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Firmage quits to study UFOs:

Recently, several prominent people, including two astronauts and a renowned CEO, Joe Firmage, have said they, too, are believers.

The Fox Mulder of Silicon Valley:

In January, Silicon Valley legend Joe Firmage quit his job as the CEO of USWeb/CKS, a $2 billion company that employs nearly 2,000 people. The reason: Heís had contact with extraterrestrials and wants to expose the government conspiracy to conceal a 1947 space crash in Roswell, N. M.

"Iím not praying for a spacecraft to come pick me up," says Firmage, who calls himself the "Fox Mulder of Silicon Valley." "Iím just saying there is good, rational, left-brain evidence of things out there."

Firmage said his priorities shifted 15 months ago, after an encounter at his Los Gatos, Calif., home with a "remarkable being" clothed in brilliant white light.

"I donít call them aliens," he says. "I call them teachers." He says itís necessary to quit his high-paying job because of the "public relations complications" it might cause his company. He plans to write a book and is posting his findings on his website.

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