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UFOs in the daily Press:

July 28, 1947, the Hamiltone Air Base sighting:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Evening Eagle, of Pittsfield, Massachussets, USA, on July 29, 1947.

Fiery Saucer
Makes 'Passes'
At Air Base

Oakland, Cal. (AP). -- The Oakland Tribune said a "disk shaped object" roaring at an estimated speed of 1000 to 1300 miles and hour made five "passes" near Hamilton Air Force Base early yesterday.

The newspaper quoted three Air Force noncommissioned officers who said the "flying saucer," shooting blue flames and with a "roar like thunder" dived near a beacon just north of the field.

Hamilton field is 25 miles north of San Francisco.

Cpt. Roger G. Pryor, a control tower operator at the field, said he saw a blue flame shooting out as the saucer flashed by from the southwest and headed northwest.

The Tribune said Pryor's observation was verified by Staff Sgt Ellis R. Rimer, another control tower operator, and Staff Sgt. Virgil Cappuro, member of the airways communications staff.

They said the saucer returned from the northwest and made another pass north of the field, then later made three more approaches.

The Tribune said the airmen described the object as circular, thick in the center and tapering to the sides. They used binoculars in following its course.

The men said the disk was accompanied by a roar like thunder and the blue flame looked like an acetylene torch. They described its approach at between 2000 and 5000 feet.

The men said the sky was clear over Hamilton Field, although high fog prevailed elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay area.

See also the case of du the next day at the same Air Base.

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