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This article was published in the professional media publication "Business Wire,", New York, USA, on October 29, 2002.

SCI FI Channel Sponsors Excavation At 1947 Roswell Crash Site

Groundbreaking Scientific Investigation To Be Chronicled In SCI FI Documentary "THE ROSWELL CRASH: STARTLING NEW EVIDENCE" Hosted By Bryant Gumbel on November 22 As part of SCI FI Channel's recently announced advocacy initiative to help bring scientific, congressional and media attention to the UFO phenomenon, the Channel turns to the tools of modern science to help unravel the decades-old mystery of the "Roswell Incident."

Utilizing state-of-the-art remote sensing technologies and modern archeological forensic science under the supervision of the University of New Mexico, SCI FI announces its coordination and sponsorship of a landmark scientific excavation of the 1947 crash site. Working under top secret conditions, skilled archeologists set out to unearth conclusive physical evidence to help prove or disprove what some claim is science fiction - the crash of an extraterrestrial craft.

Considered by many as the "Holy Grail" of all UFO stories, the "Roswell Incident" has captured the imagination of the public for years. Did an actual UFO crash outside of Roswell, N.M., in July 1947? Out of those Americans who know of the "Roswell Incident," less than three in ten (28%) believe the "official" government story of a weather balloon crash at that site, according to a 2002 national Roper poll commissioned by SCI FI.

To chronicle this groundbreaking archeological investigation, SCI FI sent its documentary cameras into the deserts of New Mexico for THE ROSWELL CRASH: STARTLING NEW EVIDENCE, hosted by Bryant Gumbel (CBS's The Early Show, NBC's Today Show). Premiering on Friday, November 22 as part of a full night of special programming beginning at 8PM (ET/PT), this new two-hour SCI FI documentary of the "Roswell Incident" includes all-new eyewitness interviews and up-to-the minute late-breaking revelations. From the initial headlines of a "disk" being recovered in the desert in 1947 to SCI FI's latest "smoking gun" bombshell, this new examination of the "Roswell Incident" offers the definitive account of what may be the most important event of the modern age.

THE ROSWELL CRASH: STARTLING NEW EVIDENCE is directed and executive produced by Melissa Jo Peltier of MPH Entertainment (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt). James Romanovich of Platinum Media, Inc. also serves as executive producer.

In support of THE ROSWELL CRASH: STARTLING NEW EVIDENCE, SCI FI Channel's award-winning website SCIFI.COM, will offer exclusive background resources on this historic archeological project, as well as the "Roswell Incident" itself (users can log on directly through http://www.SCIFI.COM/UFO):

  • SCI FI LIVE CHAT - Wednesday, October 30 at 9PM (ET)/6PM (PT) UNM's lead principal archeologist William Doleman, Ph.D. will discuss aspects of the top secret excavation.
  • SCI FI ROSWELL DIG DIARY - Starting November 13, a complete day-to-day diary that documents the entire groundbreaking ten-day event will be posted. These daily entries will detail the project from various points of view including those of Doleman, veteran Roswell investigators Tom Carey and Don Schmitt; and SCI FI Channel's senior vice president of programming, Thomas Vitale, among others.
  • SCI FI LIVE CHAT - Friday, November 22 at 10PM (ET)/7PM (PT) Carey and Schmitt will discuss the investigation of the "Roswell Incident" itself.
  • THE ROSWELL REPORT - Dedicated to informing those who desire to know the truth behind an extraordinary event that occurred more than 50 years ago, this ongoing column offers up new information stemming from Carey and Schmitt's still-continuing, intensive investigation into this remarkable case of apparent extraterrestrial visitation.

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