not moving at excessive speed.

They could not connect the appearance with any natural phenomenon they had experienced and their curiosity was further whetted when they read about such bright objects being seen in the sky of Washington and Oklahoma.

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