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The Nellis Test range UFO video:

In 1994 an encounter occurred at the Nellis Air Force Base with an unidentified flying object. A copy of the footage was smuggled out, and the program "Sightings" aired the footage with some commentary.


The images were shot on a range that is in restricted air space near Nellis AFB. The tracking cameras got a radar lock on an object that was traveling away from the camera initially, then abruptly changed course when the object detected that it was being tracked. The object appeared to be curious about what was tracking it and came in for a better view. This video was enhanced and viewed by several photoimaging experts, on camera , and they seemed to be baffled about it's origin and properties.

Frame from the Nellis UFO video

Frame from the Nellis UFO video


The following are excerpts from the conversation of the contractor's personnel operating the tracking stations. Being good military folks, they do the best they can, which is to simulate an attack and kill the object.

CONTROL: I show an aircraft headed north pretty fast.
OPERATOR 1: I got a helo [slang for helicopter].
FEMALE OP: At eleven?
OPERATOR 1: Yeah, can't figure out where he's at on this thing.
CONTROL: Be advised... We're filled to capacity.
OPERATOR 2: What is that?
OPERATOR 1: I don't know. No idea. A helo?
FEMALE OP: Looks like one. It's way up high no. It's going, like straight up. OPERATOR 1: We acquired this unknown object. Aircraft of some type. We're going to put a launch up on it anyways, see what happens. It seems to be hovering there. [Gives bearing of UFO]. It appears to be going outbound real slow. There's hardly any range velocity. I don't know if this would impact or not....[Simulated launch occurs.] We have impact. We'll call this a kill on this unknown aircraft. T-1 Control doesn't know what type of aircraft this is either...
OPERATOR 2: That's weird.
OPERATOR 1: Strange.

The footage: (8.00 secs, 1392K) (5.77 secs, 976K) (12.33 secs, 2042K) (9.50 secs, 1304K)

This amazing video, which was shown at CSETI's Congressional Briefing on April 9th, 1997 in Washington, DC, covered an untoward event in 1994 when an apparent ET craft wandered onto the Nellis range in Nevada and was captured for several minutes by the Air Force's own telemetry.

It is believed that these images were actually from a ground radar station. The video is thought to have been taken at the Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range, part of the Nellis Range northwest of the Nevada Test Site and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The film, according to CSETI sources, is genuine, and was smuggled out of the facility. It was aired by FOX TV show "Sightings" and a few other minor TV networks.

At times the UFO appears to be 4 globes tied together; at other times it appears to be a fuzzy gasy cloud. It definitely appears to be intelligently controlled. Is it a TOP-SECRET military project or something else? Regardless, it is very interesting and might explain some of the recent UFO sightings in the area.

There is also some evidence that these unknowns over S-30 might be very similar to the UFOs that have been seen over Mexico City the last few years...

More frames:

Have a look at this collection of frames from the video footage.

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Have a look at our collection of military video collection, the Nellis video is included in it. The Mexican video of the UFO possibly similar to the Nellis UFO is included in the vides from South America page.

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