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UFOs in the daily Press:

The little men of the flying saucers, 1949:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan, USA, page 14, November 18, 1949.


Flying Discs' Little Men Never There to Probers

Ya' seen any little 30-inch men around?

From the phone calls and scattered reports, it would sound as if the Wellsian invasion of Men from Mars is at hand.

At least three reports of these little guys landing in flying saucers have now been made. In one case, a bunch of them wearing gray uniforms and armed to the teeth spilled out of a flying disc.

Where are they?

When Army Intelligence officers investigate the possibility of an interplanetary invasion, the little men are not there.


TIRED AFTER a two-year chase of 240 rumors (by actual count) of flying disc, Army Intelligence officers at Wright-Patterson Field, Dayton, O., are refusing to "run down every silly story that comes along."

However, Army Intelligence still classifies as secret a portion of its investigation.

"It's nothing fearsome," an officer explained hastily.

Previous to the report of six 30-inch men "burned and charred in a flying turtle disc" in the Sierra Madre Mountains in New Mexico, Army Intelligence sifted a similar reported landing in Wisconsin.

A farmer said he watched a disc land.

"Out of the saucer came a bunch of little men," he reported. "They were dressed in gray uniforms with red shoulder bars and wore red caps."

INVESTIGATON revealed that the Wisconsin farmer had been discharged from the Army for mental reasons, Army Intelligence said.

The probe was dropped right there.

A popular magazine now published a report by two Death Valley prospectors of a 24-foot disc landing in the desert at a speed of 300 miles an hour.

The prospectors, Buck Fitzgerald and Maze Garney, asserted they chased two 24-inch gents over a sand dune before losing them.

Army Intelligence refused to swallow that one. Magazines such as this, it said, seldom have any evidence to support their fantasies.

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